In addition to all the countless location placements from the archive, NOVEMBER OSCAR SIERRA WHISKEY was again able to commission many exciting scoutings for a wide variety of projects this year. Among other things, also for the Zurich Film Commission, for which the agency spent the last sunny and warm Indian summer days in an extensive event. Scouting was used to promote locations in and around Zurich, in order to now devote themselves to recording new indoor locations, suitable for the cold season.

Recent projects included the new SRF science-fiction-comedy-series 'Mindblow' with director Eric Andreae and Shining Film, the last season of SRF series 'Neumatt' in cooperation with Zodiac pictures and directors Bettina Oberli and Cosima Frei. Other projects included Breitling with photographer Alex Waltl and Alexandra Aberli Management, SWICA with director Gonzaga Manso and Shining Film, Coop Xmas TVC for Stories with director Tobias Fueter, and many more.

"Follow us on all social media. We have a lot of new and exciting things coming for you in 2024. NOVEMBER OSCAR SIERRA WHISKEY wishes you all a relaxing holiday season, a new year full of peace and joy!"