germany Feb 2010


Artists & Co by Daniela Pitzk Munich photo agents

Latest news from Artists & Co by Daniela Pitzk:

  • Bonifatius Ametsbichler shot an Aston Martin DBS for the Loder1899 catalogue and website at Sirius Studios, Munich. He also completed a free project with stylist Bettina Bruaröy Maurer, shooting PeakPerformance winter jackets at NewHouse Studio, Munich.
  • Adrian Bela Raba shot an editorial for Traveller's World in Arlberg, Austria, with art director Markus Thommen. He also worked with Christine Heimann-Leppien and Angelika Francis shooting a new lingerie editorial for Sous Magazine.
  • Kalle Singer produced dynamic images of a family day out in the park for the stock4b agency.
  • Caroline Martin shot for Käfer and photographed Réunion Island themed recipes for Saveurs Magazine, Paris, with food stylist Geneviève Péron.
  • Sacha Höchstetter shot at BMW World for Fashion Trend Magazine, Milan, and put together an elaborately staged road story for Brazilian magazine Platinum.
  • Norbert Hurrle completed an editorial shoot in Marrakech with stylist Petra Wiebe.

Marion Eckhardt Hamburg photo agents

Latest news from Marion Eckhardt photographers:

  • Wolfgang Pohn shot new pictures for Wolford, produced an editorial for Diva Magazine together with Frey-Wille jewellery, and shot the new autumn/winter 2010 catalogue campaign for Sportalm.
  • Sven Görlich once again shot on location for Nivea for Men, this time in the South African outback.
  • Gabor Geissler shot for the current airberlin autumn campaign and worked on a European-wide Pedigree campaign with some adorable canine friends.
  • Bruce Soyez-Bernard worked on a private hair shoot.

Clients: airberlin, Becks, Braun AG, Coca-Cola, Glamour, König Pilsener, Kraft Foods, Mars AG Pedigree and Kitekat, Nestea, Nivea, Rewe, Wolford, Schwarzkopf, Sportalm.

Claas Cropp Creative Productions Berlin photo production

Berlin-based Claas Cropp Creative Productions is a full service production company with experience in all areas of still photo production, location scouting and casting. Recent productions include:

  • Meltin' Pot S/S 2010 campaign with photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne.
  • Wolfgang Joop 'Freigeist' fragrance campaign and video casting for Coty Prestige, shot by Dieter Eikelpoth.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and SPD election campaigns shot by Fergus Padel.
  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks calendar 2010 by Jim Rakete.
  • Persol 'A Work of Persol' campaign with Carlos Serrao.
  • Deutsche Post 'Athletics World Championships' campaign and live casting, shot by Levon Biss.
  • Two Schwarzkopf productions with Stéphane Coutelle in Duesseldorf.
  • BMW Mini Collection catalogue 2010 by Karel Kuehne.
  • Caritas campaign 2010 with street-casted senior citizens, shot by Mathias Bothor.
  • New Navigon campaign pictures with Grégoire Alexandre.
  • Siemens with Markus Altmann in Berlin and Hiepler Brunier on location in Lanzarote.
  • BASF campaign featuring kids diving into a specially built 3000 litre water tank, shot by Olaf Blecker.
  • Catalogue productions for KaDeWe, Karstadt, Alviero Martini, Texman, Engbers and Emilio Adani.
  • SZ Magazine editorial with Marcus Gaab and actress Karoline Herfurth.
  • GQ editorial productions with Cellina von Mannstein, Lee Strickland and Markus Jans.

Holger Wild Hamburg car & transportation photographers

'Civilized Raw' by Holger Wild.

During his latest excursion, Holger Wild collected some delicately coloured impressions of the Arctic. The project 'Civilized Raw' sets portraits of the residents, wilderness landscapes and settlements in contrast with each other and finds unexpected complicity.

After the success of the first exhibition in Wilhelmshaven the large format prints will be shown in Landshut and Hamburg. Production Paradise will publish the dates as soon as they are announced.

Sabine Duerichen c/o Kristina Korb GmbH Munich children / kid photographers

Latest news from Sabine Duerichen:

  • Mädel fashion store. Location: Skyloftstudio Munich. Free work in black and white.
  • Fashion shoot for PJE.

Sabine has been represented by Conny Oelker at Expose Photographers since the beginning of 2010.

