Studio Volca

Canary Islands - Full Photo & Film Production Services

Studio Volca is a prominent full-service creative production company based in Lanzarote, catering to clients across the Canaries.

Their expertise has helped brands such as The North Face, Billabong, Wallpaper* and Red Bull bring their photography, film, video, and digital content productions to life in distinctive locations and landscapes.

With an extensive knowledge of the islands, encompassing locations, on-set production necessities, talent, equipment, accommodation, and catering, they offer a comprehensive production service. From meticulous planning and budget management to talent casting, and engaging creative and technical professionals, they cover all aspects. This includes location scouting, prop and equipment procurement, catering arrangements, accommodation coordination, vehicle rental, permits, and customised research.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure seamless shoots tailored to the specific creative visions and marketing strategies of their clients. Founded by a team of accomplished professionals with diverse backgrounds in photography, filmmaking, production, and project management, Studio Volca brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to every project. United by a deep appreciation for unique landscapes, culture, and history, the company's founders are dedicated to showcasing the island's allure and splendor through their craft.