OCEANIA ISSUE 942 Nov 2023

Maxine Lock Sydney photographers

Sydney-based photographer Maxine Lock is a specialist in the disciplines of food, beverage, and product photography. Her talent truly shines within the controlled environment of her studio, where she expertly manipulates artificial lighting to create captivating images.

What sets Maxine apart is her deep understanding of the seductive powers of lighting, colour and texture, which is beautifully showcased in her work. She is renowned for her signature style of shoots that not only capture the essence of her vision but also infuse them with a sense of life and energy that leaves a lasting impression.

Maxine's commitment to fostering strong creative partnerships is evident in her ability to collaborate seamlessly with clients and bring their visions to life. Engage in a discussion with Maxine via her website to explore how she can transform your creative aspirations into reality.

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