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Hauser Fotografen Frankfurt Photo Agent

Hauser Fotografen represents national and international advertising photographers covering the fields of people, lifestyle, stills, liquids, transportation, CGI, landscape, travel, architecture, fashion, beauty, catalogue, babies, kids, sports, portraiture, corporate and celebrities.

The full service agency was established by Veronika Hauser in Frankfurt 2008. Hauser Fotografen has since become a brand that stands for professionalism, high quality photographers and competent service.

Photographers include:

  • Thomas Balzer (Frankfurt) - Stills, people, landscape, transportation.
  • Christian Brecheis (Munich) - People, lifestyle, sport.
  • Rui Camilo (Wiesbaden) - People, architecture, travel and landscape.
  • Carioca Studio (Bucharest) - Stills, people, CGI.
  • Karsten Handke (Dusseldorf) - Stills.
  • Handke*Neu (Dusseldorf) - Babies and kids.
  • Thomas Juul (Copenhagen) - People and transportation.
  • Benno Kraehahn (Berlin) - Celebreties and corporate.
  • Uwe Krejci (Hamburg) - People and lifestyle.
  • Leif Schmodde (Hamburg) - People, fashion, beauty, travel, landscape.
  • Judith Wagner (Dusseldorf) - Portrait and people.
  • Jean-Claude Winkler (Stuttgart) - Travel, landscape, transportation, people.

Fröhlich Management Frankfurt Photo & Film Agent

Fröhlich Management is based in Frankfurt and is divided between two main businesses.

Fröhlich Management represents directors, directors of photography, photographers as well as make-up artists and stylists for the national and international markets. The company has at its disposal a pool of selected professionals - young talents as well as established and experienced artists.

The company also acts as an adviser at every step of the production process, working closely with consulting companies, agencies and production houses to realise their specific projects in the best and most efficient way.

Be sure to check out the company’s new website.

Der Illustratoren Agent Frankfurt Illustrators' Agent

Der Illustratoren Agent was founded by Peter Härdtner in 2012 and is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Representing some of the most renowned German illustrators, the company has provided services for clients from advertising, editorial and media such as Adelholzner, Chanel, Deutsche Post, Ferrero, Heel, MAN, Skoda, WGZ and Westermann.

The portfolio of Der Illustratoren Agent covers the whole range, from storyboard to photo-realism, children's book to animation, characters to experimental art. Clients are most satisfied by the high standarts and professionalism of the company's illustrators as well as the project management on offer.

Dominik Mentzos Frankfurt Advertising Photographer

Dominik Mentzos works out of his own studio in Frankfurt, Germany. His eye for movement, space and light has been influenced by a longstanding collaboration with William Forsythe.

His dance work has been shown in several exhibitions around the world, including Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Cologne, St. Petersburg, Montreal and Antwerp.

Dominik enjoys switching between various different fields of photography. His work includes advertising, fashion, stage, editorial portraiture and landscape photography.

Over the last four years he has completed several productions for Lufthansa, Nintendo, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bahn, Sony, MasterCard, PWC and Schumacher, with other clients including Kia Motors, Nestlé, Fraport and Jules Mumm.

He is represented by Severin:Wendeler in Hamburg.

Jens Ihnken Frankfurt Advertising Photographer

Jens Ihnken is based in Frankfurt. Starting out as a still life photographer, he now focuses on  advertising, fashion, corporate and portrait photography.
Jens likes to work in the studio as much as he loves travelling to get a good photograph in the right location. His knowledge of using film lighting in his photographs means he has the skills and experience to shoot high-end campaign images next to commericals and film productions.

Jens Ihken is represented by von Loewenstern Fotografenagentur.

Alexandra Lechner Frankfurt Advertising Photographer

"To experience life through the lens and show the beauty of it is my passion."

Alexandra Lechner is based in Frankfurt/M. and has focused on portrait, people, corporate, documentary and advertising photography for the last 14 years. Although she's part of a studio community she mostly works on location.

