new york Jul 2023


NM Productions New York - Dubai - Los Angeles - London - Milan - Malaga Full Photo & Film Production Services

NM Productions are a global production company who pride themselves on collaborating with some of the most talented and creative minds the industry has to offer.

"Working across both moving image and stills productions, our scalable and flexible approach means we are able to cater for projects and budgets big and small, almost anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for end-to-end production or just in need of service production, such as a location scout, casting director or shoot support, NM’s dedicated team are here to help."

NM have worked with household names such as Pepsi, Citibank, Range Rover, Bank of America, Nike, Jaguar, Vogue and Omega Watches, to name a few, producing outstanding work spanning across moving image and stills for luxury lifestyle, automotive, sports, celebrity and fashion brands globally.

David Masemore Los Angeles car & transportation photographers

David is an award-winning photographer specializing in capturing the design, speed, and luxurious lifestyle of automobiles. His creative approach lies in his ability to infuse a distinct human touch into his photography, achieved through the artful interplay of dynamic lighting, bold colors, and captivating narratives.

This unique approach allows him to forge a compelling and lasting connection through his images for clients like BMW, Hyundai, Porsche North America, IndyCar and Road & Track.

David has recently produced new fashion and lifestyle work to complement his automobile images and will be touring his book to agencies and clients this summer in New York City.

Anne-Marie Mueschke New York advertising photographers

Originally from southern Lousiana, Anne-Marie Mueschke pursued a career in acting prior to finding a path in commercial photography.  She is now based in upstate NY where she lives with her partner and dog.

Anne-Marie has shot extensively for the skincare brand Beekman 1802, as well as the jewellery brand Her Rock and multiple restaurants in New York state. She enjoys capturing color and texture in her work, while maintaining a high aesthetic style for her clients and telling a brand’s unique story.

All images have been shot and styled by Anne-Marie Mueschke.

Models: Kayla Darby, Claire Burnett, Sophie Kalish, David Evans, Ives Ni. Jewelry: Her Rock. Restaurants: Bocage Champagne Bar, Bird on the Roof.

Freddy Clark New York - Chicago food & drink photographers

Freddy Clark is a commercial advertising photographer specialisiing in capturing vibrant visuals that makes beverages, drinks and products pop.  His style has been described as sexy and sophisticated. Living outside NYC, he also provides food or still life product photography.

With a passion for studio work and collaborating with clients like Alementary Brewing and Ludlum Island Brewing, he brings a contagious excitement to every project.

His mastery of both artificial and natural lighting ensures captivating photography that will elevate your campaign to new heights.

Ellen McDermott New York Interiors and Still Life Photographers

The New York City-based photography team of Ellen McDermott and creative partner Bridget Sciales produces timeless visual language, with imagery that is both intimate and visceral.

“As women, we feel we are expected to work harder in the male-dominated field of photography. Securing top assignments is often quite challenging. We have been fortunate to work with creative heads who understand the value of diversity.”

Giving female photographers equal billing to their male counterparts expands creative energies and acknowledges a different approach in providing new and unexplored points of view. Their photography evokes emotion, which enhances the digital experience for consumers across e-commerce, marketing, and content creation. The approach involves shooting with a studied and refined lighting that immediately provokes the viewer into a time and space.

The work can be seen in ad campaigns, digital content, magazines, books, corporate assignments and private collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Clients include Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Chicos, One Kings Lane, Martha Stewart Living, Iconix Brands, Toast, Plain Goods, Dwell, Cottages & Gardens, Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Christie's, Sotheby’s and Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt among others.

Brent Herrig New York - London food & drink photographers

"Let's collaborate to turn your creative concepts into engaging images and videos that resonate with any audience. Together, we can elevate your brand's visual requirements in New York City this summer!

Specialising in food, drinks, and hospitality photography and directing, Brent Herrig and his team are poised to highlight your brand in a unique way. Located in the dynamic heart of New York City, Brent Herrig Creative is fully prepared to cater to the specific needs of creative professionals seeking a culinary point of view.

