Andy McLeod Canary Islands

For this complex commercial, Andy McLeod worked alongside director Jonathan Glazer and DP Darius Khondji to shoot a live action sequence of actor Adam Driver swimming with a horse. To achieve the real-life shots, five horses were specially trained in Madrid and then shipped to the location in Tenerife.

To control the horses, the team used ropes from two jet skis that guided the horse towards the camera. It took all of McLeod’s 20 years of diving experience to get the camera in close to the action, without being injured by the horses’ powerful hooves.

For the sequences of Adam Driver swimming, McLeod was projected backwards by a complex series of ropes and pullies, allowing him to keep up with Driver’s explosive swimming. The spot was filmed on Arri Alexa Mini with Cooke S4i lenses.

Filming Scotland Edinburgh

Filming Scotland is one of the country’s leading production service companies. They offer award-winning service to visiting crews from around the world, aiding the production of a whole host of creative content.

Utilising all that Scotland has to offer - outstanding crews, breath-taking locations, and a close-knit creative community - the Filming Scotland team will take care of all your production needs.

"Our latest projects include The Macallan’s ‘Nettie’, the biggest commercial shot in Scotland last year; Call of Duty’s Ghost Unmasked, with Lewis Capaldi, and Ballantine's France’s stunning film and stills campaign.

We love what we do and are dedicated to making your brief a reality, with a vibrant and fun working environment along the way. More than ever, we are committed to green working practices, ensuring our productions are as sustainable as possible.

Take a look at our website and follow us on Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter."

FTV Production Algarve Portugal

FTV Productions Algarve Unipessoal Lda. is a production service company, based in the heart of the Algarve, offering high class production services, expert local knowledge and professional support in photo, film, and TV productions, commercials and  music videos.

"During the last 15 years we focused only on the Algarve and a part of the Alentejo, and served a wide range of international projects. We offer unconditional, experienced production services with a tailor-made personal touch.

We love what we do and therefore our service is carried out in our own remarkable, warm, committed and personal way." Nina Klunder, Founder / Production Manager.

FTV PA were associate producers on Paramount Picture’s 'The Infernal Machine' with Guy Pearce in 2022.

Katja Haecker New York

An award-winning short film director and achieved beauty and luxury creative/art director, Katja Haecker has chosen not to choose between her advertising background and her passions for racing cars and filming.

Following the accolade her 'Laps of Honor' documentary received, she is working on turning this format into a series about car collectors while prepping for 'Chicane', a short fiction film she has written and that is set to be shot in 2023. Her most recent work got her back to advertising and directing when she advised US-based Benard Creative Agency on three commercials/MMFs for Jamie Turner Jewelry.

The recipient of Best Documentary Short at the Grand Motoring Festival, Katja Haecker is getting more and more traction for her unique combination of story-telling acumen and exacting eye for beauty.

Let's Film - Luca Maximilian Caputo Barcelona

Luca Maximilian Caputo is a seasoned DOP and Director with over 20 years of experience in creating films, commercials and online video content.

Always fascinated by human nature, his unique, unconventional and disruptive approach to visual arts and filmmaking has led him to a distinct and vibrant style. Inspired by his Italian heritage, Luca blends classic and modern elements to create stylish, elegant, and fresh films.

Passionate about music, dance, sports, and healthy living, Luca has brought his unique vision to campaigns and video productions for prestigious brands such as Puma/JD, Nike, Brooks, FIFA, Electronic Arts, Bosch, Mediaset, and Intersport, among others.

As the founder of Let’s Film, an agile video production agency, Luca provides high-quality video services in Spain, Italy, the UK, and the Middle East, together with his trusted team of seasoned professionals and crew who share his commitment to delivering exceptional results that exceed clients' expectations.

Oak Tree Pictures India

India is fast becoming one of the most popular shooting destinations of the world and rightfully so - where else would one get such a diverse range of stunning locations with temperate climatic conditions?

With year-round sunshine, backwaters, sand dunes and modern backdrops as well as historic architecture, India offers great picturesque backdrops for your shoots.

"Our purpose is to provide a complete high quality production service combining everything for each individual project, from location scouting and permissions, talents - Indian/international, scheduling and estimation, technicians and equipment, post production- overall a cost effective production crew ensuring smooth execution of the shoot.

We offer comprehensive, flexible, friendly and creative services. We believe in bringing life to your vision and we love every step of the way. Do not hesitate to reach out for more information and let's work together."

Olga Studio Portugal

"Hi there! We are OLGA, a boutique animation studio based in sunny Lisboa. A combination of idea, conception, design and technical skills that provide our clients the stunning content they deserve.

From video mapping to large format, internet video or TV, you name it, we do it! We love challenges and face them with fast and out of box thinking, aiming to connect your brand to your audience in a marvellous way. We are all made of choices and those choices make us unique. OLGA chooses beauty. Always."

REGGLISS Production South of France

REGGLISS Production has a solid 30 years of technical and creative experience in producing still and motion pictures.

Their 'black belt' level of full integrated production services include: domestic and international, advertising and commercial briefs, budget management, photo and video crew, analog and digital tech, camera rental, lighting ressources, grip equipment, aerial filming, drone, 3D, animation, video capture and editing, BTS, sound, location scouting, transportation, casting, talents, set design, props master, permitting, licensing, travel, accommodation, and more.

They have recently handled projects with Adidas, Tom’s, Michael Kors, Erès, Tag Heuer, to name a few - and they would be keen to handle yours, should you plan to come down and shoot near Monaco, Villefranche, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St. Tropez, Marseille, Corsica, Provence, or the southern Alps.

REGGLISS Production will deliver the best production services under the sun.

The Production Factory London - New York - Miami - Mallorca - Manchester

The Production Factory specialises in stills and film production, offering tailored production services from concept through to post production for all your stills and film requirements, anywhere in the world.

YLO Productions Cape Town

YLO Productions is a full service production company in Cape Town for film and stills production shoots.

"We work with clients from all around the world, creating exciting and innovative shoots that produce the greatest quality still images, TVC commercials and films. Our extensive database of suppliers and local industry relationships source all the components that you need to ensure that your production runs smoothly and delivers content that reflects your brand, campaign or products.

YLO works with some of the leading minds in production and commercial photography in Cape Town. This has placed us front and centre with leading brands and their creative teams globally. We source all the talent required for each production individually from freelancers to full production houses and every imaginable supplier in-between. Scaling outputs to budgets and budgets to outputs.

With YLO you get direct access to vetted teams of production coordinators, crew, gear, locations etc in Cape Town at a fraction of the cost, which means you can maximise your creative budget.

So if you are looking for a well-oiled machine, the ground axe, that merges on shoot day, nails that perfect brand shot, and wraps with the job in the bag, you are in the exactly the right place. Welcome to YLO."

ZOF Portugal

"It is time to shoot and it is important to have a local team that can be a partner in any kind of production.

With ZOF  that's guaranteed. We offer a 360-degree response. With ZOF you can count on a professional production team, experienced with flexibility and quick follow-up throughout the entire process, from budgeting, scouting, licenses, logistics, to pre production and production.

We are equipped with lightning, sound and image gear, a studio with 100m2 and audio room. Also good relations in every rental house in Portugal.

Our company is 15 years old and we have a vast list of partners and clients. Our experience gives us the ability to anticipate so everything goes well to make our client happy."

"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed”. – Stanley Kubrick