Working with a network of specialised partners, Alexandra offers full production management from one central source, demanding the highest quality support and organisation across all elements of a shoot.

She has worked for German magazines and agencies and shoots corporate communications for many leading companies. Alexandra is a member of the BFF and speaks German, English and French. 

With her personal photo projects she takes part in many exhibitions, amongst others in China at the San Jiangyuan International Photography Festival.

Check her website for further information.

Thomas von Salomon Frankfurt Car Photographer

Frankfurt-based photographer Thomas Salomon specialises in car photography as well as CGI work, still life and furniture.

Latest CGI work featured in this Showcase includes:

  • Porsche - full CGI studio stills in co-operation with Christoph Kuhn, Munich, recom Stuttgart, and mainworks, Munich.
  • BMW interior - full CGI in co-operation with Mainworks, Munich.
  • Opel Astra - three car motifs classically shot. Backgrounds later processed in CGI in co-operation with delta e, Andreas Neurer.

Hans Keller Frankfurt People & Still Life Photographer

Born in Frankfurt am Main in 1959, Hans Keller discovered his passion for photography in the 1980s.

He began shooting sensual art photography and today focuses on people and still life photography. As a freelancer, he works on advertising assignements from his private Frankfurt-based studio 'Onlight'.

Hans is motivated to pursue excellence in his photographic development by the frequent positive feedback he receives from his numerous exhibitions.

Over the years, Hans has added video installations to his repertoire, with his last show in September 2012 at Hausderkunst in Chur, Switzerland.

Jens Görlich Fotos Frankfurt Transportation & Travel Photographer

Jens Görlich is an advertising and editorial photographer based in Frankfurt. His recent major productions for clients such as Lufthansa, Siemens and Skoda have taken him to exotic places including Brazil, Chile, India, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique and the Mojave Desert.

Jens enjoys both to be working with well defined layouts, using state of the art technology like CGI - as can be seen in several of his airplane images - as well as focussing on real people in real environments.

He is convinced that the mixture of having on-set support when working on high profile advertising shoots and being forced to adapt to challenging situations during editorial assignments creates a level of experience that helps achieve the best possible results.

Jan Kocovski Frankfurt Beauty Photographer

Specialised in beauty, lifestyle and people, Jan Kocovski's style demonstrates great attention to detail. His personal experience, skill and style create intense images, and his ability to work conceptually and offer visual solutions is beneficial for every client.

Jan’s recent clients are Kia Motors, LSG SkyChefs, Etienne Aigner, Boehringer Ingelheim, Basler Haarkosmetik, Chiara-Ambra, abalico and Pro7.

Jan works either in his 360 m² studio, which features a great variety of lighting equipment - both for indoor and outdoor use, or wherever you send him globally.

An extensive image archive complements the studio's services, as well as in-house post production that covers all areas of image processing.

Oliver Rossi Frankfurt - Berlin Advertising Photographer

Born to an Italian musician in Wiesbaden, Oliver Rossi has been travelling the world since childhood. After finishing his studies, he took a 35mm camera to explore India where he discovered his love for photography. After gaining invaluable experience assisting a number of photographers, Oliver now produces his own powerful imagery as a freelance photographer. His photographs act as a medium in the truest sense of the word, as they establish a silent relationship between the model and the viewer.

He has been nominated for the Canon Pro Fashion Award and the International Master Color Awards for Photography, as well as receiving third place in the Public Choice Awards and an Honorable Mention at PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris.

Oliver's talent for capturing emotions is valued by all his clients, including Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bahn, Mustang Jeans, Samsung, Siemens and Vodafone.

Feinkorn Frankfurt Foto + Film

Gaby Gerster (photography) and Daniel Henschel (film) are focused on (but not restricted to) people, celebrity and portrait photography. Their mainly scenic, authentic and moody images feature on magazine and book covers, annual reports, advertising campaigns, PR, interview, trailer and feature materials.

