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Reload + Co Sydney photo production

Reload+co is an Australian-based production company, representing a select group of photographers and directors. They specialise in advertising campaign production and offer their expertise across the fields of stills photography and film.  

Reload+co create content specifically tailored to meet clients print and digital needs. They offer a full service experience from pre-production to post, for projects of any size.

Their photographers and directors are based in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK and Europe and work across a variety of disciplines.

The Reload+co team are known for their unique approach to production and offer both clients and artists alike a wealth of knowledge of the entire industry. The agency’s impressive talent roster, backed by a strong team of producers means they are able to offer clients the very best creative expertise in every aspect of the industry. All are committed to pushing creative boundaries and can coordinate every step of the process.

Kirsty Bryson Melbourne Stylists/ food & home economists

Kirsty Bryson is a renowned food stylist in Melbourne, Australia. A leader in her field, she is available for work interstate and abroad.

Kirsty has been working on commercial advertising campaigns and briefs, including TV commercials.

She is a drink stylist, prop stylist, and still life product stylist, also working on packaging and editorial shoots.

Kirsty is also the founder of The Prop Dispensary, one of Melbourne's largest prop houses, offering a curated collection of props and photography backgrounds for hire.

She has worked for clients such as Coles & Curtis Stone, Maxwell Williams, Grill’d, Nab, Starward Whisky, 78 Degrees, Nandos, Schnitz, San Churro, Penfolds, Connoisseur Icecream, Moro Olive Oil and McCain, to name a few.

Kirsty brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skills fundamental in food styling, along with an eye for detail and meticulous attention to detail, to always deliver on your brief. She is available for international campaigns; consider Kirsty and her team for your next shoot.

Focus Point Photo Christchurch advertising photographers

Jarrard at Focuspoint Photo is a talented and passionate product and food photographer, who recently achieved a remarkable feat as a finalist in the esteemed Pink Lady Food Awards 2023. This recognition is a testament to his skills in capturing the essence of food.

With an eye for detail and a deep understanding of composition and lighting, Jarrard has consistently produced images that showcases the detail of any product.

Combining artistic vision with technical expertise, he captures stunning, authentic imagery that grabs the attention of your audience. Photography is the art of storytelling, which he does with consistent and uncompromising quality.

Jarrard is an expert at commercial photography, shaping objects, eliciting emotion, and bringing inanimate products to life. Working with position, shadows, and silhouettes to put your products, and your brand, in the best possible light.

“A picture tells a thousand words. I aim for my photos to tell even more.”

Nicola Redfern Sydney still life photographers

Nicola Redfern is a food and product photographer based in Brisbane, whose expertise lies in creating on-brand images that sell your products and food.

With a background working as an in-house photographer for a product-based business, Nicola understands the importance of visually appealing images that tell a story. With a decade of photography experience under her belt, along with a formal photography education, Nicola brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to her work.

Nicola is equally at ease collaborating with startup brands, art directors, models and working both in-studio and on location. This ability allows her to cater to a diverse range of clients and ensures that her images consistently meet their unique needs and expectations.

Virginia Woolf New Zealand People, Lifestyle and Travel Photographers

A natural creator since she was a child, Virginia studied photographic design and trained as a press photographer for a national newspaper, honing her craft shooting people in all sorts of situations and from all walks of life - much of which still applies to her commercial work on outdoor adventure, lifestyle, and portrait shoots. She also dabbles in architecture from the to time, when not travelling the world seeking adventure - her commitment to tell stories through her lens.

Her career has seen her photograph luxury resorts in Fiji, fight the advances of a Papua New Guinean chief who needed a fourth wife, eat pig entrails in Japan (followed by lots of sake), and her favourite experience so far - sleeping under the stars in the Sahara. Adventure energises her.

Virginia is a Canon master, one of 15 Masters in Australasia which recognises world-class image creators who have perfected their craft and offer inspiration, vision, insight, and experience within the industry.

Graeme Murray Auckland advertising photographers

Graeme Murray loves creating: his whole career has been in the image industry. After training in professional photography, his early days saw him working at one of New Zealand’s top audiovisual production companies. He was responsible for creating, developing and producing product launches for New Zealand’s largest corporations, using various types of multimedia, from theatrical lighting, to video slide projection and interactive graphics, to set design and - the most fun - pyrotechnics!

The desire to be shooting led him into running his own successful photography business. Graeme now works with clients and agencies on projects that include portraiture, people, lifestyle and sport related to advertising. He takes all his knowledge and experience from previous work in the AV and TV industries into his photography, so dealing with any situation is effortless.

He has a great rapport with clients and the production crew on jobs and goes beyond the norm to make sure the shoot meets and exceeds expectations.

Clients include Red Bull, MasterCard, adidas, Specialized Bikes USA, Tudor Watches, Under Armour, Samsung, Wendy’s, VW, John Deere, AIG, Ford, Bendon, Ozone, Atomic, Tourism New Zealand, Mac Pac Outdoor Clothing, Powerade, Fonterra, among others.

Graeme can be found in the studio or shooting outdoors.

Julie Renouf Melbourne advertising photographers

"There are many defining moments in my career as a photographer and director. The most prominent: an inspired Christmas gift, a Hanimex Box Brownie at the age of seven; a gifted art teacher in high school who taught me to experiment and explore beyond what the textbooks taught, and that ‘mistakes’ can take you to somewhere way beyond imagining; a tertiary education in photography that taught me the rules and then insisted I break them; countless shoots where I learned to trust my intuition whilst being supported by my training. These countless projects now are the backbone of my experience.

