chicago Oct 2023


Emily Inman Chicago photo agents

Emily Inman Artist Representatives is a Chicago-based firm representing both photographers and illustrators. Her talent has worked on global ad campaigns, large packaging projects, OLV, brochures, web content and book publishing.

Her agency's award-winning talent includes:

Brian Wright - still / motion food photography: whether working on a national ad or packaging redesigns Brian’s incredible attention to detail and his magnificent light helps bring major CPG companies’ products to life.  To see more visit Brian’s website.

Barbara Karant - architectural and interior photography: Barbara is showcasing some of her fine art work for this showcase titled, “architectonic iterations”. The objective of this series is to take independently vital images, replicate them, and recombine them to generate a new incarnation. They are no longer spatially inert, no longer held to within the confines of the paper surface, the borders of the image frame, or the parameters of the original assignment.  To see more please visit her website.

Chris Sheban - sophisticated, humorous illustrations that are both fun and captivating. Chris is a gold and silver medal winner with the Society of Illustrators.  To see Chris’ work visit Emily Inman's website.

Rob Grimm Chicago food & drink photographers

"I am a commercial beverage and food photographer based in the Midwest. It’s fair to say that I am steeped in boozy things, as being a drinks photographer is my true hallmark. But I am also a huge foodie and simply love to photograph all things food related. Truly, I love what I do and I am fortunate to be recognised for doing what I love. That is my way of injecting that necessary line that I am an “award-winning” commercial photographer.

I have been completely focused on my lane of beverage and food photography and motion content creation. I often lecture on these topics and teach workshops to share my knowledge, because I love this business.

Lately I have been pushing into the world of AI. For many this is a scary and divisive place. For me it is an incredible new tool which allows me to create images that are tailored to a brand. I can manipulate AI to assist in telling stories and grabbing views attention in ways that I could not do before. The collection of images you see here have all been created using my tested traditional methods of crafting light with AI generated backgrounds. All of these images are captured “in camera,” inclusive of the AI backgrounds. Now that statement should make you wonder what I am doing enough to reach out to the studio or my rep.

I hope you enjoy what you see. Please view more of my work at my website. And by all means, reach out and let’s talk about your next project."

Joe Pellegrini Chicago Food & Drink and Still Life Photographers

With over 20 years of experience, Joe Pellegrini has been an industry leader in the fields of product photography and food & drink photography. Beyond his expertise in photography, he is also a skilled painter, infusing his artistic sensibilities into national campaigns for renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Tyson, and Ziploc. For the past 11 years, he has been the go-to photographer for Subway, responsible for capturing their national and international print and outdoor ads, as well as their in-store displays.

Unflappable, Joe has made a career delivering memorable imagery with the utmost professionalism for products ranging from Scrubbing Bubbles to Jim Beam.

On shoot days, Joe's studio is filled with energy as clients indulge in mini candy bars. Meanwhile, Joe collaborates with a talented team of food stylists, special effects experts, and digital technicians. Together, they approach each shot with practiced efficiency, ensuring exceptional results and a track record of success.

Freddy Clark New York food & drink photographers

Freddy Clark is a commercial advertising photographer specialising in capturing vibrant photographs that make drinks look so enticing you’ll want to reach in and drink them. His work is highly detailed and has been described as “taken right out of a sexy speakeasy lounge”.

With a passion for studio work and collaborating with clients, he brings a contagious excitement to every project. His mastery of both artificial and natural lighting ensures captivating photography that will elevate your campaign to new heights. Whether he is creating splashes and pours or working with Artificial Intelligence and video screens, photographs will be cutting edge yet timeless.

Contact Freddy on+1 732-666-8012 to talk about your needs.

Brent Herrig New York - London advertising photographers

Roll up your sleeves with us to transform your upcoming fall or winter concepts into captivating visuals and video that resonate with every viewer. Let's redefine the creative standards for your brand's imagery!

With a specialisation in food, beverages, culinary lifestyle, and hotel hospitality photos and videos, Brent Herrig Creative, along with his dedicated crew, is poised to illuminate your brand like never before. Located in either London or New York, and ready to travel, Brent Herrig Creative is the ideal choice for creatives seeking a delectable point of view.

"Our influence stretches across continents, with a multifaceted office revealing collaborations with prestigious names like Pepsi, LVMH, and Unilever. Be it a local NYC establishment or a worldwide creative force, we're geared up to bring your vision to life."