Recent leading authors including Cecelia Ahern, Tana French, Martin Suter, Donna Leon and Astrid Rosenfeld have been filmed and portrayed. The option of a combined team for photo and film provides matching still and motion, meaning more output for less trouble.

Clients include Fischer Verlag, Diogenes Verlag, Beltz Verlag, Stern, art, Brigitte, Freundin, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, AMB Generali, Hessischer Rundfunk, 3Sat, Ogilvy and G2.

Feinkorn Foto + Film works worldwide, on location or from its own studios in Frankfurt, with in-house post production for photo and film projects. Visit the website and contact the company directly. Represented by one of germanys leading photo agencys laif.

Andreas Koschate Frankfurt Still Life Photographer

Working as a freelance photographer since 1986, Andreas Koschate is based out of his Frankfurt studio. He discovered in the early 90s his passion for small details during an editorial shoot for a large jewellery company.

Working with the latest digital equipment and using his own special lightning technique, he can work out fine details such as surfaces and structures and give desirable objects a special glow.

Clients include ad and communications agencies such as Brandmarke, Grey and Saatchi&Saatchi as well as time-piece and jewellery companies including Blanc Pain Suisse, Christ, Pt Global.com, Hans.D.Krieger, Christan Bauer, Isabel Fa, Nova Tempora, Dugena and B.Junge & Söhne Glashütte SA.

Visit his website for more information.

Andreas Schmidt - Schmidtbild Frankfurt Portrait & People Photographer

Andreas Schmidt is based near Frankfurt am Main from where he photographs in his own studio and on location.

He works freelance, mostly on portrait, advertising and people photography for agencies and cultural clients.

Clients include Abarth, Commerzbank, Fila, Levi's, Nintendo, Orangina, RaabKarcher, RWE and Unicredit.

Andreas is curious about faces and loves working in daylight.

Rene Spalek Frankfurt People & Architecture Photographer

Photographer René Spalek is based in Frankfurt, Offenbach. His focus is on people, architecture and documentary photography.

His work often leads him to varied locations at home and abroad, and he is constantly on the look out for new perspectives and viewpoints.

His diverse portfolio of clients across the financial, industrial and transportation sectors has been built up over 20 years of professional experience and includes Lufthansa, Henkel, Ernst & Young, Fraport, ABB, Mercedes-Benz, Philip Morris, ThyssenKrupp and Volkswagen.

His photographs have been honoured at the German Photo Awards, the International Prize for Young Photojournalism and the BFF Merit awards.

Markus Hintzen Frankfurt Advertising Photographer

Markus Hintzen is a Frankfurt-based photographer specialised in people, architecture, travel and landscape images. He works worldwide for advertising, magazines and annual reports.

His clients include advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, Saatchi&Saatchi, Publicis, McCann Erickson, J.W. Thompson and many others.

He regularly works for magazines including Stern, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Manager Magazine, Automotive Agenda and Wirtschaftswoche.

Fritz Philipp Frankfurt People & Lifestyle Photographer

Fritz Philipp has been a freelance photographer since 2006. Based in Frankfurt, he continues focusing on people, portrait and corporate photography.

Among his clients are international banks and companies such as ING DiBa, DekaBank, Commerzbank and JonesLangLaSalle.

An objective point of view developed at a professional distance to his subjects is typical for his clear and graphical style of photography.

Besides his daily work Fritz tries to improve his story-telling skills in different photographic projects.

M. Zargarinejad - FOTOKAIN Frankfurt People & Lifestyle Photographer

FOTOKAIN is the creative showcase of Michael Zargarinejad, a freelance photographer based in Frankfurt and Berlin who has been working since 1991.

Over the past 15 years Michael has established his very own visual language. His ability to highlight strong characters in radical forms of expression, or as a silent observer retaining the authenticity of the soul in front of the camera results in spectacular photography.

Michael's work features shoots for the music industry and its artists, celebrities, portraits and advertising campaigns worldwide.

Contact Michael direct for more information and a portfolio excerpt.

