Sabine Duerichen c/o Kristina Korb GmbH

Munich - Kids, Teens and Fashion Photographers

Some of Munich-based kids photographer Sabine Duerichen's latest projects shown in this feature: 

  • LILLYDOO - Baby Care
    Sabine took the current photo series for the Frankfurt baby care start-up LILLYDOO. The special thing about the shooting was, among other things, the collaboration with real mothers and their babies as models. The situations depict moments of the parents' everyday life and are therefore close.
  • Burda Style - School Start
    School has recently returned to the scene, the topic of starting school is more trending than ever, not only in autumn but also in the middle of 2020.
  • Russell Kids - Schoolgear
    In 2020 Russell® presents its best collection yet; with an expanded selection of proven favourites and innovative new models that set the standard for quality, detail and printability. The photographs were taken in a very simple style against earth-coloured backgrounds and with sparingly used props that can be found in every school day.
  • Karolina Zmarlak - Lookbook
    Shortly before the Corona crisis, the shoot for fashion designer Karolina Zmarlak took place in her New York KZ_K studio in Manhattan. The concept shoot - Transformational Habits & Leather, was photographed by Sabine Duerichen in the metropolis of NYC.