Alexandra Klever Hamburg

Alexandra Klever is a German photographer working worldwide. With a background in art history, she has a unique style and loves good storytelling, especially in her atmospheric kids' fashion photography work. One of her skills lies in connecting with people of all ages, and it shows in her work.

Alexandra is equally happy working on location with natural light as on a big studio set, and she has won numerous awards, including ADC Germany, and Luerzer's 200 Best Advertising Photographers.

Alexandra is specialised in kids, teens, and lifestyle fashion photography. Her advertising clients range from A (like Allianz) to Z (like Zalando). She is passionate about editorial work as well, and has shot for Milk, Luna, and Kinda Magazine, just to name a few.

Visit her website for more information about Alexandra and follow her on Instagram.

Beatrice Heydiri Hamburg - Cape Town

Beatrice Heydiri is a German-born photographer commuting between Hamburg and Cape Town.

She studied graphic design and photography at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. She has been working as a commercial photographer worldwide since.

Beatrice has been recognised and awarded at photographic awards such as: Lucie Awards, ADC Germany, Communication Arts, Tokyo Fotoawards, Lens Culture, BFF Germany, Communication Arts, IPA, APA, LICC, PND, Spider Awards, AOP, ND Awards, Refocus  Awards, Monochrome Awards, Color Awards.

She has worked for clients such as Nakheel, Mercedes Benz Classic Magazine, FILA, Azzaro, Persil, Nivea, Weleda, Dove, Bayer, M&S, Boden, MEXX, Aptamil, Sony, Adidas, Lenor, NUK, BREE, Oriflame, Porsche Magazine, Isla, Pampers, EMAAL, Ravensburger, Xplora, YouTube, Chicco, Vogue Bambini, Collezioni Bambini.

She is represented by Severin Wendeler in Hamburg.

Cheryl Clegg Boston

Cheryl Clegg, a Boston-based photographer, has a talent for capturing the essence of childhood through her lens. Cheryl's work showcases the innocence and wonder of youth. In studio or on location Cheryl skillfully connects with her subjects of all ages.

Recent projects this summer have included working with Dinardo Design and "Changing the Face of Beauty" (an organisation dedicated to promoting inclusivity and representation in the media). Cheryl worked her photography skills as she worked closely with special needs children in both cases, celebrating their unique qualities and showcasing their individual beauty.

Cheryl continues her on going personal project, “The Endangered Lobstermen”, a series of portraits of lobster fishing families in the state of Maine that are at risk of losing their livelihood because of new proposed regulations tot the industry. To date, Cheryl’s youngest lobster fisher in front of her lens has been three years old.

Don Diaz Los Angeles

"I have always enjoyed and been inspired working with children…..They bring such a whimsical energy and wonderful sense of humor that takes my work to another level.

I also work on projects involving juniors and adults. I have been represented worldwide by Alyssa Pizer Management for over a decade.

Recent clients include Famous Footwear, Shop Disney, Mattel, Target, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Munckin Inc. to name a few."

Dorit Guenter Berlin

Growing up in an East German environment characterised by drab greys and darkness, Dorit developed a deep affinity for light. Light, she realised early on, is a central factor in the beauty of photographs, and she is a master at using it in her photographs in a variety of sometimes unconventional ways.

During her photo shoots, she places special emphasis on a happy atmosphere and conveys a feeling of security to the children with a childlike lightness. In doing so, she always succeeds in capturing these precious moments and capturing the true expressions of emotion that deserve to be preserved for eternity. Her very own, unmistakable style in dealing with light enables her to create fascinating photographs of unparalleled beauty.

Hannah Lipowsky Amsterdam - Cologne

Hannah Lipowsky is a kids fashion and advertising photographer based in the Netherlands.

She grew up dreaming about being a professional ice skater and when she realised she would rather be a journalist she put her hands on her first camera and became a photographer.

Hannah takes photos and creates content for kids related businesses, lifestyle commercials and editorial work. She has 12 years of experience in photography, studio and on location.

She started out her career in Barcelona, Spain, and since then has also worked in german, french, english and dutch. She knows how to navigate big productions and her good eye for casting and knowledge of postproduction makes it easy to leave large parts of the process in her hands.

Hannah is a fulltime creator, loves making things, inventing ideas and getting inspired. Her style is defined by simplicity with a dash of color.

Clients trust her because she is creative and professional and has a lot of experience working with kids of all ages. She is known for being an easy going and caring person on set who makes it easy for people to be their authentic self.

Heath Robbins Photography Boston

Heath Robbins is a storyteller who specialises in sharing real-life narratives that deeply affect individuals, families, and communities. With his keen and intuitive directorial approach, Heath is dedicated to crafting authentic visuals that effectively convey his clients' ideas. Whether the project involves intricate crowd coordination or capturing intimate human connections through portraiture, Robbins' primary goal is to fortify the profound emotional bond between companies and their customer base.

Having practically grown up in the advertising industry, Heath's extensive experience and professionalism exemplify his mastery of marketing, breathing life into major brand narratives. Unapologetically a food enthusiast, his immersion in the culinary world demonstrates not only his expertise but also his genuine passion for the subject matter.

