Agustín Nieto Buenos Aires

Agustín Nieto is a food photographer who currently lives with his family in Buenos Aires. He specialises in food photography for advertising, packaging, restaurants, and editorials.

Agustín began his professional formation in the Newport Art Museum, Rhode Island, USA and later participated in various photography workshops and received a Masters from E.F.T.I. in Madrid.

Clients include Powerade, Lays, Hellmann's, Condé Nast Traveller India, Cerveza Victoria, Mayo Clinics, Netflix and Ferrero Rocher.

Visit the website or contact him directly.

Brent Herrig New York

"Hello Creatives, finish this sentence: "My client ___________."

"Has a great vision";

"Has a specific style in mind for the brand";

"Wants a new and inspiring look";

"Must have appetite-appeal in their shots";

"Is difficult to work with"?

No matter how the sentence concludes, Brent Herrig can help you please your clients and achieve exactly what they're looking for, again and again. Brands including Bailey's, Tanqueray and Belvedere as well as cookbook publishers including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and The New York Times rely on Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks and products in the most collaborative, stress-free way possible.

What can Brent help you with? Contact him directly to talk about your next project."

Burger London

Malou Burger is an accomplished photographer based in London, and has been shooting food and lifestyle for over 15 years. With a keen eye for detail she creates sensitive and truly natural images, with a knack for beautiful lighting and great technical ability.

Malou is a nickname for Marie- Louise, and with her German surname of Burger it is rather comical that one of Malou’s biggest and most loyal clients have been McDonald's for over the last eight years.

Working closely with her clients, Malou undertakes every shoot in a relaxed and natural manner. Commissions have taken her across the globe and she is equally happy shooting in the studio or on location. Malou undertakes every shoot with limitless energy, enthusiasm and a smile.

Recent commissions include advertising campaigns for McDonald's, Electrolux, packaging for Knorr, editorial commissions with Hodder & Stoughton, and TV commercials for Innocent Juice. Malou is now exploring the world of moving image and cinemagraphs.

Calvin Lockwood Atlanta

The culinary arts awaken all of our senses and it takes a true professional to capture that delicate and very personal experience in a still image. But that is exactly what Calvin Lockwood has become known for over the last 25-years.

Calvin brings to life the most intricate of food shots. His attention to detail, knowledge of lighting and eye for creating just the right environment is unparalleled. No element of a shot goes unnoticed by Calvin, right down to the choice of fork.

Located in a century-old downtown Atlanta loft, Calvin Lockwood Photography provides clients with everything they need to bring their foods to life.

catalin hladi Bucharest

Food and drink photographer Catalin Hladi shoots on location or in studio. The signature of his food work is his dark style.

Based in Romania and currently working in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, clients include food magazines, advertising agencies, food and drink producers.

Catalin also shoots travel and industrial photography.

Visit his website for more information.

Cherry Li Beijing - Hong Kong - Los Angeles

Cherry Li is a food photographer and food video director in Hong Kong and Beijing. In 2006, immediately after receiving her BFA in photography from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Cherry moved to Paris to chase her love of food.

In 2012, Cherry's passion for experiencing the depth of every Chinese cuisine propelled her to move to Beijing. She now divides her time between her studios in Beijing and Hong Kong, and eating and shooting through Asia on assignment.

Publications include Travel+Leisure, Condé Nast Traveller, GQ, Malaysia Airlines, Dragonair, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Wall Street Journal, Theme, Wallpaper and The Cleaver Quarterly.

See more work on Cherry's website.

Clinton Hussey Photography Vancouver

Clinton Hussey is an award-winning commercial photographer specialising in conceptual, food, still life and, recently, motion. Since 1995, he has been creating distinctive editorial and advertising imagery for brand and magazine clients in his hometown of Vancouver and abroad.

Originally a design student at Vancouver’s Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Clinton stumbled into photography - at first accidentally and then with conviction - as he fell for its demanding mix of creativity and technical grasp.

He has earned both Grammy and Juno nominations for his album cover designs, and his photography has won multiple National Magazine Awards, as well honours from Lotus, Applied Arts, D&AD, City & Regional Magazine Association, the Printing Industry of America, Communication Arts, PDN/Nikon, and many others.

Today, he is expanding into video, creating ad campaigns for clients such as Method, Panago, and the Children of the Street Society.

Danielle Wood London

Danielle Wood is a London-based food photographer who is happy shooting on location or from her South London studio.