Katrin Binner Frankfurt Editorial Photographer

Katrin Binner is a Frankfurt-based freelance photographer working primarily in the field of editorial photography. She is specialised in portrait, documentary and different types of staged photography. Whilst much of her work is playful, colourful and fun, some of it also blends mood photography with melancholic undertones.

She has won several awards including the BFF and first prize in the Canon Professional Awards. Katrin's studio is located in the Bahnhofsviertel district of Frankfurt, a place that she derives much inspiration from in terms of the contrasts and clashes of different cultures. She loves her life and work there.

Visit her website showcasing her most up-to-date work.

Günther Dächert Frankfurt Still Life Photographer

Günther Dächert is a Frankfurt-based still life photographer who also works across interior, landscape and fashion photography. His studio is based in the heart of Frankfurt in an artist’s workshop. He collaborates with advertising agencies as well as artists.

Visit his website for more information.

Vanja Vukovic Frankfurt Advertising Photographer

Vanja Vukovic was born in Montenegro and moved to Germany at the age of four. After studying Communication Design and Media Arts Photography in Darmstadt, Germany and Portsmouth, UK, she undertook postgraduate studies in Fine Arts at the Städelschule in Frankfurt.

Her work has been recognised in numerous award shows, including as a finalist in the Golden Award of Montreux 2007 and the 5. Aenne-Biermann-Prize.

Vanja works across both photography and video and lives principally in Frankfurt am Main. Her clients Publicis, Schweppes, Renault, Bankhaus Metzler, Dewey Leboeuf, Die Bahn, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, SJ Berwin, Stern and Young & Rubicam.

She has realised projects in the United States, Canada, China, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Kosovo, Bosnia and Germany.

Frithjof Kjer Frankfurt People & Lifestyle Photographer

Frithjof Kjer is a photographer, based in Frankfurt. His work is focused on sports, people and panoramic spheres. He works for magazines, advertising and skiing areas.

Clients include Salomon Snowboards, Electric Visual, Snowboarder Magazine, Fellhornbahn AG, Europapark GmbH, Wolkenkratzer GmbH and others.

Angelika Zinzow Frankfurt Editorial Photographer

Angelika Zinzow is a Frankfurt-based editorial photographer. Focusing mainly on portraiture, she is gifted with a special sensitivity and knows how to put people into the right kind of light, no matter whether dealing with a priest, a child or a politician!

Angelika has published colourful coffee table books including Frankfurter Bargeflüster, Cafeklatsch, Hotelgeplauder, Tausend tolle Sachen (Edition Braus), as well as her latest book apfelwein 2.0.

Between 2009 and 2012 she worked as a teacher in Hochschule Mannheim, imparting with great enthusiasm her own knowledge from studies in FH Darmstadt, FAMU Prague and Ostkreuzschule Berlin.

Angelika loves to switch between different topics and techniques. She works across portraiture, lifestyle, kids, documentary, architecture and advertising, shooting corporate photography for clients and renowned magazines such as Cicero, Monopol, Zeit Reisen, Eltern and Wirtschaftswoche.

Wolfgang Uhlig Frankfurt Advertising Photographer

Wolfgang Uhlig is based in Frankfurt and specialises in portrait, advertising, landscape and still life photography in studio as well as on location.

Over the recent years he has completed a number of productions for Wrigley, Grundig, Wella, Baxter Healthcare, BASF and many other clients.

He is represented by the Edition Gallery Lumas and HKP New York.

moodwillig Frankfurt Photo- and Film Production

Moodwillig is a full service photo and film production agency based in Frankfurt am Main. Located in the centre of town, moodwillig offers a wide range of production expertise, including:

  • Pre production (art buying, location scouting, casting, model booking).
  • Project planning (co-ordination, travel and hotel arrangements).
  • Consulting, crew booking (e.g. photographers, assistants, hair/make-up artist, styling).
  • Accounting (cost control, clearing, permits and insurance).
  • International productions (worldwide).

moodwillig focusses on advertising productions and works mostly for small and medium sized clients and agencies. With more than 10 years of experience, the company sets high standards all along the production process, providing solutions for any sized budget through excellent teamwork.

