Adrian Mueller New York

In contrast to his precise still life and liquids work, Adrian Mueller's aim with his food photography is to create images that connect with a viewer's personal memories. He hopes that someone looking at his photographs will be moved to pause and remember a certain smell, taste or experience.

"My books are forever lifted by Adrian's incredible photography. He has taken this gift to the next level, with his extraordinary attention to detail, unshakeable professionalism, and ability to capture food and light like no one I've ever worked with." Matthew Kenney, chef and cookbook author, Los Angeles.

"Adrian knows how to blend the artistic and technical aspects of photography. He is extremely collaborative and always brings new, inventive ideas to our assignments. It's a joy to shoot with a creative person in an environment that makes you forget it's work." Joy Kilpatrick, Creative Director, mcgarrybowen, New York.

Adrian lives in New York with his wife and son.

Alan Newnham London

In this issue of Spotlight, Alan has put together a series of Cheese and Biscuits.

Recent brands that he’s worked on are the new look Ryvita Crispbreads and Crackers for cheese, and also the Ryvita Thins and Flatbreads. Other ranges include Carr’s Melts and Water Biscuits.

He has also worked extensively on the Jacobs portfolio, including the core range, the selection boxes, and the new Jacobs Savoury Cracker Crisps.

Visit his website to see further work or contact Alan on +44 (0)207 498 2399 to request the print portfolio.

Anna Tsaregradskaya Dubai

Anna Tsaregradskaya is a food photographer and stylist currently residing in Dubai. Her interest in food photography started back in 2005 and today it has become her speciality.

Anna regularly produces photo shoots for restaurants and food manufacturers and contributes images to magazines and digital platforms. Her main passion is her work on cookbooks, where she is in charge of not only photography but also prop styling and occasionally food styling.

Anna has provided photography and stying for nearly a dozen cookbooks and her list of clients includes Hilton, Shangri-La, Rotana Hotels, KitchenAid, Ahmad Tea and PepsiCo.

blackboxstudio Brussels

blackboxstudio is a Belgium-based commercial photography studio working mainly in the fields of food, still life, liquids, chocolate, jewellery and products. Over a number of years the company has built expertise around packaging, advertising, editorial and Web work.

The studio has built a strong reputation for its quality of lighting, mastering all kinds of light sources from Tungsten to flash. The company also provides a high quality retouching service and shoots video.

blackboxstudio works with the best available stylists, foodstylists, stagebuilders, prop and mock-up artists. Providing high-quality personalised services, the studio's location in the centre of Europe attracts wonderful clients and allows for collaboration with agencies from the Netherlands, France, the UK, Luxembourg and Germany.

Carsten Eichner Hamburg

Carsten Eichner specialises in still and food photography and has his own fully equipped digital daylight studio in Hamburg.

Carsten has international experience working for agencies and editorial magazines, both in the studio and on location.

Recent clients include Dr.Oetker, Unilever, Billa/Austria, EDEKA, Lidl, Hilcona, Der Feinschmecker, WeightWatchers, Burda, BEEF!, G&U Verlag and Brigitte.

Featured in this Spotlight are photos of Carsten's recent shoots for Lidl and BEEF!

Visit his website for more information.

Clive Bozzard-Hill Photography London

For this Spotlight, Clive Bozzard-Hill has used recent branding images shot at his west London studio for Tabasco, Branston and Sarsons and on location for Gatwick Airport.

Clive also undertook a charity project for The Social Food Company and chef Simon Boyle which was a lot of fun, playing with brandy and matches! All the images were and are being used for various markets at home and abroad.

More of Clive’s work can be seen on his website. To request a quote or for more information email or call Clive on +44(0)7966161619.

Denny Culbert New Orleans

Denny Culbert tells culinary community stories through his images of chefs, farmers, butchers, pit masters, fishermen, and of course the food! His primary focus lies on the foodways of south Louisiana where he is based. This newspaper photojournalist turned editorial and commercial food photographer brings his love of unique light and the decisive moment into the studio or out in the field for his clients, who range from Tabasco to Southern Living.

