Andreas Gerhardt

Freiburg - Corporate and People & Lifestyle Photographers

Photographer Andreas Gerhardt places a strong emphasis on capturing individuals in their environments rather than staged scenarios. He prioritises creating a visual aesthetic that reflects lifestyle moods.

Achieving a well-organised overall composition of light and subject structure is crucial to his work. Particularly in corporate photography, the ability to improvise is essential, as nothing should be left to chance according to his experience.

He caters to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations, and he is enthusiastic about undertaking projects both within Germany and abroad, as he enjoys traveling for compelling assignments.

When shooting with Andreas, clients can expect a relaxed atmosphere both on location and in his studio located in Freiburg, in the Black Forest.

Clients include ATMOS, Burda Publishing House, The Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg, Edeka SüdwestThe Technoseum Mannheim, Schölly Fiberoptic, TUI, Lexware, Vitra, and many more.