Virginia Woolf

New Zealand - People, Lifestyle and Travel Photographers

A natural creator since she was a child, Virginia studied photographic design and trained as a press photographer for a national newspaper, honing her craft shooting people in all sorts of situations and from all walks of life - much of which still applies to her commercial work on outdoor adventure, lifestyle, and portrait shoots. She also dabbles in architecture from the to time, when not travelling the world seeking adventure - her commitment to tell stories through her lens.

Her career has seen her photograph luxury resorts in Fiji, fight the advances of a Papua New Guinean chief who needed a fourth wife, eat pig entrails in Japan (followed by lots of sake), and her favourite experience so far - sleeping under the stars in the Sahara. Adventure energises her.

Virginia is a Canon master, one of 15 Masters in Australasia which recognises world-class image creators who have perfected their craft and offer inspiration, vision, insight, and experience within the industry.