Sandra Bielmeier Munich children / kid photographers

"What do children really need for their future?" Munich-based photographer, Sandra Bielmeier, asked for her latest production in collaboration with stylist Maren Assmus and make-up artist Alexandra Batke (LOOX). "Musical genius whilst still in the womb? Learn Chinese by the age of three? Our meritocracy has high expectations for the next generation and thanks to clever medical research and business ideas children can now be prepared early for the most important things in life."

"What does a rocket look like? What shouldn't be left out?" Such a difficult task was left to stylist Antonia Haacks (Ag. Phoenix) for another of Sandra's productions. Searching the props store and friends' basements, she eventually found aliens and a space dog.

In December, Sandra shot the new campaign for Britax/Römer with stylist Maren Assmus, Digital support was provided by Markus Dettweiler at blink-imaging and the pictures will be available soon.

Nikola Tacevski Dusseldorf advertising photographers

For more then 22 years, Nikola Tacevski worked as a freelance photographer. Before starting a career in advertising in 1994, he had completed numerous projects including books and exhibitions on architecture and sculpture. During the period of political and social change in Eastern Europe he worked as a reporter in Croatia, Bosnia and the Czech Republic.

Nikola has won a range of awards in both national and international advertising festivals, including a Silver Lion in Cannes, a Golden Drum in Portoroz and a Golden Hammer.

He is currently based in Cologne and is looking for representation in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Foto-impulse Christian Wolf Dusseldorf beauty photographers

Mülheim-based Christian Wolf has enjoyed a successful start to the year. He is currently building a new studio that should soon be finished, but he also loves the freedom of shooting on location.

Recent clients include Hypnosis, FIRMA and Bildwerk.

Christian is currently looking for representation in Europe. Visit his website to view his portfolio.

Ralf Zenker Photography Dusseldorf advertising photographers

Latest work from Ralf Zenker:

  • Fashion shoot for the new Nina Malmgrén collection.
  • Band shoot with German soul-funk group 'Soulmine'.
  • Tour shots for German flamenco pop duo 'Tierra Negra'.

Visit the website for more information.

Jackie Hardt Berlin beauty photographers

Jackie Hardt worked in front of the camera before she successfully switched sides. She specialises in beauty, fashion and celebrity portraiture and her work is known for vivid and straight colours as well as playful romantic compositions.

Jackie's recent work has been featured in Elle, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Stern and other magazines.

She also shot the German Oxfam campaign with Heike Makatsch, Franka Potente, and other famous faces.

360ties Dusseldorf AI & CGI photographers

360ties is a studio specialising in 360-degree photography. Its newest development is a studio area that allows shots to be photographed from 24 cameras in one take. The animated 360-degree images are then presented in a Flash-based viewer.

360ties shoots people, fashion, products and stills as a 360-degree image. The service includes retouching, colour correction and composing, and on request hosting of picture data.

The 360ties studio is located in a beautiful historic factory on a riverbank between Düsseldorf and Essen. The distance to downtown and to Dusseldorf airport is 20 minutes.

Visit the website for more information.

alphadog Hamburg creative post production

alphadog, in collaboration with Gulliver Theis, produced motifs for a risk prevention campaign for DGUV (a German legal accident insurance company). The campaign, entitled "Risk Out", presents a unique interpretation of dangerous situations taken from everyday life and occupations. The project was completed in conjunction with the BBDO Düsseldorf agency.

alphadog also worked on editorials "Glamour Beauty“, "The Eighties“ and "Nature“ for OK! Magazine with photographer Christoph Loeb.

Visit the website for more information.

[zerone] /cgi Hamburg CGI, 3D Rendering & AI

Recent work from [zerone] /cgi:

  • Collaboration with Hamburg-based agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski on a campaign for the Mercedes-Benz Nutzfahrzeuge.
  • Photogapher Mats Cordt shot images of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Vito. Mats delivered the backplates and high quality HDRI footage.
  • Photographer Markus Wendler supervised the CGI studio lighting for the Mercedes-Benz Vito campaign. [zerone] /cgi created the backgrounds and props using CGI technology.
  • Photographer Thorsten Klinkow shot the new Citroen C3 catalogue. The 2D and 3D post production was completed by [zerone] /cgi.

Many more productions are already in the pipeline but are still under non-disclosure. Check future Showcases for the latest information.

