eastern europe & the balkans Apr 2023


ArtBlue Productions Athens Full Photo & Film Production Services

ArtBlue Productions is a production services agency operating all over Greece. With over 20 years of experience in the field, ArtBlue stands by its strong commitment and proven track record in being one of the leading production companies in Greece with international clients.

Clients include: Anthropologie, Zalando, My Theresa, FALKE, Vogue France, Vogue Greece, Harper’s Bazaar Germany, Elle USA, Darjeeling, Gina Tricot, Cubus, Louis and Mia, Just White.

ArtBlue has a clear understanding of how technique and creativity should blend, and apply these concepts to produce first class photography.

"We offer you a complete package of production services, budget management, and give you a clear plan to fill your needs. Greece offers you beautiful and amazing outdoor locations with the best daylight. Simply, Greece is the perfect natural setting for outdoor shootings! The sun here, is different. Come and experience what excellence should be about. We always deliver more than expected!"

Pillowtree Productions Zagreb Full Photo & Film Production Services

In the past nine years since it was founded, Pillowtree has had the pleasure to work with many renowned fashion photographers for clients such as Cotton Club, Fruit of the Loom, Nanushka, Blue Fire, Blacks, Millets, Woman Magazine, Essentials Magazine and more.

This experience, along with working on commercial and automotive production projects for clients such as Star Alliance, Aurinkomatkat, Lexus, Alpina BMW, Drogerie Markt and Deutsche Telekom has made Pillowtree into one of the most successful photo and film production and service companies in Croatia, recognised by industry leaders and art buyers alike for the quality of their work.

"We believe the quality and feel of the final outcome of a production is not only a matter of budget, talent, creativity, logistics, location or props, but also a story of the feeling and the mood of the shoot. The reflection of the mood and atmosphere during the shoot, the behind the scenes vibe, is what you will also get in the final product. This is why we promise and deliver for our clients not only an experienced multitasking crew, amazing diverse locations and exceptional organisation, but also enthusiasm, a unique experience and a good time."

Laszlo Ary Bucharest CGI, 3D Rendering & AI

"I am Laszlo Ary, and I run a 3D/CGI studio based in Romania, specialised in hand-crafted and hyper-real jewellery and cosmetic images.

The number one request and demand from a 3D image is to look real and give an authentic representation of the product while showing it at its best as (or even better than) photography can.

Therefore I combined my product photography, lighting and 3D knowledge to provide high-end, authentic and natural-looking product renderings.

My method includes reproducing even the smallest of details of your product with its accurate materials, then lighting and photographing it in 3D as a photographer.

You will get the same results as from a photographer and the benefits that come with 3D to present, test and advertise your product even before production."

Doruk Barin Istanbul car & transportation photographers

Doruk Barın is a 23 year old photographer who lives in Istanbul and mainly shoots cars. After completing his cinema education at the Faculty of Fine Arts, he turned to automotive photography, where he worked as a car spotter during his high school years.

Since he is closely interested in contemporary and modern architecture, he pays extra attention to location research in many of his shoots. He also endeavours to take photos in natural light with various auxiliary materials.

Until today, he has worked in various automobile magazines and has also taken part in many projects with various advertising agencies and communication agencies for many brands, such as Honda, Lexus, Nissan, DS Automobiles and Toyota.

You can see more of his commercial work on his website portfolio and behance.

Kirill Baranovskiy Kyiv food & drink photographers

Kyrylo Baranovsky is a photographer from Ukraine who has been living and working in the city of Kyiv for the last few years. He is available for filming all over the world and in Ukraine, as part of any production or as a full-cycle production.

Clients: McDonald's, Nestle, Danone, Levada, Nasha Ryaba, Nemiroff, Chernihivske, Vodnyi Mir, Chumak, Bolgrad, Rabota UA and many others.

Andrey Cherlat Kyiv car & transportation photographers

Andrey Cherlat works as an individual photographer and runs an advertising automotive and product studio providing photo and post production services for the past six years.

He is available to shoot worldwide and also offers in-house photo and post production services in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Clients: PorscheFavbetDynamo Kyiv FCParimatchVinos de la LuzWine GalleryBrave GKLamborghiniAlantonAutomaximumB-Design.

Lubo Sergeev Sofia advertising photographers

Lubo Sergeev is an award-winning photographer and digital artist with over 25 years of experience in advertising and commercial image production.

Danylchenko Kyiv Food and Still Life Photographers

Yaroslav Danylchenko is a food and product photographer who specialises in advertising.

He is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and works in his studio where he provides full-cycle photo production, remote shooting, and retouching services.

Yaroslav's clients include major brands such as McDonald’s, Nestle, Samsung, L’Oréal, Avon, BASF, Kraft Foods, Danone, Staropramen, Lurpak, as well as many agencies.

He is highly skilled in working with food, drinks, and products in collaboration with the best advertising specialists in the industry.

Pavel Hejny Prague advertising photographers

Pavel Hejný is an advertising photographer and art director who is based in Prague but works all over the world. During his advertising career he has won many awards, including Cannes Lions (five times), Golden Drum Grand Prix (twice), Andy Award, Clio Award, and, last but not least, Lucie Award for the best advertising photographer, which he received personally at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Many of his photographs can also be found in the Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide publications.

He has a large portfolio of well-established production companies that provide full service to his clients and work together to deliver the highest possible quality in his photographs. He is also able to work with local productions around the world or work remotely.

Gabriel Matula Prague advertising photographers

Gabriel is a photographer, videographer and content creator from Buenos Aires, where he spent his childhood and youth.

Since a young age, Gabriel has been involved in art. In 2003 he graduated as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires, UBA. During his almost 20 years of career, Gabriel has had the opportunity to explore many different fields in the visual industry, some of them being graphic design, motion graphics, VFX, and film, just to name a few.

Among Gabriel's recent clients, you will find brands like Lubriderm, L’Oreal, and Samsung, among others.

His expertise lies in the fields of fashion, advertising, and film. Gabriel was honoured with 1st prize in the Beauty Portrait category at the IPA International Photography Awards 2015.

Nowadays he lives in Europe, so he is eligible to work in the US and EU without visa requirements.

Tibor Galamb Budapest advertising photographers

Tibor Galamb is a Budapest, Hungary-based advertising photographer, art director and retoucher who works with still and moving images.

The combination of his former experiences from the film industry and his civil engineering studies helped him to build up a strong and unique visual style. This visual style and the high quality results quickly made him popular among creatives, agencies and clients. With a wide range of experience, Tibor is available for various assignments.

Although based in Budapest, he has worked on many projects all over the world for clients like Volkswagen, Adidas, RedBull, Dr.Oetker, Reebok, Swedbank, Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC), Harvey Nichols and ERGO.