2017 sees the release of ‘The Fast Days Cookbook’ with publisher Hardie Grant. Full of delicious and healthy recipes perfect for combatting the excess of Christmas!

From editorial through to packaging and advertising, Danielle enjoys working closely with her team and has a keen eye for detail, creating beautiful images that show her love of food and photography.

Recent commissions include working with BBH on the new Tesco advertising campaign, advertising for McDonald's Germany and McDonald's Poland, packaging for Marks and Spencer and editorial projects for Hardie Grant. Exciting new projects for Harper Collins and Octopus Books are coming up this year.

Email Danielle, call direct on +44 7814251820, or visit her website to see her latest work.

Darina Kopcok Vancouver

Darina Kopcok is a freelance photographer and stylist based in Vancouver. With a Master of Fine Arts degree, Darina draws on her fine art training to create evocative images with a distinct sense of mood and place.

Over the years she has developed a recognisable style consisting of saturated colours and high contrast, creating stunning images that evoke the emotions.

Darina finds inspiration in a variety of sources, from the textures of nature to the light in the paintings of the Old Masters, but is most drawn to the chiaroscuro technique of creating heavy shadows and using light to draw the viewer's eye to the significant elements within the frame.

Her latest projects include photographing The Vegan Weight Loss Manifesto from Page Street Publishing in the US and various product packaging campaigns for food-based startups.

Debby Lewis-Harrison London

Debby Lewis-Harrison’s images exude beauty and style, not just enticing through the delicious food on show but via the whole scene that is beautifully styled, composed and colour co-ordinated.

Debby spent 2016 working for clients including Bubbleology, Starbucks, Costa and Tesco.

"What will 2017 bring for Debby? With her ever-growing portfolio we guarantee it’ll be interesting, delicious and will leave you wanting more! So don’t miss out, click here to stay involved."

Duncan Loughrey London

Creativity, attention to detail and clean lighting in collaboration with talented food stylists allow Duncan Loughrey to produce eye-catching imagery, much sought after by clients and art directors alike.

Less is more in his world so he likes to keep things clean and simple. An expert at retouching, Duncan likes to keep most post-production work in-house allowing complete control through all stages of the image making process.

A busy 2016 saw Duncan shooting menus for the likes of Brewer’s Fayre and Beefeater Grill as well as campaigns for Premier Inn and Costa. 2017 kick-started with two spring/summer menu shoots.

Represented by Poppy Creative Agency Eric Zepeda San Francisco

Eric Zepeda is a commercial photographer based in San Francisco, specialising in food, still life and interior photography. His clientele includes Williams Sonoma, Mark & Graham, Safeway, Cost Plus and various award-winning interior and architectural designers.

Eric has been a photographer since the eighth grade and for as long as he can remember he has been chasing the light. His philosophy on photography is summed up with this - “Nowadays, almost anyone can capture a moment. Creating one is what I live for.” That moment is seen in every one of Eric’s images.

No matter if it’s in the studio or on location somewhere like California’s Mendocino coast, Eric still pushes for that instant when the light is just right and it’s time to hit the shutter. See more of his work at poppycreativeagency.com or at his website.

Foodivine Photography and Image Creation Studio Montreal

"At Foodivine, we believe an image is worth a thousand bites. We developed with a desire to help people involved in the culinary world get the images they deserve. Specialising solely in food and drink photography, our team is made of up talented food enthusiasts and experts working together to create unique and courageous images.

Foodivine’s founder and primary food photographer, Ali Rahimi, is selective in only working with art directors, food stylists, CG artists and photo editors that know the importance of every detail. He, and the Foodivine team, have garnered international critical acclaim for their innovative approach to food and drink photography.

Known for their creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail, Foodivine thrives from their Montreal studio. They continue to work with top chefs, culinary artists, advertising companies and food lovers around the world that crave the Foodivine aesthetic and their ability to make food look undeniably mouth-watering."

Fotonokka Helsinki

"We are a group of highly talented professionals who take great pride in our work. We handle the production of top quality images from the first sketch to the finished result. All of our photographers have their own unique style to share with our strong creative team. Our clients expect effectiveness, reliability and creativity in everything we do.

We feel comfortable brainstorming solutions to client needs and making these plans a reality. We are also capable of adopting finished plans and executing them with efficiency.

You will get your finished top quality image or video efficiently and reliably. We have a supportive team of subcontractors: talented make-up artists, skilled fashion and food stylists, modelling agencies and sound producers. We are very comfortable working on location and in the studio, both domestically and abroad.