Our work spans the globe, with a varied portfolio featuring collaborations with well-respected brands like Pepsi, NYTimes, and Nespresso. Whether you are an NYC-based brand or a global creative entity, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

At Brent Herrig Creative, we believe that creativity knows no boundaries. Our adaptability and ability to thrive in different settings ensure that your project will be executed with meticulous attention to detail, regardless of location. From the allure of the East Village to the broad landscapes of London, or from the artistic energy of Atlanta to the lively scenes of Berlin, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Brent Herrig Creative operates from both London and NYC offices with pride.

Let's start an intriguing journey to create striking visuals that connect with your target audience. Get in touch with Brent Herrig Creative today and discover how we can elevate your brand to new heights."

Peter Baiamonte New York Lifestyle and Portraiture Photographers

Peter Baiamonte is based in New York City. He wants to tell you a story, give you a glimpse of a place, and communicate a sense of meaning in his images. He loves to reveal the personality of his subjects. His new work includes a return to his roots - exploring film photography and experimenting with multiple exposures on film.

Peter’s work includes many styles and disciplines: portraiture, lifestyle, landscape, travel, and sports, among others. He splits his time between New York City and the Massachusetts Berkshires, working regularly with clients in New York and Boston as well as the entirety of New England.

Work in this Showcase includes recent work for University of the Pacific. The subjects were business students, on tour in New York City, meeting contacts at several financial firms. Portraits of some students, taken for the University’s recruiting and PR promotions, are included. Other work includes new images for Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and Saranko, a design firm. A portrait of Danielle C. Gray, a former Obama advisor, for the law firm O’Melveny & Meyers, LLP, is also featured.

John Grande New York Still Life and Conceptual Photographers

John Grande is ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of commercial photography. He possesses a unique talent for transforming iconic American brands, such as Spam and Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, into extraordinary visual compositions. By meticulously slicing these products apart and suspending them in captivating patterns, John transcends their mundane, everyday purpose, while preserving their innate appeal and delectable allure.

John's unwavering fascination with light fuels his artistic endeavors. With a masterful command of rigging techniques on set, he effortlessly manipulates and harnesses the power of light to create captivating imagery. Additionally, John proudly claims the title of the second-best retoucher in NYC, after a guy he knows named Billy (last name redacted).

Among John's clientele are renowned brands such as Boston Scientific Watchman, Viagra, Kraft/Heinz, Capri Sun, Magnolia Bakery, DirecTV. From his studio located on West 28th Street in the heart of New York.

David Giesbrecht New York People, Fashion and Portraiture Photographers

David Giesbrecht is a NYC-based portrait photographer.

Though based in in New York City he has worked on many projects along the East Coast of the United States for clients like Netflix, Apple, Sony and NBC Universal to name a few.

His work has been published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Entertainment Weekly.

David Degner Boston - New York Documentary and Portraiture Photographers

"My interest in photojournalism stemmed from a recognition of my own—and America’s—ignorance of Islam and the Middle East in the wake of 9/11 and its wars. After studying photojournalism and philosophy, I moved to Cairo just before the start of the Arab Spring in 2011. For the next nine years, I covered breaking news in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Sudan, while also working on in-depth stories of religion, human rights, and cultural life in the region.

One favorite project was co-founding Panorama with Mada Masr, a platform for showcasing the best photojournalism from Egypt and issues of interest to the greater Arab world. I was also a founding contributor to @EverydayMiddleEast. 

My work has been published widely, appearing in outlets such as National Geographic, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, Der Spiegel, and Le Monde Magazines. One of my long-term projects, “Modern Miracles,” which documents the physical imprint of the spiritual world, was the subject of a solo exhibition at Maqad Sultan Qaytbay in 2017.

I recently returned to Boston to document this moment in the US, while expanding my visual language to incorporate more video and documentary work."

Paul O. Colliton Studio New York rental studios photo & film

Paul O. Colliton Studio is a unique penthouse location in the heart of Manhattan. Photographers love the location due to its five separate rooftops with 360° views of the city.    

The interior of the studio has 1500 square feet of space with nine-foot ceilings and windows to the south and west. If unusual interiors are required, the studio also has a water tank room, an elevator motor room, a back staircase and a balcony with a wrought iron railing.  

The studio is fully equipped with backdrops and all of the grip that goes with them. Facilities include a large bathroom and shower, WiFi and client computer.