Recent years have seen my love of the still image flow into my love of the moving image, with the focus being to always weave a visual story. My capacity to shoot both photography and film streamlines production and maintains style consistency across various media. My style is relaxed, natural, and ‘real’; utilising daylight wherever possible.

On set I work closely with clients: I believe that collaboration, a positive attitude, and a shared enthusiasm for evocative visuals are the most effective way to create beautiful, authentic stories worth sharing with the world."

Manja Wachsmuth Auckland advertising photographers

Award-winning, Danish-born photographer Manja Wachsmuth has spent 20 years in the professional photography industry shooting campaigns, packaging, and content for clients across Scandinavia, Europe and NZ. Running her own business in New Zealand for over a decade, Manja confidently works across the spectrum of photographic challenges.

Recent clients include American Express, Heineken and Nespresso, and Manja was recently awarded Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year, New Zealand regional winner.

Manja brings a direct approach, clear vision and a strong sense of purpose to every shoot. Her goal is always to create authentic images that are beautiful in their detail, which serve as an invitation to intimate moments of honest connection and a pause from the chaos of everyday life. A vision for clients to market their product and services in authentic ways are at the forefront of every shoot.

Stef King Australia advertising photographers

Stef King is an award-winning photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

Stef specialises in fashion, beauty, advertising and lifestyle photography. Her impressive portfolio contains work published globally, and she shoots in Singapore, Sydney and her home city of Perth, Australia.

Her style has been described as having a very feminine touch and her passion is shooting creative projects and collaborating with like minded people.

David Ross Sydney people & lifestyle photographers

David Ross is a sports and lifestyle photographer from the Central Coast, NSW, an energetic and passionate creative who thrives on team work and outcomes.

His ability to capture dynamic movement while highlighting specific product details is a skill he has honed from years spent shooting high-paced sports. He creates clean, powerful images that move and inspire.

David has built his portfolio working with brands such as My Muscle Chef, Reebok, Under Armour, Rebel Sport and more. With over five years of professional experience in production, photography and retouching, David has all ends of the creative scope covered.

Jesse Smith Brisbane advertising photographers

Jesse Smith, an esteemed and highly regarded photographer, has spent over two decades capturing extraordinary moments through his lens. With a diverse portfolio catering to national and international audiences, Jesse has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional results across various genres.

What sets Jesse apart is his unmatched blend of creativity, technical prowess, and a composed and confident demeanor. With a deep passion for advertising, food, and lifestyle photography, Jesse possesses a remarkable ability to connect with his subjects, enabling him to elicit genuine performances from both seasoned professionals and non-professional actors alike.

Recognised for his contributions as a photographer on television commercials (TVCs), Jesse's vast experience, efficiency, diplomacy, and strong relationships with his crew consistently yield superior outcomes.

Jesse's impressive skills and experience extend seamlessly to both studio and on-location shoots. He has collaborated with renowned clients including AAMI, Tattersall's, Metagenics, Virgin Airlines, Cancer Council, Tourism Queensland, Fox Sports, Ladbrokes, Subway, Donut King, Gloria Jeans, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Suncorp and Bank of QLD.

A natural problem-solver, Jesse has conquered every on-set complication thrown his way. Whether in the air, underwater, or on the ground, he goes to great lengths to capture the perfect shot, consistently delivering outstanding and distinctive results.

Ian & Erick Sydney advertising photographers

Mauritius-born Ian and Erick found their passion for photography surrounded by the ocean. Over time, they have traveled extensively around the globe, capturing stunning images of people in various settings, including lifestyle, portraiture, and action sports photography.

Their love for the art of photography drives them to experiment with different cameras and lenses to achieve the desired results. They are constantly on the lookout for new challenges and ways to improve their craft, using a variety of tools such as large format cameras, water housing, and 600mm lenses to create breathtaking images.

Ian and Erick's photography focuses on youth culture, cool personalities, and people with unique characters. As Ian likes to put it, “a great picture is a great team of people working together.”. Their photographs are distinguished by their exceptional composition and clever use of lighting, resulting in remarkable images that tell a story.

This year, Ian and Erick have been working without restrictions in Western Australia and have produced exceptional work for Bankwest, Spotify, The Smith Family, Audi, Puma, and other notable brands.

Now represented by Reload and Co in Australia.

Alex Wallace Auckland advertising photographers

"Sat under the scorching Spanish sunshine whilst sipping an ice-cold beer, I took a moment to reflect on my situation; here I was on the other side of the world, visiting places others could only dream of. Yet I was, on a paid assignment, staying in boutique hotels and photographing the most engaging locals you could ever wish to meet. This really could be one of the best jobs in the world.

It’s not the first time I’ve considered how fortunate I am to have a job that I love - and I’m sure it won’t be the last. In this new world where we no longer take anything for granted, I don’t know how long it will last, but while it does, I’m mindful that there is a responsibility to give each shoot my all and ultimately to deliver the best photographs I can."

Fox Street Studio Brisbane rental studios photo & film

Fox Street Studio is a purpose built professional photography studio run by professional photographers.

The converted warehouse space is fully air conditioned, has six dedicated car parks and is situated in the heart of Albion's cafe scene. With a purpose built kitchen, comfortable client areas and a 7m wide x 7m deep x 5m high corner cyc, the space is very user friendly.

The studio is located opposite two sports fields with multiple free parking, and is five minutes from the Valley and 15 minutes to the airport. 250sqm of floor space provides a versatile location for any kind of shoot from still life to TVC.