NM Productions

New York - Dubai - Los Angeles - London - Milan - Malaga - Full Photo & Film Production Services

NM Productions are a global production company who pride themselves on collaborating with some of the most talented and creative minds the industry has to offer.

"Working across both moving image and stills productions, our scalable and flexible approach means we are able to cater for projects and budgets big and small, almost anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for end-to-end production or just in need of service production, such as a location scout, casting director or shoot support, NM’s dedicated team are here to help."

NM have worked with household names such as Pepsi, Citibank, Range Rover, Bank of America, Nike, Jaguar, Vogue and Omega Watches, to name a few, producing outstanding work spanning across moving image and stills for luxury lifestyle, automotive, sports, celebrity and fashion brands globally.