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Ozz Films Marrakech Full Photo & Film Production Services

Ozz Films helps bring your creative vision to life.

"We operate all over Morocco with over 25 years of experience and have production offices in both Marrakesh and Ouarzazate.

Our local production network runs across all major cities in Morocco. When you work with us, hospitality meets efficiency, freeing you and your clients to focus on the bigger picture and the final results while being well-informed about all production options.

Our expertise includes photo shoots, commercials, feature films, music videos, and documentaries as fixers or line producers. We take pride in our commitment to transparency, ensuring open and honest communication with our clients. We value building strong, long-lasting relationships based on trust and integrity. Our client-centric approach means that we prioritise your vision and objectives, customising our services to meet your specific requirements.

Our clients include major European and American agencies, production houses, and brands. Our shoots can vary from having a tiny crew to putting a full-scale cinematic production into motion in challenging environments.

As a production company and consultant in Morocco, our legal entity has the needed licenses to request film and photo permits directly through the Moroccan government without any other middlemen involved, saving you both time and energy and allowing us to work with tight deadlines.

Embark on a magical production journey in Morocco with OZZ FILMS. Contact us today to discuss your production needs and let us bring your ideas to life."

Kent & Co. Productions Cape Town Full Photo & Film Production Services

Recent months saw the team collaborate with Adidas once again to shoot the PrideWomen’s World Cup and Performance ranges all produced in Cape Town.

Specialising in high-end stills and moving image campaigns for the fashion and advertising industries, Kent & Co. delivers professional, personal and epic productions.

Get In touch.

YLO Productions Cape Town Full Photo & Film Production Services

YLO Productions is a fresh and enthusiastic new production company in Cape Town, South Africa. Offering competitive costing, highly-skilled local crew, and comprehensive services for both film and stills production shoots.

"We provide start to finish production support on a global scale for a wide array of local and international productions.

Whether it’s photo or film shoots, campaigns, documentary, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, stock photography, TVCs, behind-the-scenes content, online material, social media content, or music videos, we’ve got you covered. Leveraging off our years of experience in production, We have developed deep-rooted relationships in the industry with extensive networks of suppliers, we at YLO source all the elements necessary to ensure your production unfolds seamlessly, resulting in content that perfectly embodies your brand, campaign, or products.

YLO Productions is your stills photo production company in Cape Town!"

LifeDesign Cape Town Full Service Film Production and Content Creation

Linda’s always lived her life at the nexus of art, lifestyle and business. A born aesthete, with an insatiable appetite for hip hop and youth culture, her curiosity never ends. Whether it’s building homes, multinational campaigns or intimate films that hero the feminine.

As an adept filmmaker associated with LifeDesign, Linda embarks on a profound journey to delve into the creative odysseys undertaken by six remarkable artists. This mission is ignited by her passionate involvement in crafting a short film series for empowerment platform Give Her A Crown 2023, and empowered by Jaguar.

“Excellent, Linda, you nailed it! Your intuitive creativity and commitment to each of your subjects, driven by love for your work, for life and for humanity, give you an uncanny ability to read a person through and through.

In this very short film she succeeded in depicting the frustration that often accompanies my life as a realistic artist without taking away anything from the beauty of it all.” Lena Hugo, portrait artist.

Gavin Schneider Productions Cape Town Full Photo & Film Production Services

Gavin Schneider Productions is an exceptional choice for all your photographic, video, and film shoot needs in Cape Town, South Africa. With their wealth of experience and expertise, they consistently deliver impeccable results that exceed expectations. From pre-production planning to postproduction, their team of professionals go above and beyond to bring your ideas to life.

Recently Ryan Edy, a UK-based lifestyle photographer, had an exciting shoot with Gavin Schneider Productions in Cape Town. Stunning visuals were captured showcasing Cape Town’s diversity of talent and locations.

Sam Barker, multiple award-winning photographer, embarked on multiple advertising campaigns recently and an extraordinary personal project shoot in a vintage car museum on the outskirts of Cape Town, creating breathtaking cinematic visuals.

Recent advertising projects produced with Gavin Schneider Productions in Cape Town: Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Avon Worldwide, Payoneer Financial Services, Parpi Pharmaceutical, Lidl Retail Group, Sage Financial Services.

Super Production - Moroccan Locations Morocco - Switzerland Production & Locations for Photo & Film

Super Production is a worldwide commercial production services and art buying company based in Switzerland and Morocco since 2009. With over 500 advertising commercials and 15 years of experience, Super Production now dedicates most of its time producing in Morocco and Switzerland, with the aim of providing Swiss precision and quality services.

"Super Production’s main goal is to bridge the gap between Switzerland and Morocco as well as with the rest of the world, both creatively and in terms of professional production standards. We provide consistent quality of production services wherever we are, whether it is in the middle of the desert, in a luxury villa by a lake or in the mountains.

We also offer a wide range of locations on our Super Production's websites, one dedicated to Morocco as well as one for Switzerland and surroundings.

Our expertise allows us to ensure production under the best conditions and to meet the most demanding requirements, for clients such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Prada, Hermès, Missoni, Vogue UK, Porter & Mr Porter, Expedia, among others."

Hoops Productions Cape Town commercial production

"What an absolute joy to see Cape Town back and busier than ever with much needed relief to many crew and suppliers post pandemic.

Hoops welcomed back long-time friends and clients FatFace for their 'Dive In' campaign with a team of Wavemakers who have turned their passion for water and conservation into a lifestyle.

Hoops dream client, GO Outdoors, took us to locations that we love to hang out between shoots anyway with bouldering in the iconic Rocklands, stand-up paddleboarding the inland waterways, hiking in coastal plains and through British like countryside, right to the top mountain peaks. We were even lucky enough to hit the slopes in New Zealand this winter, for the launch of their new ski-wear brand.