His lifestyle and business photography seamlessly blend aspiration and relatability, featuring scenes like a group of friends on a weekend fishing expedition, teenagers gathered around a beach bonfire, or a corporate boardroom meeting—Heath has been there, quite literally. Alongside his team of perfectionists, list-makers, problem-solvers, and innovative thinkers, Heath ensures a production that is both smooth and punctual, always staying within budget. He firmly believes that the most fruitful collaborations thrive in a relaxed and amiable environment, often over a great meal.

Noteworthy brands such as Ocean Spray, Staples, Panera, Jack Daniels and Hood have chosen to partner with Heath to craft resonant, impactful visual messages that leave a lasting imprint on people's lives, as well as the companies that serve them.

Ian Boddy London - New York

Ian Boddy is a kids/youth fashion photographer.

He lives between London and NYC and he works for clients worldwide.

Julia Bostock London

Julia Bostock currently divides her time between London and Suffolk, where she has a studio. Having grown up surrounded by art and photography, and having completed a BA in graphic design, Julia made a career in art direction and graphic design. The involvement she had on every side of a shoot later gave her photography a unique creativity and a natural ability to story tell.

She loves directing videos and small films to add another dimension to her photography. Julia’s energetic and fresh style gives her an ability to sidestep the conventional, whether working with well-known brands or her own reportage. Julia's playful vision and irreverent approach drew her naturally to work with children and she quickly carved a name for herself in children's fashion.

She brings this same energy into her photographs of subjects of all ages, and effortlessly brings out the child from within. She puts her subjects at ease and loves to get to the core of the subjects' spirit and to tell their story through her pictures. She is known for creating a unique blend of fashion and reportage in her work. Her images reflect the curious imagination and spontaneity of children and create worlds in which they appear both captivated and natural.

Her international vision, European connections and love for travel have defined her work and forged strong working relationships with clients like Vogue Bambini, Adidas and Nestle. She is passionate about her work and is always looking forward to new challenges.

Lol Johnson London

Over the years, Lol Johnson has immersed herself in a photographic career that has traversed a broad range of subjects, from editorial portraiture to commercial still life and interiors, and now kids' fashion.

A love of art, cinema and architecture ensures Lol’s influences on her photography are far-reaching. Through the diversity of her experience, she has developed the ability to balance the mood of both location and model, producing imagery that feels natural, yet beautifully lit and carefully composed. Her recent work strives to create honest, contained narratives and is as focused on light and composition as it it is on theme and character.

Lol lives in London with her husband and two daughters.

Clients include Kickers, Monsoon, First Choice, Childrensalon, Jojo Maman Bebe, BBC, John Lewis, Mothercare, Disney, Adobe, Habitat and Not on The High Street.

Editorial credits include Milk, Lemon, Magie De Enfants, Hooligans, Babiekins, La Petite and Lunamag alongside The Times, 25 Beautiful Homes and House Beautiful Magazine.

Represented by Litcreative Agency Thais Vandanezi Brazil

After graduating as an architect, Thais Vandanezi discovered photography as her preferred form of expression. Throughout her studies, she has explored some of the world's most prominent cities, including São Paulo, London, Barcelona, and Paris, continuously researching and incorporating new trends in fashion and design, while maintaining her unique visual language.

Thais has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed brands like Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Havaianas, Melissa, Hering, Fila, Hope, Arezzo, Anacapri, Ricardo Almeida, Ginger, Mybasic, Tania Bulhões, among others.

Her portfolio also includes partnerships with notable celebrities, including Iza, Maria Casadevall, Nathalia Dill, Marina Goldfarb, Rômulo Estrela, Fábio Porchat, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Zezé Motta, Tainá Müller, and Giovanna Lancellotti.

Thais actively contributes to renowned magazines such as L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Harper's Bazaar Bride, Harper's Bazaar Kids, Glamour, Allure, GE, GQ, Este Paper, Ela Magazine, Cause, and Sicky Mag.

Zoe Adlersberg New York - Los Angeles

Zoe Adlersberg is a photographer and director native to New York. After graduating college with a double degree in art and psychology followed by a brief stint in advertising, Zoe relocated to Paris where she found her passion for creating images which were a reconstruction of her feelings and happy memories of her own childhood. Inspired by photographers such as Hellen Van Meene and Rineke Dijkstra, she looked to capture the essence, beauty and innocence of childhood.

Zoe’s commercial portfolio includes imagery for Dior, Nautica, Polo Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Gymboree, Tuchina, Tia Cibani, Next UK, Floatimini and Loveshackfancy. Her editorial work includes Lovesome Magazine, Luna Magazine, Paper Magazine, MILK Magazine, La Petite, Earnshaw’s and Smallish Magazine.

Zoe strives for authenticity in her imagery – valuing honesty and connection with her subjects. Her personal work explores facets of being a woman, girlhood, motherhood and aging. Zoe is passionate about supporting not-for profits promoting female empowerment, young girls and confidence as well as gender and race.

When creating imagery, Zoe enjoys spending time with her daughter Killian, meditating and traveling between New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Zoe also serves as Editor-In-Chief of Brownstone Cowboys Magazine, a social justice and style platform she co-founded with stylist Heathermary Jackson.