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Reload + Co Australia Talent Representation and Full Service Production

Reload+co is an Australian-based production company, representing a select group of photographers and directors. They specialise in advertising campaign production and offer their expertise across the fields of stills photography and film.

Reload+co create content specifically tailored to meet clients print and digital needs. They offer a full service experience from pre-production to post, for projects of any size.  Their photographers and directors are based in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK and Europe, and work across a variety of disciplines.

The Reload+co team are known for their unique approach to production and offer both clients and artists alike a wealth of knowledge of the entire industry. The agency’s impressive talent roster, backed by a strong team of producers means they are able to offer clients the very best creative expertise in every aspect of the industry. All are committed to pushing creative boundaries and can coordinate every step of the process.

Focus Point Photo Christchurch advertising photographers

"Great commercial photography goes beyond documenting a product or a person. It tells a story, and it connects ideas, conveying emotion and values, capturing the hearts and the minds of an audience in an image that tells a thousand words.

I want my images to tell the story of your industry and the people involved. I try to convey the purpose, scale, and innovation of what you do. The exact requirements will vary depending on your industry, its target audience, and its overall branding goals, which I enjoy working with you to define.

Overall, good l photography goes beyond just documenting machinery and workplaces. It’s about taking photos in a way that conveys your core values, and emotions, showcases the industrial processes, and captures the people and technology working together.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements."

Alex Wallace Auckland corporate & industrial photographers

"Working with professional models is easy, for they are photogenic, relaxed and they know how to pose. And that makes a photographer’s job so much simpler. By contrast, most of my subjects are inexperienced and reluctant to have their photos taken at all - so it can be quite the challenge to coax a performance from them.

But this is what I do - and I do it well. Real subjects generally deliver the best images; honest depictions with charm and character. So if you want real good photos, of real people, doing real things... then get in touch."

Greg Elms Melbourne Food and Lifestyle Photographers

Growing up in his family’s hotel gave Greg Elms a natural affinity with food and people – and working the spotlight on the hotel’s cabaret shows kindled a fascination with lighting and performers. Shooting both photography and video, Greg has travelled the world on commissions for book publishers, designers and advertising agencies.

Drawing on two decades of experience and collaboration, Greg captures results that speak with the assured confidence of someone who has worked with both people and food all his life.

His most recent accolade is a Silver Award in the Professional Category at the 2023 International Photography Awards.

Clients include: InterContinental Hotels, Nando’s, Lonely Planet, Penguin Books, Intrepid Travel, Next Hotel Group, Earth Hour, Tourism Victoria, Mission Foods, Jenny Craig, Murdoch Books.

Virginia Woolf New Zealand People, Lifestyle and Travel Photographers

A natural creator since she was a child, Virginia Woolf studied photographic design and trained as a press photographer for a national newspaper, honing her craft shooting people in all sorts of situations and from all walks of life - much of which still applies to her commercial work on outdoor adventure, lifestyle, and portrait shoots - her commitment to tell stories through her lens.

Her career has seen her photograph luxury resorts in Fiji, fight the advances of a Papua New Guinean chief who needed a fourth wife, eat pig entrails in Japan (followed by lots of sake), and her favourite experience so far - sleeping under the stars in the Sahara. Adventure energises her.

Virginia is a Canon master, one of 15 Masters in Australasia which recognises world-class image creators who have perfected their craft and offer inspiration, vision, insight, and experience within the industry. She travels the world over, photographing people, places, and capturing the stories she finds.

Stef King Australia - Singapore advertising photographers

Stef King is an advertising photographer who works across Perth, Sydney and Singapore.

After 20 years in the business of photography, Stef knows what is needed to create award winning images for her clients: working closely with art director and like minded creative teams to create images that resonated with people and touches on the social environment around us.

Go to Stef's website and follow her on Instagram for more information.

Manja Wachsmuth Auckland advertising photographers

Manja Wachsmuth has won awards and fans with her impeccable Scandinavian sense of elegant composition, recently listed as a Lürzer’s Archive top 200 Ad photographer for the second time. Manja creates masterful food photography, captivating product shots, expressive portraiture and lifestyle imagery that intrigues.

Danish-born but now resident in Auckland, Manja's work is a testament to photographic power. From darkroom beginnings to culinary artistry, she has become a master of precision and purpose in commercial photography.

Manja believes in the profound impact of beautiful photos and compelling narratives. "Beautiful photos last. They tell your story year after year, through trends and seasons, failure and success. They shine with you. It's easy to think that any photo will do, but that's as untrue as any meal or any wine will do. I believe in beautiful photos.", says Wachsmuth.

Film Construction recently welcomed the consummate food and lifestyle photographer into its photography roster. To view Manja’s printed portfolio, contact Film Construction’s Belinda Bradley.

