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MINDBOX is a full-service production agency based in Antwerp, Belgium.

The team services small to large scale productions of fashion editorials and advertising photo shoots, film, and digital content creation.

MINDBOX’s range of services includes all aspects of production and executive production with a specialisation in fashion projects. From permits to model castings, location scouting, behind the scenes coordination, all important cups of tea and comfortable accommodation after a hectic shooting day – MINDBOX will ensure that every possible detail has been covered. Their goal is to accomplish a high-end service ensuring a smooth and enjoyable production from start to finish, in Belgium and abroad.

Clients and brands MINDBOX has worked with/for: Another Magazine, C&A, Dust, Dries Van Noten, Eastpak, H&M Home, ID Magazine, Instyle, Komono, Love Magazine, L’Officiel, Mango, Raf Simons, Samsonite, Terre Bleue, Vogue IT / Nl / T / US, Willy Vanderperre, Wrangler and Zara.


ROOFF is a worldwide operating, Amsterdam-based production company with over 18 years of experience in producing photo shoots (commercial, fashion and projects) and film (commercials and videos).

"We emphasise speed and efficiency, without sacrificing craft."

ROOFF has produced for clients like Adidas, Karl Lagerfeld, ZARA, Tommy Hilfiger, Hunkemöller and Condé Nast amongst others.

hotelrebel Rotterdam Photo & Film Production and Locations

"We are HotelRebel, a production company for both film and photography.

We love productions in a wide spectrum. Our productions vary from automotive and fashion shoots to content creating brand films & photography.

The Netherlands is our natural playground. Easily accessible in Europe and with a variety of strong architecture, urban cities and energetic sceneries, it makes our country worthwhile visiting.

High-end fashion, new upcoming brands, automotive shoots or any other strong identity can be easily captured in any preferred backdrop.

After 12 years of production experience, we have built a strong network with local crew like scouts, stylists and H&M artist, assistants and digital ops. That makes us able to run both complex and bigger projects as well as small intimate productions.

Brands like Zara, Off-White, State of Art, Justin Alexander, Schiphol, Hyundai, Volkswagen, SudDeutsche Zeitung Magazin can tell you all about their experience with us.

In the end, it’s all about understanding the comfort of production."

Studio Wauters Brussels Food PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION

Studio Wauters is a Brussels-based photography & film studio. Marc and Bart have a lifelong relationship with photography: It's their passion that inspires their ideas and moulds their styles.

Simplicity and elegance are the two most important attributes of their photography. Marc started his own studio in 1987, and his love for photography also inspired his son Bart. Studio Wauters guarantees quality and creativity in food, advertising and landscape photography like you will be able to see in the next few pages.

Their intuitiveness about the importance of digital photography and retouching has made them one of the trendsetters in this area. Their continuous investments in their work and modern technology enable them to always deliver the best possible image to their clients.

Elliot Brussels Photo Production & Talent Representation

Elliot is a photo production agency based in Ghent, Belgium.

"We create visual content for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and interior brands. A group of talented and dedicated visual artists, each with their own vision and network, are selected to make it happen.

Each production is a custom project to fulfill the specific needs of our customers. We always provide a two-way dialogue, anticipate to your every need, give you well-reasoned advice and take action.Your comfort and happiness is our first concern... so when it rains we hold the umbrella.

Are you still looking for creative direction? No problem. Looking for the best crew? We already found them. A unique location? We know the perfect spot.

And what about permits, models and set design? No worries, Elliot got it covered."

La Quadra TV Amsterdam - Madrid - Valencia commercial production

La Quadra is a production company based in Valencia, Madrid and Amsterdam; their strategic shooting situation permits them to work all over Spain and The Netherlands. 

"Our experience of more than 14 years enables us to provide services in photo and film production at any stage of the process: conception, production and post-production. We offer creativity, directors, big variety of locations, local suppliers, logistics, casting and international crews.

Due to the current situation, we offer the option to produce and direct your projects in many locations through our streaming system; you will feel as if you were actually there. 360º cams at the set and direct communication (visual and sound) with directors, producers or ADs, completes the traditional set up of streaming.

This are some of our clients: ING, Nike, Aston Martin, Ford, ADO, Balearia and many more. 

We procure creative solutions for all your projects. We are experienced, efficient, fast and fair."

Thomas van Schaik photography Amsterdam still life photographers

Thomas van Schaik is an Amsterdam based studio photographer specialising in still life, product, design and occasionally food. He uses a clean and human approach to make sure the products shine.

