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LUNIK Berlin full service photo and video production

Lunik is a full service photo and video production company based in Berlin. Lunik’s team realizes big and small productions in Berlin, Germany, and beyond with vast experience in still and moving image production, location scouting, casting and art buying.

Lunik brings the fullest attention to detail to a set, assuring that everybody has what they need and feel cared for.

Bringing together the best teams to provide effective solutions for any production project, is one of Lunik’s highest goals. In addition, Lunik is able to supply high standard 'Making-Of' film production, implemented by creative professionals.

Recent productions:

  • '40 Years Corsa' campaign with photographer Enes Kucevic (Velocity McCann).
  • DHL campaign with Jürgen Vogel from Philipp Rathmer Photography (Aufbruch-Scheven-Kroke)
  • Interview and portrait for Endel, part of Amazon Alexa Innovators.

Claas Cropp Creative Productions Berlin Full Photo & Film Production Services

Claas Cropp Creative Productions is a full service production company with experience across all areas of still photo and moving image production, location scouting and casting.

Recent productions include:

  • Audi Original Wheels campaign, shot by Jürgen Berderow in Denmark (Philipp und Keuntje)
  • Porsche Martini Racing, shot by Cem Guenes in Berlin (Grabarz und Partner)
  • Christ campaign with Robin Gosens, shot by Jana Gerberding in Milan (Bejond Germany)
  • Schleich directed by Sven Schrader in Berlin (Traffic Productions).

Other clients include brands such as Louis Vuitton, Brioni, Lacoste, Adidas, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Siemens, BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa.

Photographers they have worked with include Annie Leibovitz, Michel Comte, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Ellen von Unwerth, Nadav Kander, Martin Schoeller, Phil Poynter and many more.

FAST FORWARD Hamburg location service & scouts

Fast Forward Locationservice is a pioneering and innovative location and scouting agency headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Their primary objective is to consistently offer a wide range of styles and atmospheres tailored to suit your production needs, whether it be grand and impressive, or delicate and intimate. Rest assured, Fast Forward is well-prepared to meet your requirements or even embark on a search to find the perfect setting.

Their comprehensive services include:

  • Customised aerial scoutings
  • Customised object 360° tours
  • Customised aerial 360° tours

Fast Forward has established successful collaborations with renowned companies such as Erste Liebe Filmproduktion, Bwgtbld, Markenfilm, Rabicorn Films, 27 Km, Simon und Paul, Anorak Film, Cndy Film, Umlautfilms, Czar Film, Iam Image, Sterntag, and many others.

Avenger Photographers Munich photo agents

Avenger Photographers are renowned for representing a professional and creative group of photographers.

Photographers represented include:

  • Dirk Bader (Munich)
  • MARGO | Margaretha Olschewski (Hamburg)
  • Adam von Mack (Berlin, London, Kapstadt)
  • Stephen Greeff (Kapstadt, Frankfurt)
  • Christoph Voy (Berlin)
  • Kathrin Baumann (Munich)
  • Volker Dautzenberg (Munich)
  • Julia Keltsch (Hamburg, Berlin)
  • Andreas Pollok (Munich)
  • Puria Safary (Berlin)
  • Vlado Golub (Stuttgart)
  • Christian Hoppe | Seregel (Berlin, Sweden)
  • Jörg Schieferecke (Stuttgart).

Beauty and styling experts:

  • Momo Rauch
  • Jana Zabarska.

Matt Stark Stuttgart Corporate & Industrial and People Photographer

Matt Stark has been working for over 25 years as a professional people, corporate and industrial photographer. He believes that good pictures make a difference - in advertising, in external and internal communication. That is why he really does everything for his customers' pictures - high quality pictures, high quality image processing, high quality equipment.

Since his own brand was established 15 years ago, he has worked for many renowned brands and companies in corporate and advertising.

With his passion for perfection and his extensive equipment, he offers his customers state-of-the-art productions with high productivity and good workflows.

Matt likes to show people in relaxed poses and in a friendly and casual way. His imagery in corporate and people photography is very natural and authentic.

Matt is based in Germany, near Stuttgart, but he always works on location where his customers need him. Remote shoots are also possible, if the client cannot be in the studio on site.

Camilla Camaglia Rome - Berlin Fashion & Beauty Photographers

Camilla Camaglia is a beauty, fashion and portrait photographer, based between Rome and Berlin, working as a freelance for beauty and fashion brands, artists and magazines.

Her strength lies on the fact that she can create impactful and creative images that catch the viewer’s eye, yet at the same time she has a keen eye for details. For her it’s also important to create work that shows diversity and inclusion of any kind.

