Maison Musitowski

Dusseldorf - Talents Agents

"Let's get back to work! The events of the last few months have impacted all of us. We are confronted with having to adapt to new processes, a new approach to how things are done and how we interact with each other. Creating a whole new “normal” way of doing things has been on all of our agendas. But having gone through the changes, also means that we are now ready to do what we enjoy the most, and that is to “get back to work” again!

Our artist and talent agency Maison Musitowski GmbH is yet again ready to put its foot on the throttle and start operations after the lockdown. Since the end of May, armed with the required protective equipment, full of motivation and creativity, Maison Musitowski GmbH has started the first productions after the break.

We would also like to introduce our new artists from the fields of photography, retouch, hair and make-up and acting. Maison Musitowski GmbH is a boutique agency and a full-service production company.

Are you still looking for artists and talent for your upcoming production? Then you are exactly right with us.

We represent photographers, make-up artist, hairstylists, fashion stylists, set designer/prop master, videographer, producer, hosts and actors. We specialise in fashion, lifestyle, kids, sports, travel and advertising. We can arrange the booking for both individual artists as well as any sized team who are used to working in contact with each other. 

We look forward to upcoming projects and new challenges."