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Dieter Brasch Vienna advertising photographers

Dieter Brasch started his career as a freelance photographer in 1996. The scope of his work ranges from elaborate high-end advertising shots to digital compositions and editorial jobs.

In 2007 he enrolled at the Danube University of Krems/Department for Image Science on a Postgraduate program, which he completed by taking his Master of Arts degree in November 2010. In 2012 he opened a photo studio at Bräuhausgasse, 1050 Vienna.

National and international awards for advertising photography have included Epica (European Advertising Award) for: Silk Cut/Saatchi&Saatchi Athens; CCA Venus (Creativ Club Austria) for Blaumax, Villacher Bier, Aktion Mensch, Schauspielhaus, Hospiz am Rennweg, Wr.Städtische Versicherung, Steirische Landesausstellung and Tipp3.

Studio Huger Vienna Architecture & Interior Photographers

Stephan Huger, born and living in Vienna, is an international multi award-winning photographer specialising in architectural and hotel photography. He is acknowledged as Europe’s foremost architectural photographer and is one of the few 'Qualified European Photographers of Architectural Photography'—a distinction conferred on him by the Federation of European Photographers.  

Stephan’s architectural pictures reflect the ambitions and achievements of the architects but in a way that viewers can also recognise the pronounced hand of a photo artist. Stephan believes that this is what makes 'the art' of architectural photography, that the authors of both the given subject and the way it has been represented are equally identifiable.

Oliver Topf Vienna advertising photographers

In 1980, Oliver Topf was born in Vienna. After studying interior design, he followed his passion for photography. In 2001, he began assisting international photographers including Mario Schmolka, Oliver Gast, Gerhard Merzeder and Marcel Gonzalez Ortiz. During this period, he worked globally for clients including Vogue Germany, GQ, Triumph Lingerie, Swarovski, and Red Bull.

In 2007, Oliver started his solo career. His pictures have been published in magazines including Salon, Elle Germany, Madame, GQ, Playboy, Peng!, Wien Live, Active Beauty, News Exklusiv, Wiener, TV Media, Woman, Presse Schaufenster and a lot more. His commercial clients include Bonhams, Salzburger Festspiele, Servus TV, Bank Austria, A1 Mobilkom, Mondi Group, Gössl Trachten, Allude, Philoro, Skapa Recycling, Österreichisches Verkehrsbüro AG, Arbeiter SamariterBund, Pfizer, L'Oréal and Universal Music.

Oliver loves to find and capture the beauty of a moment or a person. He currently lives and works in Vienna. Visit his website or Facebook to see more of his work.

Mitja Kobal Vienna architecture, interiors, industrial, corporate and portrait photographers

Mitja Kobal is a Vienna-based professional photographer who was born in 1981 in Slovenia.

He specialises in architecture, interiors, industrial, corporate and portrait photography. During his free times he gets involved in fine art architecture, landscape and street photography. He is also a regular contributor to Getty Images.

His finest qualities are versatility, a genuine and sensitive approach to photography, and a warm, friendly personality. He enjoys working hard, until the ultimate aesthetic satisfaction is achieved.   

His recent biggest clients are Accor hotel group and Greenpeace.

Mitja is available for assignments and commissioned work locally and internationally.

Michael Stelzhammer Vienna advertising photographers

Michael Stelzhammer is an experienced advertising photographer based in Vienna.

He focuses on still life, advertising, architecture, liquids and food photography as his areas of speciality.

He has been providing his clients with a creative and hassle-free service for over 12 years. Michael Stelzhammer’s passion for photography has developed a unique creative style combined with precise digital skills.

Visit his website to discover more of his work.

Christian Maislinger Salzburg Portrait & Celebrity Photographers

Christian Maislinger was born in Austria in 1974. His first passion was sports, especially the 110-metre hurdles, but it was during his career as a professional athlete that he discovered his love for photography. In 1998 he began assisting at a well-established studio in Salzburg, focusing on analogue art photography and working for international artists and galleries such as Thaddaeus Ropac.

