Hamburg - Locations & Studios

Fast Forward Locationservice is a pioneering and innovative location and scouting agency headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Their primary objective is to consistently offer a wide range of styles and atmospheres tailored to suit your production needs, whether it be grand and impressive, or delicate and intimate. Rest assured, Fast Forward is well-prepared to meet your requirements or even embark on a search to find the perfect setting.

Their comprehensive services include:

  • Customised aerial scoutings
  • Customised object 360° tours
  • Customised aerial 360° tours

Fast Forward has established successful collaborations with renowned companies such as Erste Liebe Filmproduktion, Bwgtbld, Markenfilm, Rabicorn Films, 27 Km, Simon und Paul, Anorak Film, Cndy Film, Umlautfilms, Czar Film, Iam Image, Sterntag, and many others.