Baldwin Production Services, Inc

San Francisco - Locations & Studios

Baldwin's scouting, management, negotiating, and field production skills are backed by a massive location library. From concept brainstorming right through to the wrap, Baldwin consistently delivers excellent photography, production-friendly locations, and clear, concise intel. Baldwin’s love of the business is deep, and the relationships they have created with both production and locations worlds are long-lasting. The creativity they show in pre-pro continues through production’s logistics phase, and wraps are closed with invitations to return again.

Automotive, healthcare, tech, banking - you name it, they are doing it constantly, while working with homeowners, property managers, and officials at every level of government to create a reliable and seamless flow of information. Award-winning, personable, and highly networked service is what one can expect from Baldwin, and they deliver.

"Excellent locations, great crew and resource referrals, fast creative service, and a deep sense of adventure make Baldwin our first call."