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LS Productions London - Manchester - Edinburgh - Malta Full Photo & Film Production and Services

LS is a global production partner providing expert knowledge on commercials, film and TV, music videos, fashion and sports projects. Their team of creative collaborators and problem-solvers work across the UK from production hubs in Edinburgh, Manchester and London, and a warm water location in Malta. 

At LS, they work hard to go beyond the expected to make brilliant things for brilliant people. The team are experts at what they do and have recently worked with Ed Sheeran, Cristiano Ronaldo, Stanley Tucci, Valentino, Aston Martin, Conde Nast and more.

LS are ready for what’s next. Their location department of seven is always scouting the UK for the next best shoot setting and beyond this search there is an expansion into Malta.

The team at LS Productions is available to produce your next project anywhere across the UK and beyond. View their recent work here or say hello.

JSR London photo agents

JSR Agency is a creative management and content production company based in London, working globally.

"We have a roster of 50 photographers, illustrators, animators, CGI artists and content makers and provide creative solutions for the world's biggest brands and agencies.

This Showcase includes work from our artists, including new signing fashion and sports photographer Dominic Marley's new campaign for Italian sportswear brand UYN shot with James Bond stuntman Sebastien Foucan. New work featured: Oliver Paffrath shot Nissan Patrol and the classic Lotus Elise.

Amy Currell collaborated with mixed media artist Augustynka for Creed Frangrance's Spring Flowers campaign. Matt Hind shot Pretty Yende for Graff before her King's coronation performance and a fashion editorial for Millionair Magazine. BOOM CGI created the ident for the Creative Floor Awards; and Henrik Knudsen was won an American Photography award for his work."

Horton-Stephens Photographers Agents London photo agents

Horton-Stephens, London's leading photographers' agents for over 25 years, have been busy as usual shooting stills and moving image, from online content to TVC. Featured in this Showcase is a selection of new work, but be sure to visit the site for a full run-down, including amazing motion CG work by Revenant and their latest signing Samuel McElwee. 

Horton-Stephens is well-known for representing a world-class group of photographers, but moving image has become a bigger and bigger part of what the team do. Great production remains key to the success of all their shoots. They are friendly and approachable, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of lighting, casting, locations (in the UK and worldwide), set building, timings, post-production, cgi and moving image - whether shooting TVCs or on the back of TVCs (a very particular challenge that they deal with often, where they only have moments to get the shot), they have done it all.

Head over to their Latest News section of the website to see recent projects and more.


Agent-At-Large is a talent led production company, collaborating with globally renowned brands and advertising agencies to develop comprehensive campaigns across print, digital, and TV platforms.

At its essence, AAL thrives on discovering the perfect talent for each client's requirements and equipping them with top-notch resources to craft visually captivating narratives that surpass expectations.

The company was established by Pete Gearing, a former stills retoucher and sales executive, joined by film producer Andy Gordon. AAL brings together a distinctive combination of expertise in client services, creative oversight, and the seamless execution of photography, filmmaking, and social content.

AAL places great importance on supporting female and diverse talent, spanning photographers, technicians, and production crew, as part of its commitment to fostering inclusivity. Additionally, the company actively works towards a sustainable future, embracing environmentally-friendly practices.

Robert Wilson London portrait photographers

London-based portrait photographer Robert Wilson continues to produce some of the finest examples of memorable celebrity imagery.

He is equally at home shooting prime ministers, sports stars, and actors as he is shooting the everyday or extraordinary, as seen in one of his personal or long-term projects.

His commercial client list includes the likes of Adidas, Nike, and Peroni, whereby his celebrity portraits feature on the cover of The Times Saturday Magazine.

Many of his portraits are held within the permanent collections of both the English and Scottish national portrait galleries, and his work and portraits from the Afghanistan war are regarded as an important historical record.

Whether in the studio or the field, his innate passion to capture the emotion of his subjects along with his recognisable technique ensures his images stand the test of time.

See more here and follow on Instagram.

Jack Margerison London advertising photographers

Jack is a photographer renowned for his ability to capture stylised portraits that uncover the distinctive personalities and emotions of his subjects. With a profound sense of empathy and understanding, he adeptly creates candid and spontaneous moments within his photographs.

Jack's portfolio encompasses a wide range of commercial, editorial, and campaign projects, collaborating with esteemed clients such as The Premier League, Sports England, EE, Samsung, The New York Times, and Tesco.

His skills shine brightest under pressure, as he passionately crafts visual narratives that deeply resonate with viewers.

Daniel Lewis Photography London Portrait & Corporate Photographer

Daniel Lewis is a London-based photographer with extensive and varied experience in the industry, beginning his career as a photojournalist.

Operating within the portrait, corporate, and industrial fields, Daniel skillfully captures individuals from diverse backgrounds. He seamlessly transitions between photographing Academy Award-winning film directors, renowned sports stars, and high-profile executives of FTSE 100 companies.