Christian is currently well-known for his carefully and intimately staged photographic portraits of athletes, musicians, and celebrities like Christian Taylor, Simon Fourcade, The Crystal Fighters, Radiohead, Keaton Henson, Jo Hamilton or Jette Joop, among others.

His Images appeared on album covers, in magazines like GQ and The Rolling Stone. He photographed campaigns for international advertising agencies and companies.

Christian is currently working on a gallery project called “Circus Circus,” an intimate journey behind the façade of immortality and loneliness of celebrities.

mona lorenz fotografie Vienna Food, Still Life AND Lifestyle photographers

Mona Lorenz is a food, still life and lifestyle photographer based in Upper Austria.

After graduating from the “Graphische” photography college in Vienna, she cofounded a studio specialising in food and stills and has been shooting for advertising and editorial clients for the last 15 years, including Nestle Vienna, Austrian Airlines, Gmundner Keramik, Julius Meinl, Kandisin, Manner, Merkur, Mani, and publications such as A la Carte, Gusto, Frisch Gekocht, Kochen und Küche.

When she’s not in the studio or on location, she indulges herself in creating books ranging from local monasteries and their inhabitants to unusual women and organic farmers.

Winfried Flohner Vienna Advertising, Food and People Photographers

Winfried Flohner follows his natural instinct to catch the right picture at the right moment. Beyond this he resorts to his gift of perfect organisation and his wide photographic knowledge.

With a passion for detail, Winfried focuses on advertising, food and people photography. His pictures are full of emotion, diversity and straightforwardness -
according to whatever is needed for telling the story of the product or character.

Eva-Maria Guggenberger Vienna Children, People and Fashion Photographers

Eva-Maria Guggenberger is a photographer born and raised in Austria. Photography has always fascinated her, especially being able to capture magical moments.

Soon, it became more of a passion for her and most of the time she would photograph babies and children because they’d never pose and it would allow her to truly capture the moment.

During her time at the Academy for Photography in Graz (Austria), she discovered other areas of photography that also became of interest to her. That was when fashion became her new favourite. She also was one of the award winners of the Academy of Photography in 2008.

In 2010, she decided to do an internship program in LA where she had a great opportunity to gain a lot of experience in fashion photography as well as the entertainment industry.

Before she knew it, she was shooting at runway shows like Mercedez Benz Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, as well as doing editorials for several designers.

Jakob Polacsek Photography Vienna Portraiture and Documentary Photographers

Jakob Polacsek is a freelance photographer based in Vienna.  He specialises in portrait and reportage of all sorts. In the many years that he has been in the business, his images have been published in magazines and advertisements worldwide. Expression in his portraits and his use of color in his reportage work are the keys to his unique style.

 Visit his website for more information.

Peter Burgstaller Vienna Car & Motorcycle Photographers

Peter Burgstaller is a Vienna-based photographer who works worldwide. Besides his landscape work for the global Austrian Tourism campaign, he still finds time to travel the world to expand his unique CGI backplate archive.

His experience as a car and motorcycle photographer allows him to create outstanding high-end backgrounds from around the world. Featured in this Spotlight is the first sample from three CGI images he created together with recom, one of the leading post-production and CGI companies.

Clients include BMW Motorcycles, Porsche, Volkswagen, Telekom, Austrian Tourism and Unicredit Leasing.

PRODUCTION POOL Vienna Photo & Film Production Services

Production Pool is a full-service production company specializing in film and photo production. With bases in Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, Cape Town and the Alps, Production Pool offers a great range of service production and locations.

Recent photo and film productions include: T-Mobile (Location Vienna; Print Campaign; Job: Production, Casting, Location); Madewell (Location Vienna; Print Campaign; Job: Service Production, Location); OMV Viva (Location Austria; TV commercial + Print Campaign; Job: Service Production); Erste Bank (Location Vienna; Print Campaign; Job: Production, Casting, Location); and Marie Claire USA (Location Zermatt; Editorial; Job: Service Production).

