Jesse Smith

Brisbane - photographers

Jesse Smith, an esteemed and highly regarded photographer, has spent over two decades capturing extraordinary moments through his lens. With a diverse portfolio catering to national and international audiences, Jesse has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional results across various genres.

What sets Jesse apart is his unmatched blend of creativity, technical prowess, and a composed and confident demeanor. With a deep passion for advertising, food, and lifestyle photography, Jesse possesses a remarkable ability to connect with his subjects, enabling him to elicit genuine performances from both seasoned professionals and non-professional actors alike.

Recognised for his contributions as a photographer on television commercials (TVCs), Jesse's vast experience, efficiency, diplomacy, and strong relationships with his crew consistently yield superior outcomes.

Jesse's impressive skills and experience extend seamlessly to both studio and on-location shoots. He has collaborated with renowned clients including AAMI, Tattersall's, Metagenics, Virgin Airlines, Cancer Council, Tourism Queensland, Fox Sports, Ladbrokes, Subway, Donut King, Gloria Jeans, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Suncorp and Bank of QLD.

A natural problem-solver, Jesse has conquered every on-set complication thrown his way. Whether in the air, underwater, or on the ground, he goes to great lengths to capture the perfect shot, consistently delivering outstanding and distinctive results.