When time permits, Daniel actively engages in pursuing smaller, personal projects, showcasing his keen eye and artistic vision. One notable project, his 'Open House' series, not only evolved into a solo exhibit but also earned the distinction of having two of its images prominently displayed at London's prestigious Mall Galleries.

He has worked for such global corporations as HSBC, Glencore and AngloAmerican, as well as UK institutions such as the BBC, the English Premier League, Marks & Spencer and Virgin Atlantic.

Daniel has been published in National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian and The Times of London, as well as many other UK titles.

Chris Howlett Photography London still life photographers

"At Howlett Photography, we specialise in offering creative and customised still life and advertising photography services tailored to the needs of large global brands, new startups, and everything in between.

Over the past few months, our work has made a lasting impression. Our simple yet elegant ring photography has garnered attention, while our collaboration with 77 Diamonds has truly sparkled.

Additionally, our successful advertising campaign for the renowned footwear brand Scholl has paved the way for our continued success. These recent projects have kept our London still life studio buzzing with activity.

We are eager to take on more exciting opportunities and possess an abundance of creativity to elevate your brand or product to new heights. Contact us today, and let's bring your vision to life."

Jodie Mann Edinburgh Fashion and Beauty Photographers

Jodie Mann is an internationally acclaimed photographer and director, specialising in fashion, beauty, and advertising imagery. Born and raised in the enchanting Scottish Highlands, Jodie draws inspiration from the region's rich history and breathtaking landscapes. Her work beautifully intertwines these influences with a captivating exploration of the human form, resulting in stunning and evocative compositions.

Beyond capturing the image, Jodie works closely with clients at every stage of the creative process, focusing on crafting, developing, and executing compelling narratives that bring their audiences closer to the heart and soul of their product. Each project showcases Jodie's unique artistic perspective, pushing the boundaries of conventional image-making.

With a career spanning over a decade, and mentorship under renowned photographer Nick Knight, Jodie has been awarded the IPA International Advertising Photographer of the Year Award, and nominated for Photographer of the Year at the Lucies.

Kris Kirkham London food & drink photographers

"The last few months and the recent photography awards season have been exhilarating!

Winning the Production Paradise Previously Published category in the Pink Lady Food Photography of the Year Awards, along with two other finalist images, eight nominated images and seven honourable mentions in the International Color Awards. I've included some of my winning images and entries for 2023 in this Showcase.

Specialising in capturing the beauty of everyday moments, I believe in the power of food to evoke emotions and memories. I love to play with lighting, colour, and composition to create stunning visuals that capture the essence of each dish and make the ordinary extraordinary.

My clients include Deliveroo, Warburtons, Waitrose Kitchen, Marks & Spencer, Nando's, Lidl UK, Byron Burger, Weight Watchers, Subway UK, ITSU, Yo Sushi, Costa Coffee, Heathrow, and many more.

Get in touch with my agent, Style Department or myself to see how we can help make the everyday special for you and your clients; let's create something beautiful together!"

Zoe Economides London advertising photographers

British-born and London-based photographer Zoe Economides spent most of her twenties in Australia, where she was exposed to cinematic coastlines, the barren red earth of the Outback and time-weathered rock formations that make it like no other place on Earth.

While studying for her commercial photography degree there, these wide and open expanses, their subtle colour palette and layered textures, undoubtedly became a key influence on her work.

Her beautifully lit images maintain a clean and considered aesthetic through deliberate simplicity. Locations have become a key aspect of her work and she takes great interest in scouting for them to bring her vision to life, imbuing her shoots with a relaxed atmosphere to match.

Always keen for an adventure, the search for these often remote and vast locations has taken Zoe across the globe, from the white-drenched terrain of Antarctica, through the oxygen-starved highlands of Peru, to the awe-inspiring volcanic formations of Iceland.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the human form, Zoe’s work seeks to bring them together, blurring the lines between portraiture and landscapes.

Dan Joseph Photography London people & lifestyle photographers

Dan Joseph is a people and places photographer whose style is highly sought after in the editorial and advertising world.

He has 15 plus years’ experience creating powerful and beautifully observed images.

Dan is represented in the UK by Agent at Large.

Gareth Sambidge Photography London food & drink photographers

Gareth Sambidge is working at the cutting edge of food film and photography and is always keen to play and experiment with imagery both conceptually and technically.

Adapting these techniques to work within the growing moving image realm has been his biggest passion over the last couple of years, and of late he has directed TVCs and collaborated on travel films and social media food campaigns.

Recent clients include Edwardian Hotels, Kellogg's, McDonald's, Sainsbury’s, Workham Hotels, Wild Bean Cafe and Waitrose.

Will Scott Photography Edinburgh - London Architecture, Aerial and People Photographers

Will is a photographer, filmmaker and drone operator based between Edinburgh and London.

Recent commissions have seen him travel the length and breadth of the UK, from Orkney, down to Dorset and everywhere in between. Lots of commissions with him shooting both stills & video (as well as aerial images!) at the same time, lots to do and think about but very enjoyable.