Working with partners like the Southern Foodways Alliance and the John Besh Foundation in New Orleans has allowed Denny to build strong relationships throughout the food world and collaborate with some of the best chefs in America. He adapts to any situation and delivers polished images with a unique style for his clients.

Years of travelling to smoky barbecue pits, beautiful farms, and the finest kitchens has allowed for a constant education on the road for this young photographer. He believes in learning something new every day to inform and constantly evolve his photographic voice.

Foodatelier - Rafael Pranschke Dusseldorf

Rafael Pranschke is a Germany-based photographer and film-maker whose work is focused on food and still-life photography for agencies as well as editorial and advertising clients.

Rafael loves to work with natural and studio lighting, and his clients appreciate his attention to detail and composition. His passion and professional understanding of the business consistently supports every project.

Rafael is a creative photographer who sees a new challange in every client.

Visit his website to see the full spectrum of his talent across food and still life photography. Be sure also to check out his previous Production Paradise publications.

Graham Precey Photography London

"Over the last year I have increasingly been shooting food with daylight. I set up my new daylight studio last January and it's constantly in use. The images featured in this Spotlight are all daylight for projects shot for advertising and packaging clients.

When you have a moment, go to my website and have a look at more daylight as well as flash photography, as well as my latest videos. In the last three months I have shot for the likes of KFC, Hovis, Budweiser Budvar and Bauer."

Hugh Johnson London

Hugh Johnson's passion for making the everyday norm appear beautiful allows his work to be both familiar and foreign. His portfolio celebrates simple combinations that work, without dressing-up.

Hugh is a major photo award winner in both Europe and US, having won double awards at the International Photo Awards 2015, the American Masters Cup 2014/5, and the AOP Awards 2014.

Recent jobs shot from his London daylight studio include advertising campaigns for Costa, Dolmio and Shell plus editorial and packaging for The Guardian and M&S.

Contact hugh by email or call his mobile 07789 931 644. He is represented by Mark Gibson Photography 07768 696 227.

Jean Cazals London

Jean Cazals is a world-renowned food photographer whose recognisable style is based on pure lines, soft lighting, elegant styling and craftsmanship. Over the years, his work has brought him numerous accolades and awards including the first ‘Pink Lady Best Food Photographer’ Award.

Dedicated to detail and atmosphere, whether classic or contemporary, Jean is constantly looking to bring out the best from each and push the boundaries to produce high-quality original results for every project. His work for top brands, restaurants and companies can be seen across editorial, advertising, design and publishing with over 80 books by some of the world's leading chefs.

He shoots from his fully equipped Notting Hill kitchen studio that enjoys beautiful daylight, a wide variety of flash options, and a large range of props. Jean is as happy shooting in his studio as he is on location from wherever in the world.

Visit his website for more information and to see samples of his work, as well as past issues of Production Paradise. Prints are also available for sale. Jean's latest blog/interview on Production Paradise can also be read here.

Jean is currently looking for representation in Paris and NY.

Jeremy Hudson Sydney

Award-winning liquid drinks specialist Jeremy Hudson is renowned for his endless creativity and enthusiasm and a total commitment to achieving perfection for his clients.

His special talent is clearly revealed when looking at the energy and movement he achieves with his liquid photography. Drinks become full of attractive and desirable qualities that almost make one want to grab the glass from the page. Jeremy's attention to detail with his lighting has given him a unique style that is recognised on a world wide scale and has been employed by all the major drinks and product manufacturers across the world.

Jeremy’s recent campaigns include Diageo, Lion Nathan, Pernod Ricard, Qantas, Commbank and Cadbury's.

Kai Schwabe Bremen

Kai Schwabe has a passion for food photography. In August he moved to his new 470m² daylight loft-studio, located in the 50s industrial site of the former Borgward car factory. The studio is close to the centre of Bremen near to the airport and motorways, and features ample parking.

As master of a range of lighting techniques, Kai's new studio affords him the perfect conditions to create a selection of different environments, all in accordance with his clients' wishes.