Clients include Suzuki, Skoda, Gries Deco Company, Nestlé, Saint Gobain and Caparol.

Agentur Kaczmarek Frankfurt location service & scouts

Frankfurt-based agency Kaczmarek is a full service production company with experience in all areas of still photo and film service production, location scouting and casting.

Latest projects include scouting and line production for films such as 'Die kommenden Tage' (Director: Lars Kraume. Cast: Daniel Brühl, Bernadette Herwagen, Johanna Wokalek, August Diehl, Jürgen Vogel), 8:28 TV movie (Director: Christian Alvart),
'Iron Sky' blockbuster (Director: Timo Vuorensola. Cast: Julia Dietze, Götz Otto, Udo Kier), children's films 'V8', 'der Duft von Apfelkernen', and 'Die Schwarzen Brüder'.

The agency handles scouting, permissions, casting, styling, catering, grip set-up and lighting. Decades of experience at the very heart of Europe, being based in Frankfurt am Main - and from there conducting international productions - guarantees a cost-conscious, smooth and creative process that allows clients to concentrate on the task at hand, namely the shoot itself.

Clients include brands such as Mercedes Truck Calendar 2012, Adam Opel, Adecco, BASF, Barilla, Blaupunkt, Commerzbank, Crytek, Deutsche Bahn Logistics, Deutsche Post AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Faber Castell, Hessischer RundfunkHyundai, KIA, Lufthansa, Mazda, McDonald's, REWE AG, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH and Toyota.

KGB Locationservice Frankfurt location service & scouts

KGB Locationservice Frankfurt has been working with advertising and fashion photographers all over Germany and in many parts of Europe since 1989. Charlie Dombrow is a location scout and photo producer with plenty of experience in many genres of advertising photography: cars, fashion, catalogue, stills, people, indoor, outdoor or no doors at all!

Clients include VW, Opel, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Deutsche Bank, K+S, KSB, MAN, Lufthansa, Hess Natur, Sport2000 and many others.

mo postproduction Frankfurt creative post production

Since 1998, mo postproduction has delivered a vast number of work for print media, joining forces with Marcin Gruszczyk in 2006 to establish an additional CGI unit. The result is a well balanced mix of art and technology, always geared to beautiful imagery. Simply put, they do what they love and love what they do.

Photographers: Jens Görlich, Dominik Mentzos, Sven Jacobsen, Thomas Balzer, Markus Hintzen, Darius Ramazani, Daniel Woeller and Frank Weinert.

Clients: Lufthansa, Ansons, P & G Vicks, Fidelity, Nintendo, Senseo, World Vision, Drykorn, Schumacher GmbH, Miles & More International GmbH, Maggi, ADAC, and many more.

Agencies: Wunderman, Publicis Frankfurt, Change Communication, Popular Creative, Saatchi & Saatchi, Joussenkarliczek, Damm & Bierbaum, and more.

schönheitsfarm production Frankfurt Film Post Production

Founded in Hamburg in 2001 and with its roots in classical post production, Schönheitsfarm production has become a creative one-stop service provider for advertising agencies. With branches in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, iIllustrators, art directors, directors, DoPs, motion graphic designers, animators, compositing artists and producers - all sharing the same creative spirit - passionately work to create beautiful pictures.

Schönheitsfarm offers a complete post production service, from set supervision, grading, 3D animation, VFX and 2D motion graphics through to delivery. 

Developing integrated visual concepts is the company's core competence. As an answer to the crossmedial requirements of constantly changing markets, Schönheitsfarm works interdisciplinary for all media: TV, cinema, Internet and print. Creating digital worlds or shooting live action, its high-profile creative department and a fully equipped film studio leaves nothing to be desired.

