Anatol Gottfried

Berlin - Barcelona - Cape Town - photographers

As the summer of the southern hemisphere surely came to an end, photographer Anatol Gottfried surprises us with a brand-new, captivating photo series. After spending the first half of the year in South Africa, Anatol is now back in Europe and looking forward to bring some bold flavour to your upcoming summerly production.

Based between Berlin and Barcelona, Anatol Gottfried is a lifestyle, people, and transportation photographer. Anatol is mastering the automobile industry while enriching it with his distinctive and elegant style, focusing on its dynamism. All of Anatol's imagery must exhibit meticulous control of light, color, and composition. In addition, he always strives to include a strong human element in every story he delivers. His most recent projects strike the ideal balance between lifestyle and automobile.

Please visit his website and follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.