Camilla’s latest works include beauty campaigns for Korean skincare brand Yepoda, for Italian nail polish brand Gamax and a haute couture editorial for L’Officiel Arabia June 2023 issue.

Her photography work has appeared on several magazines such as L’Officiel and Glamour, and she has worked for clients such as Universal Music, Glossybox and Kryolan to name a few.

Andreas Gerhardt Freiburg Corporate and People & Lifestyle Photographers

Photographer Andreas Gerhardt places a strong emphasis on capturing individuals in their environments rather than staged scenarios. He prioritises creating a visual aesthetic that reflects lifestyle moods.

Achieving a well-organised overall composition of light and subject structure is crucial to his work. Particularly in corporate photography, the ability to improvise is essential, as nothing should be left to chance according to his experience.

He caters to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations, and he is enthusiastic about undertaking projects both within Germany and abroad, as he enjoys traveling for compelling assignments.

When shooting with Andreas, clients can expect a relaxed atmosphere both on location and in his studio located in Freiburg, in the Black Forest.

Clients include ATMOS, Burda Publishing House, The Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg, Edeka SüdwestThe Technoseum Mannheim, Schölly Fiberoptic, TUI, Lexware, Vitra, and many more.

Astrid Obert Munich Fashion and Lifestyle Photographers

Astrid M. Obert is a renowned and highly regarded photographer within the fashion and lifestyle industries. With an innate talent for capturing the perfect shot, Astrid's exceptional eye for light has garnered widespread interest, solidifying her position as one of the industry's top professionals.

As a specialist in advertising, fashion, lingerie, and lifestyle photography, Astrid seamlessly incorporates a modern Danish design aesthetic into her work, reflecting the latest trends.

Collaborating with Astrid promises professionalism and enjoyment, as her productions exude a unique blend of creativity and inspiration.

Astrid's goal is to immortalise emotions and breathe life into every image, effortlessly capturing magical moments. Her relaxed demeanour, charming personality, and technical expertise ensure that every project is executed flawlessly. Accompanied by her dedicated team, Astrid offers comprehensive full-service productions that successfully realise the client's advertising vision into stunning, timeless visual masterpieces.

Rainer Häckl Munich Portrait, Sports & Lifestyle Photographers

Rainer Häckl is a powerful, creative and versatile one-man-show working for high profile international companies like BMW and Google as well as medium or small sized local business and startups.

Having years of experience as graphic designer and marketing specialist, he always looks beyond the picture itself. For him, a great picture is not enough - it has to have a purpose and fulfill the client's needs. Rainer is a strong and reliable partner for his customers who love his combination of creativity, ease of handling and service-orientation.

His pictures are always telling stories about people - in their professions or their spare time. He loves working with those who are not used to standing in front of a camera - in his portrait as well as in his lifestyle shots. The emotions he can create this way are outstanding.

Represented by Claudia Bitzer Tim Adorf Hamburg - Barcelona Cars & Landscape and Celebrity Photographers

In the past months Tim Adorf has been busy shooting several campaigns and editorials for Audi, BMW, Porsche, Hyundai and Ferrari Magazine.

Apart of his work in the automotive sector, he had the pleasure to shoot with personalities like Pep Guardiola and Jamila Woods.

Tim Adorf is represented by Claudia Bitzer, Hamburg.

Represented by Severin Wendeler Anatol Gottfried Berlin - Barcelona - Cape Town advertising photographers

As the summer of the southern hemisphere surely came to an end, photographer Anatol Gottfried surprises us with a brand-new, captivating photo series. After spending the first half of the year in South Africa, Anatol is now back in Europe and looking forward to bring some bold flavour to your upcoming summerly production.

Based between Berlin and Barcelona, Anatol Gottfried is a lifestyle, people, and transportation photographer. Anatol is mastering the automobile industry while enriching it with his distinctive and elegant style, focusing on its dynamism. All of Anatol's imagery must exhibit meticulous control of light, color, and composition. In addition, he always strives to include a strong human element in every story he delivers. His most recent projects strike the ideal balance between lifestyle and automobile.

Please visit his website and follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

Max Kruggel Munster Interiors, Still LIfe and People Photographers

Max Kruggel works on location and in various photo studios for his clients throughout Germany. For over eight years he has specialised in interior, commercial, and product photography. With his freelance team, which is custom-tailored to each production and client, he also carries out advertising productions abroad for his clients.

In recent months, Max Kruggel has had the opportunity to realise different projects together with various partners and clients, such as Thalia, Scalido, Grohe, PORT1 Hamburg and more.

