Alex Waber

Vancouver - photographers

Alex Waber a fashion, advertising and portrait photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. Trained in cinematography Alex brings the language of story telling to his photography through lighting design, composition and art direction. With a strong DIY attitude, Alex has built himself two custom studios and that ground up attitude makes its way in to all his projects, be it custom set pieces or hand painted backdrops; a day off is usually spent making a mess in his studio.

A love of music has greatly informed his approach to the creative process, an ideal shoot is full of collaborative energy, ideas bouncing around as we follow the art direction with some good improvisation thrown in to the mix. This has also resulted in many live music events happening out of his space and a number of musician’s portraits which have shown up in articles around the world.

Alex has shot for clients including Arcteryx, Aritzia and Shaw Communications and has had work published internationally in in places like The Guardian, Rolling Stones and The Globe and Mail.