Fotonokka was founded in 1972. Since then we have worked with advertisement agencies, publishers and corporations. Our passion to capture the reflecting rays of light and represent them in controlled manner has not changed."

Represented by Vue Gareth Morgans Photography London

2016 was a great year for Gareth Morgans with some new commissions for 'The Indian Cookery Course' cookbook and Accor Hotels Jamboree Restaurants as well as continuing with his regular clients M&S, Waitrose, Good Housekeeping, Jamie Oliver and Singha.

2017 has only just begun and Gareth is already busy and his scrumptious images are making it increasingly hard to stick to those New Years' resolutions!

With Gareth’s mouth watering Christmas food and drinks photographs still fresh in our mind it will be great to see what he has in store for us next!

Represented by Shoot Studio Hans Laurendeau Montreal

Renowned for his dedication, precision, and great attention to detail, Hans Laurendeau is a still life specialist. Over the years, he has become an ace at the art of animating the inanimate, playing with light and texture to reveal an object’s beauty, and making mouths water at the sight of a single ingredient or an elaborate recipe!

A keen observer, Hans pays attention to the smallest details and has the expertise required to tackle the most challenging and technically demanding photos. He is distinguished by his commitment and his thoroughness in handling his assignments, be they shots for a magazine, a book, packaging, or an advertising campaign.

A highly versatile photographer, he is as equally adept at showcasing a product as he is at creating a portrait of the artisan who made it.

Jean Cazals London

There is a Nordic monochrome feel to this feature by leading food and lifestyle photographer Jean Cazals.

Having won numerous awards in London and abroad, Jean is devoted to food as much as photography - his passion and understanding of the business, having worked with numerous chefs, restaurants and brands for 20 years, provides him with expertise across editorial, design, publishing and advertising. His kitchen studio is based in Notting Hill with numerous props at hand.

Jean loves diversity and shooting in a studio, on location or abroad. His love of styling is also a great asset.

Visit his previous Production Paradise features, his new website to see the full spectrum of his work, as well as his latest interview.

Jemma Watts London

Jemma Watts has been busy shooting a number of cookbooks over the past few months. Two are now published and another two will be on the shelves in spring 2017.

Jemma continues to shoot for a variety of clients, recently including Olive Magazine, Hodder & Stoughton, Quintet Publishing, Penguin Books, 91 Magazine and Aspall’s Cyder.

Jens Johnson New York

"I don’t take pictures. I create them. My goal is to capture the true essence of a subject, and this requires an extensive understanding of the product, its appeal, and what makes it distinctive. That’s why I thoroughly research and immerse myself in each brand I shoot. I consider every last detail before even picking up my camera. These considerations also guide my selection of support crew - prop stylists, food stylists, set builders, effects rigger - and lighting design.

The result: images that capture style, inspiration and character.

I’ve specialized in product, food and beverage photography and video production for over 20 years now, assisting many iconic brands in distinguishing themselves with compelling imagery. As you will see in my online portfolio, I’m truly inspired by the way liquids move, and how food (when photographed correctly) has an artistic quality to it."

Clients include Pepsi, Coke, Lipton, Ocean Spray, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Grey Goose, Bacardi, Absolut, Jameson, Guinness, Jose Cuervo, Red Stripe, Rolling Rock, Lever, Lancome, Mac, Hugo Boss, Davidoff and many more.

Kai Schwabe. Photography Bremen

Kai Schwabe has focused on his passion for food for two decades. Kai and his team consistently work on personal shoots to find new visual languages; his clients like to take advantage of this creativity for their projects.

From his studio, Kai has worked for both national and international clients including Unilever NL, Mondelez D A, JDE, Senseo, Rama, Miracle Whip, Lidl, Philadelphia, Freiberger and Baer CH.

Featured in this Spotlight are key visuals for Miracle Whip, Rama, Jacobs and Bull's Eye.

Kevin Smith Chicago

photokevinsmith is a Chicago-based full service studio serving the best in food and beverage photography. Kevin’s studio is located in the vibrant Pilsen neighbourhood on the artsy lower west side.

A lover of travel, hiking, golf and donuts, Kevin is equally passionate about his craft. He loves the art of photography, collaborating with his studio team and client partners to get the best results on every project.

His spacious studio has all the creature comforts, with many spaces to call one’s own, making it is easy for clients to catch up on their work, conduct meetings, or just think. And there is always great music playing!

