austria Jun 2023


Martin Lugger Vienna Corporate, Industrial and Outdoor Photographers

For Austrian-based photographer Martin Lugger, commissioned photography is an exciting and demanding process of communication. The ability to trace the original character of people, moods and situations with a high level of empathy is reflected in his projects, which have led him across Europe.

Outdoor photography is an important part of Martin's portfolio, but he also focuses on people, lifestyle and architecture, always trying to find exceptional perspectives.

See more of his recent work on his website or through Instagram and get in touch to discuss the details of your upcoming project.

Dieter Brasch Vienna food & drink photographers

Dieter Brasch, an experienced photographer with extensive expertise across diverse photographic domains, possesses a broad spectrum of technical knowledge acquired through years of practice.

In his loft studio in Vienna's 6th district, he arranges objects to convey specific moods or messages for international customers. The work often requires extensive planning to create an aesthetic image composition with the help of lighting, set styling, camera angles.

His passion for photography remains intact, even after many years, and he hopes to be able to show his pictures in an exhibition in autumn.

Gregor Hofbauer Vienna interiors & exteriors photographers

Over the past years, Gregor has refined his focus on architecture and interior photography, mainly working for hospitality clients. He has already photographed 20+ hotels all over Europe for big hotel groups as well as smaller family-owned businesses. Lately architectural firms also appreciate Gregor’s well planned and precise work to document their newly realised projects.

His passion for storytelling, portrait and food photography is often a welcomed additional asset for hospitality projects, for example to create social media content, to take portraits of the staff or to create imagery for the food & beverage divisions.

Gregor’s eye for detail and composition also finds its way into the studio, where he creates still life images for product-focused clients.

For Gregor, involvement into a project from the start is the best way to make the most out of the available resources and time, but he also loves to accept the challenge of mastering last-minute assignments.

Mitja Kobal Vienna Corporate, Portrait and Architecture Photographers

Mitja Kobal is a highly accomplished photographer known for his exceptional work in architecture, hospitality, corporate, and documentary photography. With an eye for detail and a keen sense of composition, he brings life to his subjects through captivating images that tell powerful stories. His expertise in architectural photography showcases his ability to capture the essence and beauty of structures, while his corporate photography conveys professionalism and sophistication.

One of Mitja's notable achievements in 2023 is his documentary project 'Way of the Blade', which was published by Stern Magazine, a renowned publication known for its high journalistic standards. This recognition speaks volumes about Mitja's skill and dedication to his craft.

Mitja Kobal's photography is a testament to his artistic vision and technical prowess. His diverse portfolio and noteworthy accomplishments solidify his position as a talented and respected photographer in the industry.

making of Vienna Talent Agency and Photo Production Services

Making Of, founded by Martina Cerny, has been a trustworthy partner in the field of photo production for more than 24 years. Based in Vienna, Austria, the agency has been a vital player in the local production industry.

Behind Making Of is Martina-Irene Cerny - born in Munich, she has been living and working in Vienna for 35 years. After graduating from Hetzendorf Fashion School, she started working as a fashion designer, creating the Beagle & Susu brand and working as a freelance stylist and costume designer.

She has worked for a long time on researching partners and manufacturers from a wide variety of fields in order to offer holistic, responsible and sustainable styling trough the Sustiin project.

Now it’s time for her own sustainable apron collection, which is divided in two sections: on the one hand the protective aprons, called 'Apropos Apron', on the other hand the adorning aprons, called 'Tout Tablier'.

The completion of the photo production itself should also be as environmentallv conscious as possible."We'll make sure that your production has a proper workflow, from the first idea to the final product, and that it stays on budget and is delivered on time.”

FILMQUARTIER WIEN Vienna Lofts and Studios for Photo, Film & Events

Located near the famous Naschmarkt in the heart of Vienna, FILMQUARTIER WIEN presents a sprawling film location spanning approximately 5,000 m².

Comprising five expansive properties, this versatile venue boasts a plethora of diverse movie settings. From spacious lofts and cinematic apartments to enchanting outdoor areas, it offers endless possibilities for various productions.

FILMQUARTIER WIEN caters to a wide range of projects, whether it's an ad for Netflix, IKEA, or a shoot for BBC. With its stunning film locations, this venue accommodates TV productions, feature films, advertising, and shoots, providing ample space for actors, make-up artists, wardrobe departments, and catering services.

Digitalstore Vienna EQUIPMENT Rent, Dealers and Studios

Join us at the Digitalstore Vienna's much-anticipated in-house exhibition, the Photo + Video Days, from 22nd to 24th June. Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary experience that celebrates the world of photography and videography. The event boasts an array of incredible exclusive offers that will leave you in awe.

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Mark your calendar and prepare to be amazed!"