Santo Domingo - Full Photo & Film Production Services

During 2023, Cinefilms has filmed important commercial projects with brands such as Hulu, Spiriva, Expedia, TUI, Spotify, Bad Bunny, Boston Proper and Nickelodeon.

"We supported MR. Beast, helping clean beaches in The Dominican Republic, in a crowdfunding campaign which raised $30M to remove 30 million pounds of trash and plastic from beaches, rivers and oceans around the world.

We have added new cameras and lenses to our rental equipment, including Arri Alexa Mini LF cameras and anamorphic lenses. In addition to this, we are creating content for different streaming platforms.

We have also added a full photoshoot support line of gear, including Canon R line cameras and lenses, PROFOTO gear, generators, radios, and more.

And we have redesigned our website, so our clients have the best possible web experience.

Cinefilms, we make it happen!"