Avocado360 Zurich 360° video and VR production

avocado360 develops and produces stories for individual VR concepts. If you interested in tailored VR solutions for your business - check out the work references of avocado360, including 360° videos, panoramas and hyper-lapse.

Recent projects featured in this Showcase:

  • 'Into the deep' for swiss-newspaper Tages Anzeiger. Journey to the heart of a glacier. The Plaine Morte (‘dead plain’) Glacier is as untouched as its name suggests, but this winter a group of adventurers decided to go right to its heart. Photo and 360° video by  Urs Wyss and Christian Mülhauser.
  • Going the last mile VR Award Winner at the European Excellence Awards 2017. The UBS Optimus Foundation supports two charities and in order to bring supporters closer to the work of the aid organisations, UBS broke new ground in bringing the story across as a 360° virtual reality experience. The video is most impressive when viewed with a pair of VR glasses over a mobile phone. Director and camera: Urs Wyss.
  • V-ZUG hyperlapse video. Ununusual solution for this amazing hyper-lapse film produced in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Production and photography: avocado360.
  • For Sigmatic, a Swiss heating systems company currently building automation and solar systems, avocado360 produced and filmed 360° film and panoramas.

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