Emily Inman

Chicago - Artists Management

Emily Inman Artist Representatives is a Chicago-based firm representing both photographers and illustrators. Her talent has worked on global ad campaigns, large packaging projects, OLV, brochures, web content and book publishing.

Her agency's award-winning talent includes:

Brian Wright - still / motion food photography: whether working on a national ad or packaging redesigns Brian’s incredible attention to detail and his magnificent light helps bring major CPG companies’ products to life.  To see more visit Brian’s website.

Barbara Karant - architectural and interior photography: Barbara is showcasing some of her fine art work for this showcase titled, “architectonic iterations”. The objective of this series is to take independently vital images, replicate them, and recombine them to generate a new incarnation. They are no longer spatially inert, no longer held to within the confines of the paper surface, the borders of the image frame, or the parameters of the original assignment.  To see more please visit her website.

Chris Sheban - sophisticated, humorous illustrations that are both fun and captivating. Chris is a gold and silver medal winner with the Society of Illustrators.  To see Chris’ work visit Emily Inman's website.