Ofir Abe

Amsterdam - photographers

"Starting my career 20 years ago as a graphic designer in Israel's leading ad agencies, I've come to understand that I had no aspiration to be on just one side of the creative process. 

Self-taught mostly, I combine my passion for music, aesthetics and cinema as well as human interactions, to distil into dramatic, impactful, and conceptual photos. 

Currently based in Amsterdam, I've been making album covers, advertisements, corporate portraits, automotive and documentary photography around the world - in my studio or on locations.

In the end, it's the impactful image that drives my interest and makes my day.  There’s nothing more inspiring for me than to capture people in ways that they don't usually see themselves in. Using creative lighting and a fresh mood, I love sending them for a journey towards another dimension, bringing out some of the most interesting alter egos.

His commercial clients include Adidas, Porsche Travels, Publicis GNS Adv., Adler Chomski Group/ Grey Israel Adv., Orange, and a wide selection of the biggest law and tech firms in Israel."