OCEANIA ISSUE 928 Jul 2023

Julie Renouf Melbourne photographers

"There are many defining moments in my career as a photographer and director. The most prominent: an inspired Christmas gift, a Hanimex Box Brownie at the age of seven; a gifted art teacher in high school who taught me to experiment and explore beyond what the textbooks taught, and that ‘mistakes’ can take you to somewhere way beyond imagining; a tertiary education in photography that taught me the rules and then insisted I break them; countless shoots where I learned to trust my intuition whilst being supported by my training. These countless projects now are the backbone of my experience.

Recent years have seen my love of the still image flow into my love of the moving image, with the focus being to always weave a visual story. My capacity to shoot both photography and film streamlines production and maintains style consistency across various media. My style is relaxed, natural, and ‘real’; utilising daylight wherever possible.

On set I work closely with clients: I believe that collaboration, a positive attitude, and a shared enthusiasm for evocative visuals are the most effective way to create beautiful, authentic stories worth sharing with the world."

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