Christoph Siegert

Hamburg - People and Lifestyle Photographers and directors

On the subject of the Corona Crisis, Christoph produced the haunting and atmospheric film #NOTthesameprocedure for Edelhof1514 during the shutdown, quite spontaneously and with a small team. Based on the commonly known film "Dinner for One", the story about the topic of how to keep in touch with the elderly during the Corona crisis and how it can be alleviated with the help of modern technology was created. All necessary and required hygiene rules were strictly adhered to.

In sunny Cape Town, Christoph realised in his usual authentic lifestyle style, at the beginning of the year, a cheerful, atmospheric story entitled "Rooftop Party". A refreshing drink - the South African cider "Hunters" was presented in a colourful and atmospheric way with a lot of zest for life. The story shows the carefree life in South Africa, which we hope to experience again soon.