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Sicily Productions Sicily Full Photo & Film Production Services

Sicily Production is a full service production company covering all Italy.

With 22 years in this business, they have gained access to the finest locations and the best resources available, which allow them to exceed every expectation while minimising the costs.

From budget management to location scouting and permits, equipment rental, travel logistics, talents, accommodations and catering etc - they cover it all.​

The office is managed by an elite group of experienced producers, coordinators and accounts personnel, that are all super passionate about each and every project whether it’s large scale campaigns, editorials, commercial or film productions.

​"Italy keeps teleporting us to unsuspected scenarios, and we can’t wait to share them with you!"

Clients include: Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Giorgio Armani, Puma, Pandora, Nanushka, Max Mara, Chloé, Heimat, H&M, Hugo Boss, Jo Malone, Zimmermann, Pandora, Zalando, Bond Eye, Sabyasachi, Marie Claire, Arket, Elle Magazine, Lillian West, Beymen Club, Bloomingdale's, Bolia, Net-a-Porter, Cosmopolitan, Adidas, Daks, Ecco, Maison Michel and many more.

Quotes can always be handled within 24 hours. For more information visit the website or call +39 347 688 1606.

Etna Productions Sicily Full Photo & Film Production Services

Etna Productions proudly reflects on a busy February, highlighted by the launch of the FOREVER.PALERMO campaign for Puma, bringing the timeless Romeo and Juliet story to the streets of Palermo to showcase Puma. "This project underscores our expertise in delivering comprehensive campaign concepts, video production, and photo shoots, emphasising our narrative innovation and meticulous attention to detail."

Operating from Sicily and Rome, Etna Productions caters to an international clientele, managing high-end productions across Italy's varied landscapes.

"Our forward-looking approach, combined with our ability to handle every aspect of production, from location scouting to technical support, uniquely positions us in the industry.

As we eagerly anticipate upcoming projects, our February accomplishments highlight our commitment to redefining storytelling and creating unforgettable experiences in visual media. We worked on several other projects, which we are eager to share more about as they are released in the coming months."

Italy Photo Production Italy Full Photo Production Services

Italy Photo Production has over 25 years of experience in location scouting and photoshoot production. Based in Rome but equally at ease all over the country, the company provides the right support to find the best locations across Italy, combining both attention to detail and vision for the overall project that ensures the best environment to achieve a successful shoot.

Experience, profound knowledge of the Italian territory, a vast and well stocked archive, a flexible and friendly team make for complete support across all production needs. Services include location scouting, permitting, equipment rental, crew supplying, casting, accommodation, catering and budget management.

Recent clients include CitizenM, Freifrau, Ferrari, Bentley, Versace, Mazda, Bulgari, Land Rover, Apple, Ford, BMW, Celebrity Cruises, Amgen, Jaguar, PwC, Shell and Vogue.

Luminosa Production GmbH Lugano Production Services for Photo & Film

"We are Italy."

Luminosa production is a boutique production company, with head office in Lugano-Paradiso, in the south part of Switzerland, just on the boarder to Italy. So it's only natural that Luminosa, right from their start in 1999, spreaded out to La Bella Italia.

"We have the necessary experience and contacts, we speak the language (Italian is the main language in Lugano) and understand the mentality of the people. That allows us to create the perfect conditions for your shoot in Italy.

We built a very strong network over the years, allowing an uncomplicated and cost effective way to produce in Italy, almost as being local. When working in Italy we apply of course comparable prices in euro".

Luminosa’s extensive own location database of Italy includes, for example, the snowy peaks of the Dolomites, the ageless beauty and enduring romance of Lake Como, the vibrant city of Milan, Tuscany, the eternal city of Rome, La Bella Puglia, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, and the islands: Sardinia and Sicilia - you name it - Luminosa will deliver!

Luminosa is a true partner to the client at every stage, already during the creative process providing also art buying and casting if requested.

Lule Production Milan Full Photo & Film Production Services

With a wealth of expertise spanning more than 15 years in global productions, Lule Production stands as a comprehensive service provider headquartered in Italy.

"Our company adeptly oversees all facets of a production, from budgeting to meticulous location scouting. A particular forte lies in our ability to identify and secure the finest models for each shoot."

Lule prides itself on assembling a team of top-tier, highly skilled freelance professionals for every production, fostering a collaborative environment with a shared objective.

What sets Lule Production apart is its successful fusion of advertising and fashion, resulting in a unique and distinctive approach.

Scenari Production Sicily Full Photo & Film Production Services

Scenari Production, a full service Italian production company with 25 years of experience, offer enthusiastic production services for the fashion and advertising industries, for feature films and social media campaigns all across the country.

"Born and based in Sicily, we are ‘local’ in most of the Italian cities. Our Italian location database offers a quick visual prospective to understand the best areas to produce your creative projects.

We enjoyed working on the second season of award-winning TV series 'White Lotus' which showcased the beauty of Sicily locations, and taking care of the charming new client Mes Demoiselles.

We love our work and we like collaborating to create the right conditions to deliver a productive and tasteful Italian experience."

Courage Production Milan Full Photo & Film Production Services

Courage Production is a team that creates visually stunning stories on the beautiful landscapes of Italy.

