Laszlo Ary

Bucharest - Post Production, CGI & AI

"I am Laszlo Ary, and I run a 3D/CGI studio based in Romania, specialised in hand-crafted and hyper-real jewellery and cosmetic images.

The number one request and demand from a 3D image is to look real and give an authentic representation of the product while showing it at its best as (or even better than) photography can.

Therefore I combined my product photography, lighting and 3D knowledge to provide high-end, authentic and natural-looking product renderings.

My method includes reproducing even the smallest of details of your product with its accurate materials, then lighting and photographing it in 3D as a photographer.

You will get the same results as from a photographer and the benefits that come with 3D to present, test and advertise your product even before production."