Astrid Obert

Munich - Fashion and Lifestyle Photographers

Astrid M. Obert is a renowned and highly regarded photographer within the fashion and lifestyle industries. With an innate talent for capturing the perfect shot, Astrid's exceptional eye for light has garnered widespread interest, solidifying her position as one of the industry's top professionals.

As a specialist in advertising, fashion, lingerie, and lifestyle photography, Astrid seamlessly incorporates a modern Danish design aesthetic into her work, reflecting the latest trends.

Collaborating with Astrid promises professionalism and enjoyment, as her productions exude a unique blend of creativity and inspiration.

Astrid's goal is to immortalise emotions and breathe life into every image, effortlessly capturing magical moments. Her relaxed demeanour, charming personality, and technical expertise ensure that every project is executed flawlessly. Accompanied by her dedicated team, Astrid offers comprehensive full-service productions that successfully realise the client's advertising vision into stunning, timeless visual masterpieces.