21 Sun Productions Rio de Janeiro Full Photo & Film Production Services

For 18 years, 21 Sun has been providing all logistical requirements for American and European clients wishing to produce advertising and fashion campaigns, catalogues, and editorials in Brazil and South America.

In 2009, an office in São Paulo was opened to focus primarily on the Brazilian market and represent Brazilian and international photographers.

21 Sun provides high-end productions services for a successful campaign and has the largest location bank in Brazil on file: from luxurious houses by famous architects to natural backdrops from the Amazon region.

Some of their clients are Tag Heuer, Vogue, Old Parr, VW, Athleta, Porsche, HBO, Grazia, C&A, Havaianas, Farm, and Nespresso.

What to expect from 21 SUN? Professionalism, inclusive and experienced crews, diverse talents, high-quality production at a reasonable price point and responsiveness to clients' needs.

Visit their website and Instagram to see more.

Habitant Productions Mexico City - Barcelona - Bogota Full Photo & Film Production Services

"We are a production company with 20 years of experience, specialising in tailored photo and film services for high fashion, beauty, and celebrities. Our commitment to excellence has firmly established us as industry leaders.

With offices in Mexico City, Barcelona, and Bogota, we provide a truly global perspective to enhance your projects. We are resolute in our pursuit of innovative and efficient solutions to meet your creative needs. Moreover, our knack for pinpointing the perfect locations has been a game-changer, creating the ideal backdrop for our projects.

At HABITANT, we transcend the typical production company role. We are not just here for the short term; we are your dedicated, long-term partners, committed to bringing your ideas to life in the most impactful ways."

7 Seas Productions Colombia Full Service Production and Locations

7 Seas is the only full-service production company in Colombia's Caribbean, in Cartagena.

Active since 2010, they built a solid roster of unrivaled interior locations in the city itself and on the Rosary Islands, the impossibly beautiful archipelago that surrounds Cartagena. Let's see what The New York Times has to say in their recent '36 hours in Cartagena' special:

"The UNESCO-designated Old Town, Cartagena’s inner walled city, merges historical architecture with modern shops and restaurants, and is often compared to Old San Juan or New Orleans’s French Quarter. Colombia is one of the world’s biggest coffee producers, so no visit is complete without tasting a local brew. Head to the Getsemani neighbourhood — a funkier-in-a-good-way version of Old Town, and just a short walk away." 

Interested? Then do like Bloomingdale's, J.Crew, Madewell, Bergdorf Goodman and JP Boden and give 7 Seas a call. Their team of producers is brimming with imagination to carry out a production that reflects your image and gives it that extra touch of magic!

Chicas Productions Curacao Full Photo & Film Production Services

Chicas Productions is a full service production company located on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Willemstad, its colourful capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the island is home to more than 35 tropical beaches.

Curacao is easily accessible by air with daily direct flights from the Americas and Europe. The island in the Dutch Caribbean is the perfect playground for fashion, catalog (spring/summer) and swimwear photography, editorial shoots and commercial productions. Curacao has a dry climate and is located outside the hurricane belt, so clients can enjoy 365 days of summer and shoot all year around.

Chicas Productions offers fully tailored local production services, budgeting, location management, kids casting, transport, accommodation, equipment rental, local assistants and anything else that is required for a successful production.

Clients include: Saks Fifth Avenue, Lands’ End, J Jill, Maxi-Cosi, Intermix, Talbots, Venus, Swimsuits For All, Mini-Boden, Vingino, Snapper Rock.

Visit the website for more information.

CineFilms Santo Domingo Full Photo & Film Production Services

During 2023, Cinefilms has filmed important commercial projects with brands such as Hulu, Spiriva, Expedia, TUI, Spotify, Bad Bunny, Boston Proper and Nickelodeon.

"We supported MR. Beast, helping clean beaches in The Dominican Republic, in a crowdfunding campaign which raised $30M to remove 30 million pounds of trash and plastic from beaches, rivers and oceans around the world.

We have added new cameras and lenses to our rental equipment, including Arri Alexa Mini LF cameras and anamorphic lenses. In addition to this, we are creating content for different streaming platforms.

We have also added a full photoshoot support line of gear, including Canon R line cameras and lenses, PROFOTO gear, generators, radios, and more.

And we have redesigned our website, so our clients have the best possible web experience.

Cinefilms, we make it happen!"

GREEN IS GOOD Mexico City Full Photo & Film Production Services

Established in 2009, Green is Good offers full production services in Mexico and Central America.

"We are ready to cover all your logistical concerns with international-level experience and a local perspective. We are listeners and solution creators. Your project will be in the hands of the best professionals.

Our commitment to your project goes beyond any wave. We are here to listen, adapt, and create tailored solutions aligned with your essentials. Mexico is, more than ever, the destination where you can turn your ideas into reality, with willingness and collaboration we can make it possible.

