Gavin Schneider Productions

Cape Town - Full Photo & Film Production Services

Gavin Schneider Productions is an exceptional choice for all your photographic, video, and film shoot needs in Cape Town, South Africa. With their wealth of experience and expertise, they consistently deliver impeccable results that exceed expectations. From pre-production planning to postproduction, their team of professionals go above and beyond to bring your ideas to life.

Recently Ryan Edy, a UK-based lifestyle photographer, had an exciting shoot with Gavin Schneider Productions in Cape Town. Stunning visuals were captured showcasing Cape Town’s diversity of talent and locations.

Sam Barker, multiple award-winning photographer, embarked on multiple advertising campaigns recently and an extraordinary personal project shoot in a vintage car museum on the outskirts of Cape Town, creating breathtaking cinematic visuals.

Recent advertising projects produced with Gavin Schneider Productions in Cape Town: Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Avon Worldwide, Payoneer Financial Services, Parpi Pharmaceutical, Lidl Retail Group, Sage Financial Services.