Increasingly his work is focused on people, with lots of makers, as well as workers doing their thing.

Locations have ranged from farms, to golf courses, to high tech workshops - the more variety the better.

Amrita Diwanji London food & drink photographers

Amrita Diwanji is a London-based photographer with a passion for weaving stories through her food and beverage photography.

Her clients include successful industry disrupters like Pasta Evangelists and Re:Nourish, as well as global brands and agencies like Conde Nast Traveller, Singapore Airlines, Action Against Hunger, and Edelman. She has styled and photographed the winning pasta recipe from the semi-final of Gordon Ramsay's 'Future Food Stars', as seen on the BBC.

Her work has been published in the book 'An Opinionated Guide to Vegan London', as well as been featured in various global publications including Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller, and Design Anthology.

Furthermore, Amrita’s work has been consistently recognised at the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award, where she was awarded ‘Commended Place’ in 2021, 2019, and 2017.

Although passionate about food, Amrita has also led numerous product campaigns and enjoys photographing engaging portraits of people. When she’s not behind the camera, Amrita can be found exploring parts of London she hasn’t seen before or cooking up a storm with her husband in their home kitchen in West London.

To view more of Amrita’s portfolio, you can check out her website or get in touch with her directly to discuss your next project.

Alun Callender London portrait photographers

Award-winning portrait photographer Alun Callender loves the challenge his photography commissions gives him, from photographing fashion icons, politicians, craftspeople and artists - no day is ever the same.

"Preparation and research are key to most shoots, but it’s always nice to see what else happens on a shoot, everything I do is a collaboration either with my subject, the client or the creative team I have around me, and it’s through this the magic happens.

It’s been a busy year so far; in these interesting times we find ourselves living in, change has become constant, but I aim to deliver on consistency and professionalism with every shoot; what we do is a real privilege and I aim to make my shoots as enjoyable and positive as they can be!"

Brent Herrig London - New York advertising photographers

"Hello, culinary creatives in the UK!

The art of grasping your audience's attention amid the digital uproar lies in compelling, delectable visuals. Captivating images that arrest the scroll and evoke curiosity are the vital ingredients to engage viewers. As an expert in crafting visually enticing food and drink photography and videos, along with vivid cinemagraphs, stirring parallax, lively stop-motion, and animated gifs, I've brought countless campaigns to life, stimulating the taste buds of digital audiences for my clients.

With Brent Herrig Creative, I'm devoted to helping you exceed your client's expectations by impeccably translating their vision into appetising, breathtaking imagery. Renowned brands such as Belvedere, Chandon, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Shake Shack count on me to capture their vision for food, drinks, portraits, and hospitality in the most harmonious, stress-free manner achievable.

Eager to explore how I can amplify your next project with delectable visuals? Reach out directly to converse about your creative goals, and let's collaboratively turn them into amazing food and drink imagery together."

Jean Cazals London Food, Portraiture and Interior Photography

Jean Cazals is an award winning photographer working for many years with multinational brands and creative agencies worldwide and in London, where he is based.

His ability to deliver and see beyond the ordinary has both won him praise and awards. His ideas-driven approach has worked hand-in-hand in the world of hospitality, where Jean has enjoyed his most celebrated work.

Jean work is mostly location-based, enabling him to capture the hidden personality behind the brands. Jean has a distinctive graphic approach, and a strong sense of colour and space. He loves styling and has a sharp eye for detail. Jean has a great understanding of working with people.

Jean has been teaming up with a production company to shoot films and content as well.

The images shown here are for D&DLondon, Marriott Group, D.ream International, Intercontinental Park Lane, Tattu Restaurants, the brand new Beef Bar and Kapara.

Visit his new website to see the full spectrum of his work, as well as previous Production Paradise features to see a larger selection of images.

Packshot Factory London Photography & Film Studios

Packshot Factory, est. 1986 and located in Central London, Covent Garden, specialises in high-end photography and film services shooting products for numerous brands and advertising agencies. They also shoot special effects, slow motion, and film with high-speed and motion control equipment for dynamic shots.

Operating from their purpose-built studios, Packshot Factory uses exclusively their in-house Hasselblad and RED camera equipment. With highly skilled photographers, retouchers, DOPs, and editors, they provide flexible packages that include studio space, equipment, and crew. They often work together with a diverse range of specialist stylists, set builders, and SFX experts to meet specific project requirements.

Their studios offer easy street-level access for unloading straight onto sets, including both standard 'table-top' setups and a large set with an infinity cove, client areas and kitchens.

Packshot Factory is a highly regarded studio preferred by numerous advertising agencies and brands as their go-to solution for hassle-free productions.

Reuben Paris Glasgow advertising photographers

Reuben Paris has continued working largely for the drinks industry, but he has recently worked on several projects for the arts, fitness and lifestyle industry.