Besides shooting for renowned clients such as Philips, JBL, Pokon and Delush Fragrances and many magazines, he likes to create personal work, which has been recognized by the dutch photographers awards.

Although he is predominantly a studio photographer he likes to shoot on location as well.

Xavier Portela Brussels aerial, architecture and urban photographers

Xavier Portela is a Belgo-Portuguese creative director, self-taught photographer and videographer currently residing in Brussels. He started his career as a web developer after he graduated from Multimedia at IAD (Diffusion Art Institute) in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. Frustrated by his daily job as a developer for an international corporation, he dropped it all to work on his own and follow his passion for images.

Since then he is known for his visual onslaught of signs and neon lights series: “Glow” which was first released during summer 2016. Glow is a collection of cities captured at night where the colours try to activate the brain in order to reproduce the variables you don't have in a photo, such as the temperature, noise and motion. Like painters who manipulate their medium in order to be able to depict spontaneity and movement in a static, two-dimensional image. Simply said, "Glow is what you remember instead of what you’ve seen."

Bram Declercq Ghent people & lifestyle photographers

Bram Declercq makes images that reflect the emotion of that moment without losing touch with reality. By being involved from the moment the button is pushed till the image is delivered, Bram is able to ensure his clients continuous quality.

He makes sure his work is always evolving by using new techniques and the latest technologies. Like that Bram can deliver top-notch results over and over again.

Steven Massart Brussels interiors & exteriors photographers

"As an architectural photographer, making projects visually stand out is my speciality. To me, a building is more than a collection of bricks. Each construction is made for living or working, and I enjoy capturing that potential in my photos. 

20 years of experience has given me a sixth sense of architectural photography that goes beyond lighting and shutter speed. I have developed an understanding of the special relationship that architects have with their art by joining them on field trips. While they look at buildings, I observe them. I look at the materials they run their fingertips over and the details that catch their eye. This technique has helped me to see projects through their eyes and has proven to be very effective.  

My work is characterised by a feeling and representation of spaciousness. I try to look beyond the mere visual details and capture the true story of a building and its surrounding space. 

I have a Master QEP certificate from the European Federation of Professional Photographers and have made a name for myself within the building industry.

My portfolio includes a wide array of projects, from Barco's headquarters to small private real estate projects."

Ofir Abe Amsterdam portrait photographers

"Starting my career 20 years ago as a graphic designer in Israel's leading ad agencies, I've come to understand that I had no aspiration to be on just one side of the creative process. 

Self-taught mostly, I combine my passion for music, aesthetics and cinema as well as human interactions, to distil into dramatic, impactful, and conceptual photos. 

Currently based in Amsterdam, I've been making album covers, advertisements, corporate portraits, automotive and documentary photography around the world - in my studio or on locations.

In the end, it's the impactful image that drives my interest and makes my day.  There’s nothing more inspiring for me than to capture people in ways that they don't usually see themselves in. Using creative lighting and a fresh mood, I love sending them for a journey towards another dimension, bringing out some of the most interesting alter egos.

His commercial clients include Adidas, Porsche Travels, Publicis GNS Adv., Adler Chomski Group/ Grey Israel Adv., Orange, and a wide selection of the biggest law and tech firms in Israel."

Glenn Mostert Rotterdam portrait photographers

"Hi there! I am Glenn Mostert from The Netherlands. Last year I became a full-time commercial photographer. But my photographic journey started in 2008 when I was working as an intern at a fashion company. I was a graphic designer until I got in touch with photography (product and model).

I love everything about it and especially working with people. People interest me, everyone has their own story and I want to hear and photograph them! Creating a moment where the person in front of me opens up to me and shows their true personality is the best thing that can happen.

I work in the studio and on location. I use strobes to set the right mood and create something special. During retouching, I try to get the most out of the photographs but keep the authenticity of the person too."

LITES STUDIOS Brussels underwater services

LITES water stage is the most advanced interior water studio on the planet, designed for high-end underwater filming and water surface shootings.

  • Maximum depth of 10 meters
  • Maximum water surface 42 meters x 30 meters.
  • All water FX are available at the studio: rain, mist, wind, dump tanks, water cannons.
  • Overhead cranes that lift 25T
  • A moveable pool floor that lifts 20T of the set
  • Permanently heated water, different water looks and much more.