Vienna - Rental Studios & Event Locations

Seminars, events and films at FILMQUARTIER Vienna: Hollywood flair meets urban green oasis.

FILMQUARTIER Vienna is an extraordinary event location in the heart of Vienna, situated near the famous Naschmarkt.

Encompassing more than 5,000 m², it is home to 30 different lofts, studios and apartments, each with its unique charm. They captivate with ample natural light and a creative atmosphere, while the majority feature outdoor spaces nestled within the green courtyard. Whether you are seeking a large venue for a corporate event accommodating over 100 guests, an intimate seminar space, or a dynamic backdrop for a film production across various settings, FILMQUARTIER Vienna stands ready to bring your vision to life.

Recognised as a certified 'Green Location', FILMQUARTIER Vienna hosts hundreds of seminars, events and film productions annually, attracting esteemed clients like RedBull, BBC, Hermès Paris as well as KPMG.