The location you need: continuous research and scouting of locations are conducted throughout the year to discover the perfect scenery that aligns with your brief.

The crew you need: Strong alliances are essential to us, for the past years we have worked only with the best local support crew. Together, we design the best strategy for any campaign."

Vagabond Films USA - Latin America - Europe Full Photo & Film Production Services

Vagabond Films is a leading production service company in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

Vagabond offers accurate scheduling and budgeting services, as well as comprehensive booking of locations, casting, local crews, facilities, and equipment.

"Over the years we have worked with the most important clients and production companies around the world, having produced many award-winning commercials, feature films, documentaries, and music videos. Our offices in seven countries allow us to cover all kinds of landscapes and locations that can mirror practically any place in the world.

Our leading full-production house offers a complete range of services for all types of projects offering exclusive advantages. We save our clients’ time by multi-bidding in several countries, always looking for the best location for creativity and the budget. The same executive producer is on the job; from the pitch, throughout the shoot, and all the way to the wrap."

Recent projects include Volvo, Coca-Cola, Nespresso and EarnIn.

Clients:  Backyard, Iconoclast, Knucklehead, Mayda, The Mill, Outsider, Pulse, Rogue, Scholar, SKUNK, Smuggler, Somesuch.

Two Palms Productions Brazil Full Photo & Film Production Services

Two Palms is a full service production company specialising in advertising, lifestyle and fashion shoots. They have offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and work with clients from around the world producing shoots from Brazil to the furthest corners of Latin America.

Two Palms has fully vetted and locally-based service producers, directors, photographers, fashion, hair and make-up and interior stylists, and a full range of other specialised professional crews with many years of national and international experience.

The team can handle all production challenges, from the smallest to the largest. At Two Palms, clients get a smooth production which is enjoyable, safe and cost effective.

Contact them for referrals, questions, cost estimates and references.

Litmedia Productions Rio de Janeiro Full Photo & Film Production Services

Litmedia Productions takes pride in delivering top-tier production services to some of the world's largest brands. As a full-service production company based in Brazil, Limedia specialises in fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Recently, they had the honor of locally producing the Victoria's Secret Summer 2023 campaign in Rio de Janeiro. This marked their first campaign shoot in Brazil, resulting in vibrant and captivating imagery.

Additionally, the team collaborated with the contemporary luxury brand PatBO this year to bring their 2023 runway collection to life, creating a shoot that exudes luxury and class.

Discover the essence of Rio through the lens of Litmedia's photo production company.

"Our commitment to artistic excellence and meticulous attention to detail ensure that each project captures the spirit of both Rio and the brand, resulting in visually stunning and evocative campaigns. Feel free to get in touch with our team!"

APU Productions Lima photo production

APU Productions is the leading production service company in Peru, with over 20 years of experience producing TV shows, feature films, commercials, documentaries and fashion shoots all over the country.

Peru is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. A hidden gem, a box full of surprises yet to be discovered by international filmmakers looking for unique and uncharted locations. Here you will find vast coastal deserts, the impressive Andean highlands, multiple jungle settings and exceptionally well-preserved ancient ruins. And these are only some of the many location options to choose from.

With a talented and experienced local bilingual crew, APU Productions can successfully deliver every time even when given the most challenging tasks.

Productions have been carried out for Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., OPI, Psycho Bunny, Sundance, Free People, Lavazza, Lexus, Anthropologie, Mustela, MasterCard, Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson.

Chanel Farkas Tulum beauty photographers

"As a professional photographer, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients and working on exciting projects in the world of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Recently, I had the honor of capturing the essence of beauty and confidence in the Jolie Rouge campaign for Clarins. It was a creative endeavor that celebrated the allure of timeless red lips.

In the captivating setting of Tulum, I embarked on a visual journey with ZacBe, a jewelry brand known for its unique designs inspired by the mystique of nature and culture.

My lens has also been dedicated to showcasing the radiance of skincare products for myBlend, highlighting the science behind their transformative formulas.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of capturing the vibrant and dynamic lifestyle associated with Filorga, capturing moments of elegance and vitality in every frame.

Each project has been an opportunity to tell a unique visual story, and I look forward to continued collaborations that push the boundaries of creativity and beauty."

Gregory Allen Mexico City advertising photographers

Gregory Allen is a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer based between Mexico City and New York.

Gregory was named 'Photographer of the Year 2017' by Mexico's Fashion Digital Awards.

Originally from Seattle, he studied Visual Arts and Psychology at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He began his career working with Oliviero Toscani and the Benetton team in Italy, going on to win the National Geographic prize in 2004, while in 2010 he was named as one of the 'Top Pros' by Popular Photography magazine.

Gregory has spent the last 15 years working all around the world for brands such as L'Oréal, Maybelline New York, Prada Mexico, Coppel, El Palacio de Hierro, Gerber, Nestlé, and magazines such as Glamour, InStyle, Travel+Leisure and Harper's Bazaar.