Vinx-Media Munich CGI, 3D Rendering & AI

The Rolls-Royce Ghost car configuration tool is now online. Vinx produced a walk around in 36 single frames, day and night changeable, for all possible configurations of the car.

To make this possible the new Rolls was completely produced in a virtual environment. Furthermore, six interior perspectives were constructed that can also be switched between day to night views.

LIGA_01 COMPUTERFILM Hamburg - Munich Munich CGI & 3D / AI

The revised on-air design of German broadcast station ProSieben is characterised by outstanding ideas and spectacular effects. LIGA_01's latest work for the campaign concerned the IDs of presenter Stefan Goedde and comedian Christoph Maria Herbst, a.k.a. Stromberg. The company helped to transport the visionary yet surreal stories by means of CGI, thus also creating the intended "twinkle in the eye".

In a kind of James Bond persiflage, Stefan Goedde's pen transforms into a robot fly that nestles on his collar and finally morphs into an elegant bow tie. As director of the Starforce campaign, Christoph Maria Herbst inevitably instigates the odd disaster or two.

LIGA_01 has already completed 11 of the Starforce IDs in close collaboration with the client, setting new benchmarks in star- and effect-studded on-air design that includes a real passion for detail. Further IDs are in the works.

Public Heroes Agency Berlin models/ real people

public heroes agency was created to bring together all the exciting faces of Berlin in one place. Since 2002, the agency has been representing performers of all age groups in every aspect of commercial film and photo production, including personally scouted talents, professional models, artists and musicians, dancers and actors.

Clients include: Deutsche Bank, Vattenfall, SportScheck, T-Systems, Siemens, SAP, Porsche, Aspirin, Deutsche Bahn, BMW, Merci, C&A, Almette, Bacardi, Clearasil, Edeka, Stern, Audi.

public heroes also runs studio and street castings and is always on the spot to find the best leads, supporting roles and featured extras.

Castings include: Nivea, Mercedes-Benz, Base, Sat 1, Premiere, N24, Sparkasse, Euro Eyes, Activia, McFit, VW.

prolightrent Hamburg camera accessories/ photo

Aside from providing all types of lighting equipment prolightrent offers a huge range of digital gear, including cameras by Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad and Phase One. The company is also the only rental company in Hamburg to offer the new Leica S2 system. Canon shift 17mm TSE and Nikon 70-200mm VR II lenses are also available and prolightrent can supply a range of Hypermac external batteries for Macbook and Macbook Pro to provide hours of extra power.

"Check it out, make a reservation!"

SKYLOFTSTUDIO Munich rental studios

The SKYLOFTSTUDIO is a new spot in Munich, offering a light-flooded space, modern furniture and the perfect place to work. With a work area measuring 320 m², panoramic windows and a roof deck with an additional 170 m², the studio opens up with to an amazing view over Munich.

Features include 4-6m ceiling height, five floors, kitchen, furniture on wheels, free Wi-Fi access, air conditioning, two bathrooms, one with shower, high voltage current, four elevators including a freight elevator to the 4th floor, free parking and a basement garage.

Clients: Adler, Anita, Audi, Burda Style, Dadosens, Gebrüder Götz, John Frieda, Mädel Fashion Store, SAECO, Shape, Sternenfänger, K&L Ruppert, Quelle.

Zillertalstudio Munich rental studios

Zillertalstudio offers a beautiful large space for all types of creative work. Features include:

  • 265 m² workspace with a 6x6 CYC.
  • 18 m window, three shadeable roof lights.
  • Generous dining area with high-tech kitchen and very modern make-up and styling space.
  • Parking and loading right in front of the studio.
  • Only five minutes from the subway.
  • Separate client lounge.

Zillertalstudio also rents a large selection of equipment and can source anything not immeditely in stock. The studio takes care of all production needs, whether it be catering, set design, ironing services or props.

Superbude Hamburg hotels

"Nordic by nature! This 're-design' represents an answer to the trend of sustainable working methods."

Superbude's six floors were redesigned to create a long-term home, the idea being to work with materials and objects that are totally different in purpose, thereby creating a weird and wonderful new dimension. Sofas have been covered with used jeans, kitchen sinks made out of seamen's chests, and old water pipes have been screwed together to create shelves and tables. Considering Hamburg is a harbour town, some of the furniture has been made out of pallets and thick ropes.

Visit the website for more information.