Max Kruggel

Munster - Interiors, Still LIfe and People Photographers

Max Kruggel works on location and in various photo studios for his clients throughout Germany. For over eight years he has specialised in interior, commercial, and product photography. With his freelance team, which is custom-tailored to each production and client, he also carries out advertising productions abroad for his clients.

In recent months, Max Kruggel has had the opportunity to realise different projects together with various partners and clients, such as Thalia, Scalido, Grohe, PORT1 Hamburg and more.

Max's aim, especially in luxury real estate shootings from various trades, such as for bathroom studios or furniture manufacturers, is to create a certain tension and surrealism through staged artificial lighting that deliberately directs the viewer.

In addition to his personal interest in classic cars, Max is an absolute coffee lover. If you feel like having a talk and a good coffee, feel free to get in touch with him.

You can find more of Max Kruggel's work on his website.