In this issue you will find: a virtual urban environment for automotive shoots, cutting-edge commercial films, surreal AI-generated portraits, and all things Post Production, CGI and AI

Doopiidoo Belgrade

Doopiidoo is an award-winning AI artist. He has exhibited in Paris, Seoul, LA, NYC, Lisbon, Rome and Munich.

"At the moment, my main specialty is product design; I have been working in this field for more than 10 years. I am engaged in interfaces, solving business problems and user scenarios.

At the same time, I have always aspired to creativity and learning new tools, from freehand drawing and photography to 3D graphics and animation. Ai for me is a means of self-expression. I'm exploring the possibilities of Midjourney, I'm drawn to exploring the boundaries.

I am in an endless dynamic experiment to find the uniqueness of images; sometimes quite unexpected results inspire me. Now I am fond of portraits close to photorealism. I am a follower of minimalism, in the center of my works is an image in classical angles. In these images, you can see a mixture of ethnicity, religion, other worlds and fashion."

Mustard Post London

Mustard Post is a renowned creative retouching and cgi studio, dedicated to crafting advertising imagery with unrivalled production values. Led by founder and former photographer Tony Swinney, the studio brings together high-end post-production with the creativity of a photographer’s eye.

Over the past year they have created imagery for Bentley Motors, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Magneto, Coca Cola, Bizzarrini Automobiles and Zeekr.  There are also exciting projects in the pipeline to be revealed later this year.

Mustard delivers stunning work across all product categories, alongside specialist expertise in automotive. A lifelong petrolhead, Tony has spent years perfecting the way vehicles look in different lighting conditions.

You can expect a collaborative workflow, with one-to-one contact throughout every project. There are no account managers to deal with – you will always work directly with a creative expert.

Over 19 years Mustard Post has enjoyed repeat business from some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Like them, you can count on Mustard to deliver.

Paragon Retouch Spain

Established in 2016, Paragon Retouch Studio has curated a team of seasoned retouchers and 3D artists over eight years.

"Our distinctive workflow enables us to tackle even the most intricate projects within tight timelines.

Our key strengths include:

  • Precision retouching for every image in any project.
  • Capacity to handle large volumes of commercial and editorial photography at short notice.
  • Proficiency in AI-generated imagery and 3D, coupled with extensive experience in composition.

With a dynamic team of over 30 top-tier professionals, we prioritise training new recruits to meet our exacting standards. Each project is a testament to our seamless teamwork.

Assignments may engage up to 10 retouchers, overseen by supervisors to ensure consistency in quality and aesthetics. Simultaneously, our managers meticulously manage workflows, aligning with briefs and deadlines to exceed client expectations."

Ramon Fuguet Spain

With 25 years of experience in the business, Ramon Fuguet has seen photographic retouching evolve from early Paintbox graphic stations to modern Macs.

Clients he has worked for including Mango, Zara, C&A, Nike, Coca-Cola, Damm, Desigual, Massimo Dutti, Dior, Helena Rubinstein, Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Goude.

He works closely with art directors, photographers, artists and graphic designers from all over the world to achieve the image they desire; from a simple colour correction to a full multi-image composite/collage.

recom FILM Stuttgart

Introducing recomFILM from Ostfildern/Stuttgart, Germany, the premier destination for cutting-edge commercial film production.

Led by Andreas Burz, recomFILM's creative mastermind, and Manuel Hummer, the strategic head and client whisperer, they specialise in crafting stunning visual stories across all platforms. From concept to final cut, they offer full-service solutions, including shoot organisation, production, and post-production magic for both moving and still content.

With recomFILM, you enjoy a single point of contact and consistent aesthetic across all your projects.

As part of recomGROUP, they bring extensive experience from the world of print and stills, guaranteeing top-notch quality and creativity. Their client list includes all big car manufacturers around the globe and many other brands. They are even venturing into feature film post-production.

"Make your vision a reality with recomFILM!"

Retouch4 Me Worldwide

Retouch4me offers AI-powered solution for automated photo and video retouching.

12 AI photo retouching plugins take care of the most monotonous and time-consuming processes, doing a variety of jobs in seconds in just one click: skin and eye retouching, cleaning up backgrounds, smoothing out wrinkles on clothes, decreasing shine on skin, color correcting images and more. It can be used for Photoshop, as an external editor or as a standalone software.

Two AI OFX plugins for video retouching. Heal OFX Automatically detects skin defects: blemishes, pimples, acne and cleans it. And Dodge&Burn OFX plugin applies the most fashionable photo retouching technique on video. It can be used for DaVinci Resolve.

And now Retouch4me offers the Photoshop Panel with Cloud Retouch. It allow to test all the AI photo retouching plugins without purchasing and make a retouching faster and flexible.

Main advantages:

  • Quick professional results. The original skin texture remains intact.
  • Fully automated retouching for large-volume photography. The software edits entire photo shoots while you sleep.
  • Flexible settings allow you to control the results.

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Teri Studios Cincinnati

"Utilising the transformative power of artificial intelligence, I’m venturing beyond the confines of the food photography for which I am known, and expanding my portfolio to include not just culinary masterpieces but also captivating portraits, innovative product photography, and even intricately design miniature sculptures.

Those who know my work in food photography will find this Spotlight a refreshing showcase of varied subjects and styles, all enhanced by AI's capabilities. It's an exciting blend of my long-standing expertise with innovative technology, enabling me to step into new creative spaces.

For agencies and brands looking to tell their story in new and engaging ways, let's start a conversation."

Named one of the best advertising photographers in the world by Archive Magazine and called a lighting master by PDN, Teri Campbell is the creative lead at Teri Studios - a destination for (consumer packaged goods companies, restaurants, beverage, and food-related businesses), or anyone seeking compelling visuals for advertising and packaging.

Client partnerships include: Kellogg’s, Baskin Robbins, Maker’s Mark, Pillsbury, Kraft-Heinz, KFC, and Jimmy John’s.

The Scope Hamburg

With over 25 years of expertise, THE SCOPE is a globally recognised name in full CG work. Through CGI, they empower clients to transcend traditional constraints, unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

Their flagship creation, THE SCOPE CITY, provides a boundless virtual urban environment for automotive shoots. This customisable landscape mirrors real cities, granting car manufacturers unprecedented control for visual storytelling.

In recent collaborations with Pininfarina and Chevrolet, THE SCOPE CITY reveals its darker side. It showcases the electrifying visuals of Chevrolet's Camaro, pulsating with nocturnal energy. And for Pininfarina’s project THE SCOPE’s computer generated metropolis transforms in none other than Gotham City.

Next to the bespoke projects THE SCOPE presents SMART FOOTAGE - photorealistic, full CGI, ready-to-shoot environments as a plug & play solution for programmatic productions.

With a vast library of locations, it streamlines production, delivering feature-film quality in record time. Clients retain control, ensuring every frame meets expectations. SMART FOOTAGE adapts to market demands economically and sustainably, revolutionising production.