"This fall we had the pleasure of working again with top brands, and we transformed some of Italy's iconic locations into beautiful backdrops for our shoots.

We started our journey at a sixteenth-century villa near Milan, where we shot the latest collection of Parisian fashion brand Sézane. In Turin's Royal Library, we showcased B&B Italia's timeless designs and commitment to craftsmanship, photographed by Richard Stapleton.

We also worked with Valentino and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on their holiday campaign, using the interiors of a luxurious villa as the backdrop.

Finally, we went to Camogli, a picturesque coastal town in the region of Liguria in Italy, and shot Guess's bold new collection under the Ligurian sun. From grand villas to historic landmarks and vibrant coastal towns, we infused each project with a unique visual signature.

We are experts in cinematic storytelling and are dedicated to bringing your brand's narrative to life through our production work."

Sara Dionisi Naples advertising photographers

Starting her journey at 20 in Naples, Sara Dionisi, a photographer, underwent thorough training and worked with local photographers.

Since 2018, she has specialised in digital technology and post-production, contributing to various campaigns, catalogs, and content creation.

Currently, she collaborates with communication and branding agencies, managing both direct clients. She tackles each project with a strong focus on detail and aesthetics.

Sara values teamwork, believing it leads to the best outcomes, and she tackles challenges with creative solutions. To her, every project is an opportunity to showcase the beauty of meticulous attention to detail.

Andrea Belluso Milan Fashion and Advertising Photographers

Andrea Belluso began his photographic career at the age of 16, working under renowned photographer Bardo Fabiani. For the next 30 plus years, Belluso worked as a photographer and video producer, capturing iconic fashion names such as Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell.

Belluso later created his own modelling agency, fashion magazine, international model competition and a television program that was distributed in 54 countries.

In the photographic community, he is known as the “Light Shaper”, name given to him by the main lighting company in the world of photography, Profoto, for his unique approach to lighting. Andrea Belluso also produces, directs, films and edits TV commercial spots.

Pachira Milan location service & scouts

Which is the most suitable location for your shoot? A rural villa in Tuscany's countryside? A penthouse with an infinity pool? A historic residence?

Pachira will provide the best locations for your commercials, relying on three mainstays.

The first one is a solid team that knows how to work together using a specific workflow. That's the reason Pachira puts special effort into creating a pleasant atmosphere for its coworkers.

The second mainstay is having a database that constantly increases. Pachira has now reached the mark of 5,000 locations all over Italy. Thanks to that, Pachira can provide the best location and the best deals for more clients every day, such as Armani, Stanley Tucci, and Lamborghini.

Last but not least is the belief of Pachira's associates that with their job, they have to support the community while achieving the economic goal. That's why Pachira is a Benefit Corporation.

Full Movie Florence Rental Services & Studio

Based in Florence, Full Movie stands out as a cutting-edge rental service, specialising in a wide array of light, grip, and camera equipment, catering primarily to cinema, TV, advertising, documentary, and music video productions.

Founded by seasoned filmmakers and technicians Giulio Aspettati, Lucas Berisso, and David Lisi, in collaboration with the renowned Movieland group from Bologna, boasting almost thirty years of industry experience.

Their mission? To seamlessly blend passion, professionalism, and expertise to meet all production requirements. With a team of seasoned professionals, they ensure personalised solutions for every project, handling film equipment daily.

But Full Movie offers more than just rentals. They boast a fully equipped studio for commercial and independent photo and film productions, along with comprehensive production support services. Whether it's captivating scenography or custom set design, they've got you covered, even providing expert advice on the ideal equipment for any shoot.

Eugenio Ormas Milan art direction

Eugenio Ormas is an eclectic spirit, with years of international experience, as an art director and creative strategic consultant, working on projects for high-demanding clients such as Moncler, Roger Vivier, Prada, Gucci, La Perla, Xintiandi Shanghai, Cordusio Spirits and many others.

He has been working with some of the best talents and brands on earth, on diverse assignments from 3D/CGI and animation to illustration, creative typography and corporate graphics, from digital activation to storytelling.

He supports brands to find the best solutions and the perfect complementary talents to fit their specific needs, translate business goals into visual solutions, applying to them the most creative artists.

From 2011 to 2018, he was the co-founder of SVPERBE Creative Visionaries, a liquid international awarded consultancy boutique. In the last years, he has lived in different cities — Lausanne, Zurich, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

He is also professor at Politecnico di Milano, for the Master course of Fashion Retail & Communication Lab.

1806 Agency Milan photo agents

Timo Helgert, the visionary German artist, has carved a niche in the art world with his captivating virtual installations.

Renowned for seamlessly blending classical escapism with the hustle and bustle of modern city life, Helgert's work transcends traditional boundaries. His art serves as a visual escape, transporting viewers into dreamlike realms inspired by iconic locales like the Brooklyn Bridge in New York or the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.

As the founder of the agency Vacades in 2012, Helgert has collaborated with industry such as Valentino, Tiffany & Co., Puma so and so on.

His unique ability to infuse imagination into everyday scenes has garnered international acclaim, making Timo Helgert a trailblazer in the realm of virtual art and a source of inspiration for those captivated by the intersection of technology and creativity.

Timo is represented by 1806 Agency.