switzerland Dec 2023


7 Mountains Zermatt – Gstaad - Chamonix Full Service Production for Photo & Film

7 Mountains Productions, a leading high mountain production company operating in Switzerland, France, and Patagonia, had a remarkable year filled with significant anniversaries. One such milestone was the 100th anniversary of the esteemed Italian ski brand Colmar, where they played a pivotal role in reenacting an imaginary Alpine legend known as 'The Dude'.

Another notable anniversary was that of Eider, a brand with a rich history spanning over 60 years, renowned for designing clothing that fuses French heritage, expertise, and technique.

Recently, 7 Mountains, under the leadership of their Buenos Aires office, embarked on a back-to-back production for the US brand Free People. This captivating journey led them first to Chile's Patagonia and then to the enchanting Swiss destination of Gstaad.

Their collaboration extended to the Australian brand Industrie, where they had the unique opportunity to privatise a rail car on the splendid Belle Époque train route from Montreux to Gstaad. The final leg of that journey took them to Zermatt, where they had orchestrated shortly before another remarkable production, this time for Anthropologie.

Call 7 Mountains to get to know more about Gstaad, St. Moritz and Zermatt.

KT Produktion Zurich - The Alps Full Service Production for Photo & Film

KT Produktion GmbH is a Swiss-based production company, founded in 2007. Over the years their focus has switched from productions all over the globe to productions in the Swiss Alps.

KT Produktion loves to bring teams to remote areas and support them in the elements. Katharina Trachsler, the executive producer of KT Produktion calls the mountains her home and she is an expert in the rugged terrains.

In the past years KT Produktion has collaborated with international and national teams and helped to make outdoor productions a big success. KT can handle your entire production or take care of parts of your projects as a scout, location Manager or fixer.

Weather cannot be changed, but a team can be outfitted to conquer the elements.

The team of KT is ready to support you in the mountains and to make your project a safe production.

Vagabond Films Europe - USA - Latin America Full Service Production for Photo & Film

Vagabond Films is a leading production service company in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

Vagabond offers accurate scheduling and budgeting services, as well as comprehensive booking of locations, casting, local crews, facilities, and equipment.

"Over the years we have worked with the most important clients and production companies around the world, having produced many award-winning commercials, feature films, documentaries, and music videos. Our offices in seven countries allow us to cover all kinds of landscapes and locations that can mirror practically any place in the world.

Our leading full-production house offers a complete range of services for all types of projects offering exclusive advantages. We save our clients’ time by multi-bidding in several countries, always looking for the best location for creativity and the budget. The same executive producer is on the job; from the pitch, throughout the shoot, and all the way to the wrap."

Recent projects include Volvo, Coca-Cola, Nespresso and EarnIn.

Clients: Backyard, Iconoclast, Knucklehead, Mayda, The Mill, Outsider, Pulse, Rogue, Scholar, SKUNK, Smuggler, Somesuch.

Mirjam Kluka Zurich Fashion, Lifestyle and Portraiture Photographers

Mirjam Kluka, born 1981 in Aarau, Switzerland, is an independent photographer specialised in portrait, beauty and fashion, working and living in Hamburg and Zurich. A Swiss photographer with Czech origin, she takes pictures of what she loves most: people.

Her compassion as well as warm and positive personality allow an atmosphere on set which enables unique pictures that are proof of deep trust. At the same time, she is obsessed by the quest for capturing the perfect moment and goes to great lengths and into finest details to reach this goal.

Empathy and perfection form the basis of her photography, and the result is the best possible interpretation of truth and essence.

"Driven by an impulse to capture the beauty in my subjects, I infuse a balance of playfulness and focus into my work.

A joyful and relaxed mood on set complements my work, which is marked by the charm of the unexpected, a fascination with light, and elation with the human as my muse."

Claudia Link Photo Design Zurich Food and Advertising Photographers

Claudia Link works as a freelance photographer. Specialising in food, corporate, portrait, travel, lifestyle and documentary, she has mastered a wide range of productions.

Her style is characterised by spontaneity, together with an ability to capture unique moods and moments. She believes beauty is often in the details, and finds it in everyday things that are usually overlooked. She builds concepts with images, and captures situations though different perspectives, creating compositions that are harmonious and end up becoming stories.

On set she attaches great importance to being friendly and creating a relaxed atmosphere to ensure everyone feels comfortable, but also connected: this connection is also evident in the final pictures.

Tina Sturzenegger Zurich advertising photographers

Tina Sturzenegger is a food and still life photographer, based in Zurich, Switerland.

Her modern signature aesthetic and love for everything related to the world of food creates a striking and atmospheric imagery.

Tina is represented by Visualeyes Artists and is a member of the Art Directors Club (ADC) Switzerland.

November Oscar Sierra Whiskey Zurich location service & scouts

In addition to all the countless location placements from the archive, NOVEMBER OSCAR SIERRA WHISKEY was again able to commission many exciting scoutings for a wide variety of projects this year. Among other things, also for the Zurich Film Commission, for which the agency spent the last sunny and warm Indian summer days in an extensive event. Scouting was used to promote locations in and around Zurich, in order to now devote themselves to recording new indoor locations, suitable for the cold season.

Recent projects included the new SRF science-fiction-comedy-series 'Mindblow' with director Eric Andreae and Shining Film, the last season of SRF series 'Neumatt' in cooperation with Zodiac pictures and directors Bettina Oberli and Cosima Frei. Other projects included Breitling with photographer Alex Waltl and Alexandra Aberli Management, SWICA with director Gonzaga Manso and Shining Film, Coop Xmas TVC for Stories with director Tobias Fueter, and many more.

"Follow us on all social media. We have a lot of new and exciting things coming for you in 2024. NOVEMBER OSCAR SIERRA WHISKEY wishes you all a relaxing holiday season, a new year full of peace and joy!"

Backstage Hotel Vernissage & Luxury Chalets Zermatt Hotels & Locations

Backstage Hotel Vernissage & Luxury Chalets provides distinctive shooting settings in the renowned Matterhorn village of Zermatt, nestled in the Swiss Alps.

Crafted with precision in the local artist and architect's atelier in Zermatt, their luxury loft, chalet, mountain cottage, hotel, and apartments showcase a blend of glass, wood, and metal. This combination of traditional wooden architecture and contemporary art renders these spaces ideal for fashion or lifestyle photoshoots.

As an added perk, if you find yourself weary after the session, consider unwinding directly in the loft and indulging in their breathtaking whirlpool, which can be elevated above the roof for a truly spectacular experience.