making of

Vienna - Talent Agency and Photo Production Services

Making Of, founded by Martina Cerny, has been a trustworthy partner in the field of photo production for more than 24 years. Based in Vienna, Austria, the agency has been a vital player in the local production industry.

Behind Making Of is Martina-Irene Cerny - born in Munich, she has been living and working in Vienna for 35 years. After graduating from Hetzendorf Fashion School, she started working as a fashion designer, creating the Beagle & Susu brand and working as a freelance stylist and costume designer.

She has worked for a long time on researching partners and manufacturers from a wide variety of fields in order to offer holistic, responsible and sustainable styling trough the Sustiin project.

Now it’s time for her own sustainable apron collection, which is divided in two sections: on the one hand the protective aprons, called 'Apropos Apron', on the other hand the adorning aprons, called 'Tout Tablier'.

The completion of the photo production itself should also be as environmentallv conscious as possible."We'll make sure that your production has a proper workflow, from the first idea to the final product, and that it stays on budget and is delivered on time.”