Brent Herrig Creative operates on the belief that artistic expression knows no boundaries. Our adaptability and prowess in various settings ensure your project will be approached with utmost precision, no matter the setting.  With operations running strongly from both London and NYC and traveling whenever is needed, Brent Herrig Creative has you covered.

This season, let's embark on a journey to craft visuals that not only captivate but linger in the minds of your target audience. Connect with Brent Herrig Creative today and discover how we can elevate your brand's winter narrative.

Stephen Hamilton Chicago food & drink photographers

Just imagine: it’s a shoot day in director and photographer, Stephen Hamilton’s 11,000 sq ft studio. While the team is focused on the visual production, an amazing aroma is swirling in the air. Today’s shoot is for bacon. There aren’t many people who can resist this salty, hammy strip with its umami flavor.

For many, this aroma triggers delicious food memories. This only helps Stephen in his philosophy of capturing real life moments on a plate for chef Justin Brunson of Brunson Meat Co. in Colorado for a print and social media campaign.

Stephen gets close to an ultimate BLT sandwich – tempting you to take a bite. Classic bacon and eggs are made personal with green tomatoes; bacon is paired with peaches and basil for a salad of surprising flavors and grilled shrimp are tucked in a blanket of glistening bacon. This wouldn’t happen without careful planning, lighting and a very talented crew that makes the magic happen.

People can imagine just how a dish will taste - and smell.

Tom Michas Chicago advertising photographers

Tom Michas is a Queer Chicago-based fashion and beauty photographer who creates contemporary imagery with a focus on minimalism and luxury.

He thrives on high-production value and collaboration with strong personalities.

Possessing a discerning eye for detail, Tom strives to create photographs that are sharp and evocative.

His experience as a commercial photographer and retoucher allows him to fulfil a client's vision from layout to finish.

Cameron Karsten Seattle people & lifestyle photographers

"It takes determination, strength and grit to work in a shop or out in the fields. At any moment, something could go wrong. There needs to be an awareness of how things look, sound and feel. It is the same with photography; an absolute awareness of the senses."

Cameron is represented by The Gren Group.

Amy Stallard Chicago food & drink photographers

Amy Stallard is a commercial food and beverage photographer with over a decade of experience creating mouthwatering images. Her clients include national and private label CPG brands, restaurants, cookbooks, & magazines. Her style is described as bold and heroic, with a knack for beautiful details and compositions.

Shooting out of a 3,000 sq. foot loft in Chicago’s West Town, the sun-soaked studio offers several shooting bays, cozy client nooks, two kitchens, & an extensive prop collection.

Amy believes strongly in the power of community and hospitality. Her big-hearted love of food ensures no one leaves her set hungry - both literally and figuratively. She strives to foster moments of connection and collaboration that leave client and crew creatively satisfied. She'd love to host your next production.

Laura Crosta Chicago - New York - Salt Lake City advertising photographers

Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Laura Crosta has an innate ability to capture moments that place the viewer directly in the midst of the action. Her philosophy for creating images expresses a narrative that exudes energy and realism.

Laura fills her spirit, conceiving and executing an array of still and motion projects spanning almost every business category. Her most recent work has taken her around the globe, creating content for Dupixent, Bank of America, Google, Stony Brook Hospital, Ardent Mills, and Paris Baguette. “Yours could be next!”

Laura’s imagery has elevated numerous brands including ADP, Eczema Exposed, ConEdison, Lyft, Paris Baguette, Microsoft, ESPN, Sony, Nike, Canon, Adidas, Toyota - to name a few. Some of her celebrity and musician collaborations include Michael Jordan, RuPaul, Sir Richard Branson, Joan Osborne, Kelly Clarkson, Kiss, Run DMC, George Clinton, Jewel, Rachael Yamagata, and Cary Brothers.

Accolades include The International Color Awards, Exposure, Spider Award, PDN’s Photo Annual, Tucson Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, and The Los Angeles Reel Film Festival.

Brooke Doyle Chicago Stylists/ drink & beverage

Brooke Doyle is a Chicago-based beverage stylist, specialising in spirits, beer and coffee.

This year alone, she created cocktails on camera for The Waldorf Astoria, Jennifer Lopez’s new line of spritzers DeLola, Beam Suntory’s portfolio of whiskey brands, national restaurant chain Cooper's Hawk, and sleek newcomer to the low proof scene, Sommarøy.

Brooke loves creative collaborations as well, and is always looking for new photo partners who want to go get weird in the studio!