Fabercourtial Darmstadt Film Post - CGI & 3D - Historical Reconstruction

In 1998, Maria and Jörg Courtial - both industrial design graduates - established FaberCourtial. In its early years the company earned a reputation for image films and product advertising for clients including Fraport, McDonald's, Neff and Airbus, many of which received awards at different international festivals.

Today, FaberCourtial is one of the leading studios in historical reconstruction. For almost a decade, and in close co-operation with historians and archaeologists, the company has  focused on the creation of high quality animation (including 3D stereo animations), matte paintings, compositings, set extentions, crowd replications and maps in historical context for TV documentaries  - 'Die Deutschen' and 'Travelling through world history with Hape Kerkeling', both ZDF - and museums such as the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum or the Württemberg State Museum.

f1 online Frankfurt photo library stock

f1 online digital stock agency stands for:

  • Photos for advertising, packaging, editorial and publishing products.
  • All subjects under one roof: people, lifestyle, beauty, business, food, travel, nature, etc.
  • Over 6 million photos and illustrations of well-known producers in RF and RM.
  • Demand-orientated photo productions together with fresh young photographers.
  • Constant new arrivals - editorial control, prioritisation and key wording.
  • Up-to-date visual language, geared to the German and European cultural region.
  • Over 6500 thematic RF collections with complimentary back-up CDs.
  • Long-standing, experienced team and personal customer communication.
  • Consultation regarding motifs, style, licences, terms of use, etc.
  • Individual co-ordination with clients' workflow.
  • Complimentary photo research according to motif, style, target group, visual language, rate, etc.

East West Models Frankfurt Fashion Model Agency

East West Models has wide international scope with clients including all the major catalogues, advertising/production companies, labels and editorial offices.

East West enjoys established long-term relationships with all of its clients and partners, and the agency's models are booked on photo shoots for fashion, lingerie and advertising campaigns around the globe. East West also provides strong early management for new faces and offers a good range of big-size models.

Co-operation with all the major agencies worldwide underlines East West's professional work. International scouting structures allow clients to book the agency's models on the spot from international locations.

CIA Casting Frankfurt Casting Agency

CIA Casting Frankfurt has cast for advertising films and photo shoots in Frankurt and the Rhein-Main area for over 20 years.

The company has vast experience casting all ages and types.

Visit the website for more information.

The Mup Agency Wiesbaden Agency for Hair + Make Up

Based in Wiesbaden, the MUP agency is known for its quality and professionalism. Clients say that what makes working with the MUP special is the friendly atmosphere and its selection of experienced hair and make-up artists who focus on beauty, editorial, fashion, advertising and TV productions.

The agency's talents are based in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne. The company is an experienced partner for every production.

Latest news includes an editorial in Vogue Australia and a promotion with Salamander.

Visit the website or contact Theresia Pistel for more information.

Stephanie Ruppaner Frankfurt Hair and Make Up Artist

"The most powerful beauty lies within the nature of all things. There's no need to force a peachy blush on a cheek, which in reality seeks a matching rose tone.“ This is what Stephanie Ruppaner feels as she takes a look at not only the faces in front of her but also the personalities behind them. Creating make-up is not about her, it's much more about serving the beauty of what is already there.

Stephanie grew up on Lake Constance and in the mountains of Austria and got to know the impact of nature's purity at an early age. Following an apprenticeship as a fully qualified hair-dresser, she went on to study at the Glauca Rossi School of Make-up in London.

She has been a freelance make-up artist since 2004. Her clients include Mercedes- Benz, Siemens, Lufthansa and Telekom. After some time in Amsterdam and Cape Town, her current home base is Frankfurt. Stephanie mainly works in Germany as well as in South Africa.

Edwin Kaufmann Frankfurt Hair and Make Up Artist

Edwin Kaufmann, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a highly experienced freelance make-up and hair stylist. He works in the fashion, beauty and advertising industries for several national and international clients.

Internationally he is represented by  One Mega Management, London and Artists Management, Miami.

Visit his website and contact him for direct bookings.