With Ellesse Sports we got to hit the fairways and courts for golf, tennis and padel and Hip-Hop style streetwear brand Avirex took us to some American style locations with some ultra-hip models and cars.

Season 22/23 has been amazing, bring on season 23/24!

Recent productions include: GO Outdoors on location in New Zealand shot by Camilla Rutherford and DOP Adam Walker; Nautica Competition and Avirex shot by Ian Engelbrecht and DOP Ivan Santiago; Ellesse Sports and Nautica shot by Mark Newton and DOP Ivan Santiago; Fat Face Style campaign shot by Euan Danks; Fat Face 'Dive In' campaign shot by Richard Johnson and DOP Eldon Van Aswegen with Red Bee Creative Agency; GO Outdoors 'Summer BBQ' campaign shot by Inge Prins; GO Outdoors SS23 campaigns for Apparel and Camping plus AW23 Apparel shot by Justin Badenhorst and DOPs Robin Taylor and Rory Till.

Follow us on Instagram for regular updates or check out our website."

PRODUCTION POOL Cape Town Full Photo & Film Production Services

Production Pool Cape Town offers bespoke film and photo production service to the international market. Proudly run by Ila Paterson, the Cape Town office offers unique and personal service, starting from the first e-mail to the last goodbye at the airport.

Ila, who is originally from Germany, has many years of experience in production and advertising worldwide and has a special soft spot for Cape Town and its beauty, where she has settled with her family.

Production Pool Cape Town focuses on stills advertising, fashion clients, TV and documentary clients, having facilitated various shoots across Africa and Europe.

Recent productions include: bonprix, Completedworks, L’Officiel, Peek & Cloppenburg and Sportsalm.

Ziet Production Casablanca Full Photo & Film Production Services

Ziet Production is a boutique agency renowned for its high-quality support and service. Led by two experienced and passionate producers, they have conquered the Moroccan market and emerged as leaders in audiovisual production. Expanding their reach globally, they have successfully connected with a range of international clients.

Choosing Ziet Production means partnering with a team driven by excellence and creativity. Not only do they aim to provide the best service, but they also offer genuine artistic guidance due to their deep passion for art and cinema.

The team's strength as producers also lies in their ability to produce and meet the demands of renowned directors such as Bruno Aveillan, Ali Ali, and Jan Gleie.

Ziet Production's commitment to delivering exceptional results, coupled with the company's adherence to international standards, sets it apart as a niche agency dedicated to providing unparalleled support.

Steel Productions Cape Town Full Photo & Film Production Services

Few can claim to have dedicated more than two decades to their craft while still cherishing every moment of it. With the ever-shifting landscape of creative briefs and the pleasure of collaborating with exceptional individuals, Steel Productions find themselves in a privileged minority.

The truest testament to the company's achievements lies in their circle of steadfast clients who return, time and again, and in the new connections those clients entrust to their care. This network underscores Steel's track record, reflecting the trust they have earned and the value they consistently deliver.

"Steel productions are like family to me. Rock steady, great company and flawless in their professional application. Whenever I have made requests, regardless of how outrageous, there is always a professional squad ready to make things happen" Tom Craig, Photographer.

Recent collaborations they have enjoyed working on in South Africa:

  • WhatsApp shot by Emily Scarlett Romain, DOP Josh Rowe.
  • Ann Summers shot by Kate Macleod and Ben Watts, DOP Hugo Pettit.
  • H&M Home shot by Anders Schønnemann, Erik Lefvander and Elsa Young.
  • Accessorize shot by Sven Kristian and Aart Verrips, executive production by Fuse Productions.
  • H&M Summer shot by Lachlan Bailey, DOP Jeremy Valender, executive production Bellhouse Markes.
  • Someday shot by Nadia von Scotti, DOP Dylan Boerstra.
  • H&M Move shot by Frida Marklund, DOP Adam Falk.

Fred Fantun Productions Marrakech Full Service Production for Photo & Film

Executive producer Fred Fantun established his company in 1999 and has worked exclusively on his business for over 10 years. Prior to starting out on his own, Fred gained valuable production experience working for over two years with a long-standing British production company in Marrakech.

Fred is French, yet he was born and bred in Marrakech and has studied languages at universities in both France and Spain. He is fluent in French, Arabic, Spanish and English, enabling him to work successfully with production crews of any nationality.

Campaigns for 2022/23 shown in this Showcase: Gynette NY, Spell, Urban Outfitters, Lanagrossa, Blugirl, AS Adventure, and a video production for Massimo Dutti.

Visit his website for more information.

France Production Cape Town Full Photo & Film Production and Services

"At France Production we are dedicated to revolutionising boutique production while maintaining excellence within budget constraints. Our unwavering dedication to surpassing expectations knows no limits. Join the France Production family in Cape Town for consistently exceptional results.

Devred with Stephane Huard: with a fantastic team from France and creative ideas, we turned this journey into a resounding success.

H&M with Franck Malthiery: our collaboration produced a remarkable, eye-catching campaign blending Franck’s incredible talents with a global clothing giant. 

IKKS with Pascal Chevallier: we genuinely admire Pascal’s work and eagerly anticipate more exciting collaborations with the amazing IKKS brand.

Liu Jo with Luca Manfredi: our decade-long partnership infuses each project with an exhilarating blend of challenge and beauty."

Christian Khayó Cape Town advertising photographers

Imagine photography that takes you to the great outdoors and the inner landscapes of collective imaginations.

Christian chose the name Khayó as his pseudonym to embody a new portfolio — "It’s all about reconnecting to nature".

With ten years of experience shooting international campaigns for global brands, he now works for individuals, brands and organisations that share his ethos of community, sustainability and regeneration.