Rob Grimm

Chicago - photographers

"I am a commercial beverage and food photographer based in the Midwest. It’s fair to say that I am steeped in boozy things, as being a drinks photographer is my true hallmark. But I am also a huge foodie and simply love to photograph all things food related. Truly, I love what I do and I am fortunate to be recognised for doing what I love. That is my way of injecting that necessary line that I am an “award-winning” commercial photographer.

I have been completely focused on my lane of beverage and food photography and motion content creation. I often lecture on these topics and teach workshops to share my knowledge, because I love this business.

Lately I have been pushing into the world of AI. For many this is a scary and divisive place. For me it is an incredible new tool which allows me to create images that are tailored to a brand. I can manipulate AI to assist in telling stories and grabbing views attention in ways that I could not do before. The collection of images you see here have all been created using my tested traditional methods of crafting light with AI generated backgrounds. All of these images are captured “in camera,” inclusive of the AI backgrounds. Now that statement should make you wonder what I am doing enough to reach out to the studio or my rep.

I hope you enjoy what you see. Please view more of my work at my website. And by all means, reach out and let’s talk about your next project."