Loft Studio Frankfurt rental studios

Located in the particularly lovable centre of Frankfurt (Bornheim), Loft Studio offers a personal atmosphere to live out all types of creative ideas.

Features include:

  • Two seperate studios (2 x 100m² production area).
  • 320m² total workspace.
  • Ceiling height ranging from 4,5m up to 6,5m.
  • Up to 12m width.
  • Up to 11m diagonal space, column-free.
  • Outstandingly equipped (well-appointed kitchen, WiFi, make-up room).
  • Daylight studio with full blackout option.
  • Located on the first floor.
  • Four parking lots.

For more information visit the website or call 069 40 35 34 35.

Studio Qube Frankfurt rental studios

Studio Qube is a new professional rental studio located in eastern Frankfurt am Main, 17 km from the airport and 7 km from the city centre.

The studio workspace measures 10 m x 12 m, with ceiling height of 4-5 m. Maximum camera distance is 12 m, and facilities include a kitchen, extra dressing and make-up rooms, WiFi, and ground floor access with sufficient parking spaces right in front of a large roller gate for comfortable loading.

Rental fees are 400 € per-day (10 hours). Electricity is charged depending on consumption, and heating during the winter months comes in at 25 € per-day.

For rental equipment the studio co-oporates with www.711rent.com.

PARKSIDE STUDIOS Offenbach rental studios

Parkside Studios offers rental studios, art space and show room facilities. Located in the historic bathhouse of the former Oehler-Factories, and despite being only five minutes from the city centre and 25 minutes from Frankfurt Airport, clients will not only find a professional studio environment but also a feeling of inspiration and relaxation.

Facilities include:

  • Spacious room layout across 420 m², suitable for large crews.
  • Two studios measuring 150 m² and 130 m², with a height of 4,20m.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with 50 m² dining area for up to 20 people.
  • Lots of free parking spaces.

Hinterbergwerk Wiesbaden rental studios

Hinterbergwerk is a fully equipped film and photography studio offering complete lighting, grip and digital equipment. Located only 15 minutes away from Frankfurt airport, it is the perfect place to shoot cars, people and sets.

The historic building and its purpose-built studio complex combines design and charm with the finest technical facilities, including flash and tungsten lighting, a 180° floor plan cyclorama, remote controlled floating flat (30 x 23ft), a front of cove black drapery system, 23ft wide green screen and Phase One, Hasselblad, Sinar and Canon camera systems.

Clients include McCann Erickson, Jung von Matt, Publicis, Audi, Deutsche Bank, Vogue, Volkswagen, ZDF, and others.

Visit the website for more information or contact Astrid on +49 (0)611 531 509 40.

MBF Filmtechnik Frankfurt - Hamburg - Berlin camera accessories/ video

MBF Filmtechnik GmbH is a professional rental house offering high-end equipment for film and photo productions. Operating for over 30 years, the company now works with around 35 employees across three stores located in Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Berlin. MBF has enjoyed working on many international projects involving different challenges, creating new solutions and tools.

Clients are guaranteed the newest equipment, cameras, lighting gear, and more.

Visit the website for more information.

711rent Frankfurt - Amsterdam - Dusseldorf - Hamburg - Paris Equipment Rent

711rent is one of the leading professional photography equipment rental companies, supporting productions worldwide with lighting, grip and camera equipment.

The Frankfurt-based store is located in a beautiful loft house with excellent access to pick-up and deliver equipment. The store offers the company's renowned 24/7 service as well as the full range of equipment, including Arri, Briese, Broncolor, Profoto, Kino Flo, Dedo, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Phase One, and much more.

Recent additions include Arri M 25/40, Profoto Pro Daylight, Briese HMI, Focus2, 85 and 96 Umbrellas, Canon EOS 1DX, Canon C 300, Zeiss lenses with EF Mount, new Phase One lenses, Bron flash and HMI usable para reflectors 88, 177 and 222, Broncolor Move and Profoto B4 generators.

711rent Frankfurt is part of the 711rent network; clients can order equipment and pick it up at any of the company's branches in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Paris.