Packshot Factory

London - Photography & Film Studios

Packshot Factory, est. 1986 and located in Central London, Covent Garden, specialises in high-end photography and film services shooting products for numerous brands and advertising agencies. They also shoot special effects, slow motion, and film with high-speed and motion control equipment for dynamic shots.

Operating from their purpose-built studios, Packshot Factory uses exclusively their in-house Hasselblad and RED camera equipment. With highly skilled photographers, retouchers, DOPs, and editors, they provide flexible packages that include studio space, equipment, and crew. They often work together with a diverse range of specialist stylists, set builders, and SFX experts to meet specific project requirements.

Their studios offer easy street-level access for unloading straight onto sets, including both standard 'table-top' setups and a large set with an infinity cove, client areas and kitchens.

Packshot Factory is a highly regarded studio preferred by numerous advertising agencies and brands as their go-to solution for hassle-free productions.