Mark Loader New York

Mark Loader has spent over two decades refining his unique style that attracts a wide range of fashion accessory, food and drink clients that include Jose Cuervo, Van Gogh Vodka, Ferragamo, Tabasco, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council and Avocados of Mexico.

Mark's Tribeca, NYC studio has a fully equipped kitchen and shooting space and he likes nothing more than time spent shooting a liquor bottle, a beer or a food project. His team can comfortably take the job from concept through to post-production.

Mark Mawson London

Mark Mawson is a London-based photographer and has been shooting for 30 years. His career has evolved through different genres of photography giving him vast knowledge and experience.

Mark shot a personal liquid series entitled ‘Aqueous’, and from the success of this and the enjoyment in shooting liquids he now shoots drinks and any other liquid themed work.

Represented by Biggs Represents Sarah Jane Leggett London

"Biggs Represents are happy to have Sarah as part of our small and exclusive team.

Sarah is a food photographer with 20 years of experience working across a wide range of projects and products. Equally at home with stills and moving image, she works to the highest professional standard and can be relied upon to fulfil any brief with enthusiasm, style and precision.

Sarah’s work has led her to develop a broad and varied client base, including recent work with McDonald's, Quaker Oats, Lurpak, Billingtons and Ferrero Rocher to name a few.

Our fully equipped London studio is the perfect base for her food and drink photography, being ideally situated in the very heart of W1 close to Oxford St and Marylebone.

We look forward to meeting you soon."

Sasha Gitin New York

"My name is Sasha Gitin, and I create beautiful photographs of food and drink. That’s all there is to it.

After 15 years of shooting in NYC, I know food and I know ingredients. I know cocktails and alcohol bottles; I know glasses, liquids and ice; I know textures and colors and how to compose, style and light it all. I understand what works and what does not - and how to transform what doesn’t work into the most delicious item on the planet.

My boutique approach to photography production means that you will receive unique images and be treated like royalty on set. Your deadline will be my deadline, and my creative team and I will go the extra mile to ensure every part of the process is done with care, passion and technical proficiency. Your happiness is our ultimate objective.

So, that’s all there is to it. Exceptional photographs of food and drinks. Let’s connect. Visit my portfolio or shoot me an email. Studio: Soho, NYC. Travel: Worldwide."

Represented by Shoot Scott Grummett London

Scott Grummett’s work combines his love of all things culinary with his ability to curate crumbs, drips and smears to perfection in order to create dishes that look faultless yet natural.

As well as his work establishing the look of London’s hamburger revolution with Honest Burger, Scott has worked for a range of clients from Tesco and Hellmann’s, to All Star Lanes and Lurpak.

Not only does he create mouth-watering images, but he also directs beautiful moving image work for an exciting roster of clients including Warburton’s and The Balvenie.

Working on stills and films for clients in the UK and internationally, Scott and his team are at the forefront of the modern revolution in commercial food presentation.

Stephen Conroy London

Stephen Conroy has been producing arty and detailed images  for a variety of clients.

Packaging, point of sale, chef’s recipes, books, PR, and films - it's all about natural tasty food.

Through Heatwave Pictures, he has been directing branded content for the likes of Tesco.

Represented by JSR Steve Ryan London

Steve Ryan is a London-based food and portrait photographer with over 10 years' experience from Kilkenny, Ireland.

Steve has been fortunate to be commissioned by some of the most innovative food and media brands in the world including Jamie Oliver, Diageo, Channel 4, Peroni, Movember Foundation, Vice, The Telegraph and The Guardian.

Steve co-founded Root+Bone in 2013, a quarterly magazine exploring London’s food and drink culture, where he is contributing editor.

Tobias Reymond Foto | Film Amsterdam

Photostudio Tobias Reymond Foto | Film is based in Amsterdam and specialises in food, stills, product and portraits aimed at advertising, packaging design and moving content clients. The team consists of three professional and well trained photographers, a production manager and a designer/backdrop artist.

The company draws from a consistent group of food stylists and retouchers. The 400m² studio easily handles larger productions across multiple and simultaneous sets.

"We aim for close and direct cooperation with our clients. Likewise for the set up in our studio: close to the action in transparent workspaces, clients can interact with the set while working in a comfortable, private space."

With parking available, the studio is easy to reach from the airport and is close to the city centre. Both small and large companies, A-list and private labels are amongst the company's satisfied clientele.

Tobias Reymond Foto | Film is preferred supplier to Unilever, KLM and Ahold.