Max's aim, especially in luxury real estate shootings from various trades, such as for bathroom studios or furniture manufacturers, is to create a certain tension and surrealism through staged artificial lighting that deliberately directs the viewer.

In addition to his personal interest in classic cars, Max is an absolute coffee lover. If you feel like having a talk and a good coffee, feel free to get in touch with him.

You can find more of Max Kruggel's work on his website.

Manfred Heiduk Dusseldorf - Miami Fashion, Sports and Lifestyle Photographers

German photographer Manfred Heiduk has worked in various production locations such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Dusseldorf, and London. With over 20 years of experience, he specialises in shooting and filming in extreme conditions.

Drawing from his background as a creative director and illustrator in digital media, Manfred believes in creating emotionally captivating campaigns that showcase a diverse and open world. He aims to inspire wanderlust for urban and outdoor locations, particularly after the pandemic and in light of global climate challenges.

Manfred values the collaboration with his team and the thrill of discovering new faces among models. He has a knack for capturing something special during shoots. His portfolio includes notable clients such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, and Under Armour, and he provides full photo & film production services.

Michael Mueller Fotografie Munich Sports, Outdoor and Lifestyle Photographers

Michael Mueller: sports, people, lifestyle photographer for the new large format magazine Reset of his agency, Neubauerschwarz.

"The human in the rhythm of nature. By the water, in the desert, in the mountains, on gravel roads and paths in the forest. In the fog that envelops the landscape and allows the focus on the essential: the feeling of being part of the whole... Calm settles in. Contemplative moments of reset.

With my photography I want to collect these moments and emotions to tell a story. My photographs are visual tales about journeys to distant countries, big cities and lonely mountain worlds - little moments. Moments and emotions the viewer easily understands, gets touched by, feels and experiences through my imagery.

Natural light and the vagaries of the weather provide me with the framework for a scene. Adjustment, flexibility and teamwork are necessary to capture the atmosphere and emotion which in the end touches the viewer and pleases the customer."

Michael has recently shot for clients including About You, Adidas, BASF, Buff, Concordia, DVAG, DKV Mobility, Dynafit, Lidl, Maloja, Odlo, Powerbar, Superdry, and Würth.

Michael Mueller is represented in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Agency Neubauerschwarz from Munich.

Boris Mosner Hamburg DOPs/ film

An experienced director and DOP, Boris Mosner is passionate about the art of filmmaking and enjoys challenging himself with each shot, looking to create new and innovative work that satisfies clients and audiences alike.

With a background as a lighting cameraman, Boris has shot everything, from cars and beauty to food and drink. He has developed a unique visual style and has become a master of liquid, food, slow-motion, and special effects. His films often combine live-action with specialist cinematography to tell stories that capture the beauty and emotion of objects.

Boris has shot all over the world, working with a diverse list of clients, such as Coca-Cola, Audi, L’Oréal, P&G, Nestlé, and Mercedes. He is able to work freely and flexibly on all kinds of projects; from small creative jobs for local companies, to worldwide campaigns for large agencies and clients. He loves working with people, in or out of the studio, and is always developing new techniques to take his films to the next level.

Boris is available to work both as a freelance director / DOP as well as part of a full production service through ProductEye Studio. You can contact Boris via email or on +49 172 4535111.

elbmodels Hamburg - Munich Model and Casting Agencies for best agers

By the year 2025, more than a third of the German population will be aged 50 and above. Best Agers, a significant demographic group, hold great importance as a target audience in the field of advertising. Elbmodels, recognised as Germany's top modeling agency for Best Agers, has a deep understanding of this demographic shift. For the past 15 years, they have been pioneering by extending the age range of their models beyond what other agencies traditionally consider.

With headquarters in Hamburg and Munich, Elbmodels facilitates connections between seasoned models from both Germany and abroad with advertising agencies, magazines, and photographers involved in film and photo productions. These models exemplify the lifestyle and characteristics of their generation, possessing a remarkable presence and a wealth of experience.

"We think youth is overrated".

mobilespace Hamburg - Berlin mobile units/ location vans

"Do you want to put your next production on a sustainable foundation? Green electricity is part of it! Even if there is no socket around the corner.

That's why we at mobilespace have developed the "Ecobaze": a powerful mobile power station for everyone who doesn't feel like diesel haze around the clock. The "Ecobaze" is a hybrid of a 160-kWh power storage unit and an 80-kW generator. This innovative energy system can reduce CO2 emissions (and also fuel costs) by up to 90%. You can finally put your next shooting on a sustainable foundation even without a mains electricity connection."