Other brand clients include A1, Bank Austria, Coca Cola, Coop, Credit Suisse, Elle, H&M, Heineken, IWC, Joop, Migros, Orange, S.Oliver, Swisscom, and Vogue.

Photographers and directors that have been clients include Boo George, Fabian Weber, Frederike Helwig, Gregor Hohenberg, Jork Weismann, Marcel Hartmann, Mariano Vivanco, Mario Testino, Matt Jones, Mikael Jansson, Sam Robinson, and Tom Dirnhofer.

For further information, please visit the Production Pool website.

Adi Mayer Vienna Film & Photo Production

Adi Mayer was founded in Vienna in 1923. The company produces and services a wide range of media including photo, commercials, feature films, documentaries, viral shorts and animations.

Building custom fit solutions for every new production, Adi Mayer applies its unique expertise and strong sense for quality images. Carefully selecting its partners and then putting its heart and soul into every project, the company always tries to bring together people who will complement and inspire each other.

Adi Mayer is constantly open to new ideas and new directors, photographers and VFX animators. The team loves being part of a tailor-made network operating from Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Bratislava, Istanbul, Vienna and Los Angeles.

f6 - The open factory. Vienna rental studios

This special location with its New York flair is ideal for photo shoots, presentations, press conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, special events, castings and film shoots - the possibilities are endless.

White walls, concrete floors and steel columns are witnesses of the aspiring industrial age. After many years left derelict it was the creative industry that revived this extraordinary location, making use of what was already useful 100 years ago - natural daylight. The continuous glass roof provides perfect conditions for photography and combines with a classical 100 m² loft, which has additional possibilities to offer.

There are parking options in the backyard and deliveries are made easy through the gate on the ground floor. Additional facilities include wireless Internet, an iPod docking station, hi-fi system, and a backstage room for styling, make-up, and catering.

Visit the website for more information.

digitalkameraverleih Vienna Equipment Rental

digitalkameraverleih rents out camera gear in Vienna. They keep their equipment always up-to-date and add new products as soon as they are available.

One of the most interesting new cameras they have is the Pentax 645Z which combines high resolving power with extremely low noise, thanks to its large CMOS sensor. It also offers by far the best price-performance ratio of all current medium format cameras. The people at digitalkameraverleih are experts in the Pentax 645 system and can give excellent advice to everyone contemplating on the rental or purchase of a 645Z.

Also available now is the Profoto Air Remote TTL-N. It enables TTL metering of the highly regarded Profoto B1 flash heads with Nikon cameras.

Digitalstore Vienna - Wiener Neustadt Equipment Dealer & Rental Services

For more than 30 years, “DIGITALSTORE Vienna” has been a consulting and service-providing company that sells digital photographic products for ambitious semi and professional users in Vienna.

In 1984, Erwin Schneider and Andreas Tischer opened their first shop in Vienna's 7th district. “Schneider & Tischer” comprised just photographic products suitable for professional use. Since the beginning, high quality products and expert advice were keys to the success of the company. 

In 1994, “Schneider & Tischer” enlarged its range of audio, video and Apple products. The digitalization of society changed the advice and range considerably. Further expansion took place in 2000 and remained unchanged to the present state of the DIGITALSTORE Vienna in Stiftgasse 21. 

In 2012, Jörgen Nimphy (former manager at OLYMPUS), took over Erwin Schneider's place. Since then, “DIGITALSTORE Vienna” enhanced its service by organizing workshops and conventions. The concept of “touch and try” attains a new meaning in this newly renovated store, as all products of all brands can be tested at the point of sales.

On September 26, 2014, the competence was extended to Wiener Neustadt. In Vienna, professionalism and ambience are very important in the new specialty store for photo, video, audio, and Apple. The clients receive competitive, professional, and friendly advice and great new products and offers as well.