Kai is constantly involved in projects for clients including Mondelez, Azul, Agrarfrost, JDE, Miracle Whip, BelVita and Nordsee.

Lastest global work included the entire range of BelVita for Mondelez. Design and CDs were made by Dragon Rouge, Paris and are featured in this Spotlight.

Kevin Smith Chicago

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Clients include Kelloggs, Nestlé, Tyson Foods, Hillshire Brands, Jimmy Dean, Quaker, PepsiCo., Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Modelo, McDonald’s, Tropicana, Kraft, Boursin and SC Johnson.

Kling Studio Bucarest

An award-winning photographer based in Arad, Romania, Raul Kling runs Kling Studio and has proven to be an accomplished artist who presents his work in a unique and professional manner.

In his comparatively young career, Raul has worked on a number of photographic projects that include people, products and food for local and international businesses. Whether on location or at his studio, his ardent flare for beauty and attention to detail have produced high quality images.

Raul has a passion for food and a desire to present, through artistic imagery, the essence of a chef's idea of a perfect meal. And although he knows he will not attain perfection, he is driven toward that goal and strives to achieve it!

His clients include Darimex - Food Industry Solutions, Jurgen Schlosser Armaturen, Kebab House, Millefiori Romania, and more.

LARS RANEK A/S Copenhagen

Lars Ranek was born in 1963 and is based in Copenhagen, from where he has been a professional advertising and commercial photographer since 1989.

He established his own company, Lars Ranek A/S, in 1992 and is now an independent photographer specialising in food and interior images.

His clients include a number of publishing houses and magazines such as Gastro Magazine, Euroman, Mad og Bolig, Pleasure Magazine, Marie Claire (France), Australian Vogue, House and Gardens, Wallpaper, Quadrille Publishing, Eilersen Funiture, Falsled Kro, Skøna Hem (Sweden) and Skodsborg Spa.

Michael Meisen Frankfurt

Michael Meisen's latest work includes the LSG Calendar 2016, featuring the latest trends by LSG Sky Chefs from destinations across the globe. Aside from such stunning international food-projects, Michael’s enthusiasm and attention to detail can also be seen in his packaging photography, not forgetting his sense of humour as shown in Belgian Joris Luyten’s 'Foodprint', the Jaarboek van de Gastronomie 2014.

Be it perfectly arranged photographs for delicious Erlenbacher’s pastries or a whole set of 70 shots for Mr. Farhad Golafra - author of a cookbook with an absolutely passionate approach to yogurt - Michael likes "telling the story with a surprising and creative edge!“ This is the way he also shot variations on coffee.

Michael shoots in his studio or on location in close cooperation with a skilled team of stylists and food stylists. He is also a member of Germany’s professional organisation for photographers and DOPs: BFF (Bund Freier Foto-Designer).

Beyond Frankfurt, Michael is very well connected with rental studios in Zurich, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

Peter Cassidy London

Peter Cassidy is an experienced food and lifestyle photographer based in London. He shoots advertising, packaging and editorial commissions both in the studio and on location.

"January is diet time, so what better than to follow in the footsteps of your inner cave person with 'Paleo Monday to Friday' by Dan Green, published by Kyle Books.

Still hungry? Raid the 'Scandi Kitchen' by Bronte Aurell, published by Ryland Peters. An unsure of what to do at the weekend? 'More Comfort Food' with James Martin, published by Quadrille Publishing."

See his previous Production Paradise publications for more images.

Roig & Portell Barcelona

Joan Roig, an advertising photographer, and Neus Portell, food and prop stylist, founded Roig & Portell in Barcelona in 1986. The studio is specialised in food, product and packaging photography and offers creative and high quality photographs for leading national and international clients.

The pair have been awarded across a range of prestigious awards including Lux, Bestpack, El Sol, Innoval and Pentawards. They also give seminars, workshops and conferences. 

Professional retoucher Sergi Segarra joined the Roig & Portell team in 2006, providing excellent post-production services. 