Client list includes: Heineken, American Express, Nespresso, Barker’s of Geraldine, Lone Star and Liquorland.

David Ross Sydney Sports and Lifestyle Photographers

David Ross is a sports and lifestyle photographer from the Central Coast, NSW, an energetic and passionate creative who thrives on team work and outcomes.

His ability to capture dynamic movement while highlighting specific details is a skill he has honed from years spent shooting high-paced sports. He creates clean, powerful images that move and inspire.

David has built his portfolio working with brands such as My Muscle Chef, Reebok, Puma, Under Armour, Rebel Sport and more.

With professional experience in production, photography and retouching, David has all ends of the creative scope covered.

Maxine Lock Sydney food & drink photographers

Sydney-based photographer Maxine Lock is a specialist in the disciplines of food, beverage, and product photography. Her talent truly shines within the controlled environment of her studio, where she expertly manipulates artificial lighting to create captivating images.

What sets Maxine apart is her deep understanding of the seductive powers of lighting, colour and texture, which is beautifully showcased in her work. She is renowned for her signature style of shoots that not only capture the essence of her vision but also infuse them with a sense of life and energy that leaves a lasting impression.

Maxine's commitment to fostering strong creative partnerships is evident in her ability to collaborate seamlessly with clients and bring their visions to life. Engage in a discussion with Maxine via her website to explore how she can transform your creative aspirations into reality.

Jesse Smith Brisbane advertising photographers

Jesse Smith, a seasoned photographer with over two decades of experience, is celebrated for his work across diverse photography styles. His forte lies in advertising, food, and lifestyle photography, where he excels in capturing genuine and authentic moments, whether with professional models or newcomers.

His extensive portfolio features collaborations with industry giants such as Qantas, Tourism Australia, Virgin Airlines, Caltex, AAMI, Cadbury, Subway, Taco Bell, Donut King, Gloria Jeans, Dulux, Ladbrokes, Tattersall’s and BCF.

A natural problem solver, there isn't an on-set complication Jesse hasn't conquered. In the air, underwater and on the ground, he will do anything for the shot, always delivering outstanding and unique results.

Sacha Stejko Auckland advertising photographers

"My name is Sacha Stejko, and I am an award-winning advertising photographer based in New Zealand with a deep passion for capturing the essence of people.

My versatile abilities in photography allow me to seamlessly navigate through various genres including portraiture, sport, lifestyle and advertising.

When it comes to my craft, I am always seeking to infuse a unique energy or emotion into my work. Over the past year, I have been incredibly fortunate to be involved in extraordinary projects that have not only allowed me to capture still images but also to direct accompanying motion pieces.

Working with renowned brands such as Bose, Powerade, TAB, FIFA, Samsung, Adidas, and Warner has been an absolute privilege and a testament to the quality of my work."

Amanda Aitken Photography Auckland Interiors and Exteriors Photographers

"Seeking light and framing is a total obsession – camera in hand or not. I'm drawn to finding beauty, clarity, connection and form. While architecture and interiors are my specialty, I have a strong focus in industrial and brand photography.

At the age of 14, I started in the photo lab, printing in the days of film. After moving to London in 2002, I began my career shooting homes for a marketing firm working as the head photographer.

Back home in New Zealand, I’m constantly refining my craft and pushing creative boundaries, with attention to details. My calm manner has proved worthy in times of pressure over the last 20 years of pro shooting.

I enjoy time with my husband and two teenage girls, hiking and kayaking. With a history of diving in the Red Sea, swimming with great white sharks, hanging out of helicopters – I’m always up for adventure."

Graeme Murray Auckland advertising photographers

Graeme Murray's career has been dedicated to the image industry. Trained in professional photography, he began his journey at a top New Zealand audiovisual production company. There, he created dynamic product launches for major corporations using a range of multimedia, including lighting, video projection, graphics, set design, and the thrilling use of pyrotechnics.

The desire to be shooting led him into running his own successful photography business. Graeme now works with clients and agencies on projects that include portraiture, people, lifestyle and sport related to advertising. He takes all his knowledge and experience from previous work in the AV and TV industries into his photography, so dealing with any situation is effortless.

He has a great rapport with clients and the production crew on jobs and goes beyond the norm to make sure the shoot meets and exceeds expectations.

Clients include Red Bull, MasterCard, adidas, Specialized Bikes USA, Tudor Watches, Under Armour, Samsung, Wendy’s, VW, John Deere, AIG, Ford, Bendon, Ozone, Atomic, Tourism New Zealand, Mac Pac Outdoor Clothing, Powerade, Fonterra, among others.

Graeme can be found in the studio or shooting outdoors.