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NM Productions London - Dubai - New York - Los Angeles - Milan - Madrid Full Photo & Film Production Services

NM. A global production company that throws traditional methods out of the window. Resourceful, driven and unfazed by (almost) anything.

"Our model aims to be different. We cover full production but also offer modular services. Like having a slice of pizza when you don’t really need a whole one. Creativity and grit are at the forefront of how we work. Dubbed as one of the go-to global production companies that defy convention, we thrive on challenges that others might shy away from.

From in-house location scouting and casting to on-set support. Working across both stills and moving image projects we can help you almost anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with our partners and clients, helping to create work that’s simply brilliant and keeps them coming back to work with us time and time again.

Click here to see our NM talent."


"Piccallo's buzzing with fresh talent! A new director and dynamic DOP have joined our ranks, bringing their vision and expertise to the mix. We've also welcomed several skilled food stylists, ready to captivate your audience with their culinary artistry.

But that's not all; our passion for detail extends beyond the lens. Our production team is meticulous, ensuring every project is delivered with flawless execution and stunning results.

And the accolades keep rolling in! Our photographer Lauren Mclean, has been ranked among the UK's top 10 women photographers by One Eyeland. This recognition is a true testament to her exceptional talent and perfectly reflects the dedication and skill present across our entire team.

Need creative brilliance with meticulous attention to detail? Look no further than Piccallo. Our team is bursting with fresh faces, proven expertise, and an unwavering commitment to bringing your brand vision to life flawlessly."

JSR London photo agents

JSR Agency, London's premier creative management firm, draws on over 18 years of experience in crafting advertising and content for renowned global brands. Our diverse roster of artists, including directors, animators, photographers, and illustrators, enables its team to handle projects across various industries worldwide.

"We're excited to announce the addition of Aurélien Chauvaud, a Parisian-born photographer of international acclaim, to our team. His recent collaborations with MasterCard and McDonald's demonstrate his exceptional talent in blending reality with imagination while preserving human and social context."

Recognised by prestigious organizations like D&AD and Cannes Lions, Chauvaud boasts a diverse clientele, including McDonald’s, Orange and Amazon.


Agent-At-Large is a talent led production company, collaborating with globally renowned brands and advertising agencies to develop comprehensive campaigns across print, digital, and TV platforms.

At its essence, AAL thrives on discovering the perfect talent for each client's requirements and equipping them with top-notch resources to craft visually captivating narratives that surpass expectations.

The company was established by Pete Gearing, a former stills retoucher and sales executive, joined by film producer Andy Gordon. AAL brings together a distinctive combination of expertise in client services, creative oversight, and the seamless execution of photography, filmmaking, and social content.

AAL places great importance on supporting female and diverse talent, spanning photographers, technicians, and production crew, as part of its commitment to fostering inclusivity. Additionally, the company actively works towards a sustainable future, embracing environmentally-friendly practices.

Jason Knott London people & lifestyle photographers

Jason Knott is a people and lifestyle photographer and director based in the UK. He adheres to the idea that imagery that tells an engaging story isn't about luck. Jason doesn't do luck.

No matter the requirement - reportage, a more tightly-controlled studio shoot, or orchestrating an elaborate scene on location, Jason has the experience, natural talent, and a huge body of celebrated work to know exactly what's needed and when.

Skilfully directing motion with his DOP while simultaneously shooting stills himself, he engineers an environment where all players and assets are perfectly captured at key moments, to coalesce in the final, ever-magical result.

Clients include: P&O Cruises, Microsoft, BAT, Bacardi, Vodafone, Sony, Robin Hood Foundation, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Citibank, EDF, Canon, Biogaran and Subaru, among others.

Denice Hough London Architecture and Advertising Photographers

Denice Hough, normally an architecture photographer, has been working with the luxury handbag industry for the past few months. Photographing Luc8k handbags for their website and online platforms, she has captured the joys of the different colored handbags.

Aside from doing some real estate photos, she did a portrait of Dr. Simon Duffy for the Australian Financial Review. Keeping in the colorful theme, she is including an apartment she photographed for interior designer Ana Foster-Adams in Hong Kong.

Her versatility is evident, with the ability to highlight the unique aspects of both real estate and fashion, as well as capturing the personality of individuals in her portraits. Denice Hough's recent projects demonstrate her proficiency in various photography genres.

Danielle Wood London food & drink photographers

Danielle Wood is a London-based food photographer who works across stills and motion and brings her creativity and expertise to every brief.

For this Showcase, Danielle has selected stills and motion from two recent McDonald’s UK advertising campaigns, the Philly Cheese Stack, and the BBQ Quarter Pounder. A warming winter food test featuring roast pork, treacle tart and a whisky sour and some fun vibrant images from 'The Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook' commissioned by Penguin Random House.

Shooting from her London-based fully equipped studio and working alongside a skilled team, Danielle captures colourful, bold and fresh images of mouthwatering food for advertising, packaging and editorial clients. These include McDonald’s, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Dolmio, Penguin and many more.

Please feel free to get in touch with Danielle directly or through her agent and check out Danielle’s website for her latest stills and motion work.

Paul Zak London still life photographers

Katy Niker is the worldwide agent and producer for the award winning still life photographer and director Paul Zak.

His vast technical knowledge and unique lighting skills result in him being able to turn even the most plain object into a thing of beauty.

Renowned for his striking stills and motion imagery, objects and their surrounding environments are portrayed with exquisite lighting and precise details.