Clients include Affinity, Aldi, Carte d’Or, Coca-Cola, Codorniu, Damm, Danone, Dr Oetker, Gallina Blanca, Gaggenau, Hornimans, Kraft, Merck, Moet & Chandon, Nederland, Nestlé, Reckitt Benckiser, Rana, Royal, Skol, Venca and Value Retail among others.

Represented by Biggs Represents Sally Hamer London

Sally Hamer was born and raised in Central London but adores to travel and her style mirrors her interest in foreign cultures and food.

Sally produces youthful and on-trend photography of food for editorial, packaging and advertising media. Her love of culture, music and festivals has attracted several interesting commissions.

Sally brings lively enthusiasm and initiative to every project and has a natural flair for capturing current trends.

Sigurd Kranendonk Amsterdam

Sigurd Kranendonk is a commercial photographer specialising in food, still life and interior. He is at ease both in his Amsterdam studio as he is on location, using flash and daylight or combining the two to get the most out of every situation. With more than 20 years of experience and technical expertise, Sigurd works for advertising agencies and chefs around the globe.

Visit Sigurd’s website to see his latest work or follow him on Instagram.

Simon Smith Photography London

Simon Smith is an established food and drink photographer with over 20 years’ experience, working from his large studio in west London.

He has spent a lot of the past year doing the photography for a baking magazine. Simon has also worked on recent packaging projects for Herta Frankfurters, Jordans muesli, Kelly’s ice cream, Ryvita crackers and Schwartz recipe mixes. He has also done advertising shoots for Lyle’s Golden Syrup and the Christian Aid ‘Big Brekkie’ campaign.

When he is not shooting Simon can be found scouring antiques markets and boot fairs searching for props. The studio has an extensive collection of props and backgrounds in both contemporary and vintage styles.

Souders Studios Denver

Rick Souders, owner of Souders Studios, has one of the most well respected food and beverage photography studios in the USA. An honours graduate of the Art Center College of Design, Rick is known as the “Mile High Food and Beverage Guy.” Souders Studios is based in Golden, Colorado.

Souders Studios include a commercial kitchen, two studios, five client lounges, three prop storage areas and is super client friendly. The Souders Studios team has won many prestigious awards around the world.

Souders Studios has helped transform many food and beverage brands into visual icons. Square Pixels is its award-winning retouching and digital compositing studio. The studio is known internationally for its creativity with food and beverage photography, including splash and flames.

Email Rick, visit the website, or call direct for more information 303-384-3128.

Stephen Conroy London

Drinks, chocolate and healthy food-to-go photography have all been recent campaigns for London photographer Stephen Conroy.

Later this year will also see the release of some chocolate film promos as part of a client's big summer campaign.

With new and existing clients already in the diary for 2016, get in touch today to see how Stephen can help with your brand or promotion.

Theodosis Georgiadis Greece

"When passion for photography is combined with passion for food, the result is nothing but erotic. Our experience in both areas forces us to be demanding with results.

On each assignment, we dedicate a great amount of time to studying our products and their unique particularities. Light is our powerful ally and by taming it we are in a position to set off the uniqueness of your products.

There is a fully equipped kitchen in our studios for the preparation of dishes, along with a great variety of essential equipment such as plates, glasses, utensils, cooking surfaces and backgrounds that allow us to create appropriate stages for each theme."

yehia el alaily Cairo

Yehia El Alaily is a Cairo-based photographer specialised in food, travel, and interior photography both for commercial and editorial purposes.

Yehia is currently working on several commercial projects for some of the most successful brands in Egypt and the Middle East, including Hardee's Arabia, Nestlé Egypt, Gourmet Egypt, The Four Seasons Hotel and Starwood Hotels.

For the publishing industry, Yehia has worked closely with El Biet Magazine covering both food and interiors in Egypt and in the UK. Most recently, he photographed the homes of Nina Campbell and Ahmed Hamid for the magazine's interior editorials, as well as food editorials featuring the delicious culinary creations of Giancarlo Kaldesi and Dominique Person (also known as 'The Chocolate King').