Paul works in collaboration with Table Films to produce equally stunning motion work.

Please check out Paul's website and Katy's Instagram for more info.

Daniel Lewis Photography London Portraiture and Corporate Photographers

Daniel Lewis is a London-based photographer with extensive and varied experience in the industry, beginning his career as a photojournalist.

Operating within the portrait, corporate, and industrial fields, Daniel skillfully captures individuals from diverse backgrounds. He seamlessly transitions between photographing Academy Award-winning film directors, renowned sports stars, and high-profile executives of FTSE 100 companies.

When time permits, Daniel actively engages in pursuing smaller, personal projects, showcasing his keen eye and artistic vision. One notable project, his 'Open House' series, not only evolved into a solo exhibit but also earned the distinction of having two of its images prominently displayed at London's prestigious Mall Galleries. He has worked for such global corporations as HSBC, Glencore and Anglo American, as well as UK institutions such as the BBC, the English Premier League, Marks & Spencer and Virgin Atlantic.

Daniel has been published in National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian and The Times of London, as well as many other UK titles.

Scott Grummett London food & drink photographers

Scott Grummett is a photographer and director best known for shooting food and drink. Whether it's macro still life images or building large format sets and casting/working with models, his work has a bright, punchy graphic quality that lives within the real. Whether that's half smiles and hearty laughs or drips and smears in a up close food build, the scene is always relatable, believable and the food should always be delicious. 

This Showcase shows commissioned work for McDonald's shooting their spicy new collaboration between the McSpicy and Frank's Hot Sauce.

It also shows off a large new campaign for alternative milk brand Alpro! Scott build several sets and cast models for a large series of ads under the title "How Do You Breakfast?" Each relatable but unique in their characterisation.

Finally there are some recent tests images to make your mouth water.

Yoshitaka Kono London Celebrity & Entertainment Photographers

Internationally published celebrity and entertainment photographer Yoshitaka Kono was born and raised in Japan and is now based in London. With ample experience in the art of B&W darkroom printing, he won an Ilford Black and White Award, but that does not keep him from creating stunning images in colour.

He works closely with PR agencies and production companies for press and campaigns in music and entertainment industries that have been used across a number of magazines as well as the international press. Yoshi also regularly contributes fashion editorials and celebrity portraits to a range of publications.

His portraits show a perfect combination of vibrancy and authenticity. Yoshi's main goal is to capture his subjects' personality and to let things unfold naturally in front of his camera.

Some of Yoshi’s recent clients and production includes: BBC, Amazon Prime, Sky TV, ITV, Channel 4, Warner Music, and Radio Times.

Yoshi is currently seeking representation.

Richard Boll London Corporate, Industrial and Healthcare Photographers

Richard Boll has over 20 years of experience as an editorial and advertising photographer. He specialises in corporate, portrait, and lifestyle photography, often blending these disciplines within commissioned projects.

Richard brings energy, creativity, and hard work to every commission. He has shot campaigns for clients that include Emirates Airlines, Citibank, American Express, Sony, Land Rover/M&C Saatchi, and Rolls Royce.

He has commissioned work in the National Portrait Gallery in London, and awards include first prize in the prestigious Taylor Wessing Photographic Prize.

Richard is based in London and frequently travels for commissions. He is equally adept at shooting on location or in a studio.

Paul Moffat Manchester Lifestyle, Fashion and Still Life Photographers

Paul Moffat works from his studio in the UK and on location when required. His passion for photography keeps him motivated, the work is diverse, each job is bespoke and he likes it that way.

He shoots for agencies and their advertising campaigns or directly with various clients, crafting images for their individual needs.

Collaborating with people and problem solving has also earned him attention from many different awards within the advertising and design industry.

Recent shoots have been in studio for clothing clients with large crews delivering assets for stills and motion.

Joanna Resiak London Food, Drink and Prop Stylists

"With over seven years of experience in food, drink, and prop styling, coupled with a solid foundation as a chef and pastry chef, I have honed my craft to blend culinary expertise with visual artistry. My journey began with a passion for gastronomy, which evolved into a career that has seen me collaborate with esteemed clients such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Co-op, Lidl, and Costa, Selfridges, Harrods, among others.

In recent years, my role has grown beyond just styling as I've got involved in the art direction, actively participating in the conceptualization by crafting briefs and consulting.

In the past few years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional photographers such as Natasha Alipour-Faridani and Lucy Richards and creative agencies like We Are Another, ITG and many others. I am excited to continue these relationships in the future and explore new ones with the food creatives worldwide."

JJ Studios London rental studios

JJ Studios consists of nine versatile daylight studios spread across 25,000 sq ft in the heart of Shoreditch, London, providing a complete ecosystem for London’s finest creative projects since 1987.

Spread across two historical east London buildings, JJ Studios present a versatile portfolio of studio and event space, modernised with deluxe interior styling and equipped with high-spec power and modular space layouts to serve all of your production needs.

The studio spaces present styles that range from a daylight/blackout cyclorama studio to a penthouse loft-styled shoot space, and we offer exemplary service ranging from our in-house set build and production support, to our state of the art lighting department.

With stills and film clients from Vogue to the BBC, and having hosted events for Meta to TikTok, JJ Studios remains at the forefront of London’s creative scene, and welcomes enquiries from productions of all scales.

Contact them at their brand new website today for more information including site specifications, studio details and rates, and all other enquiries.