Rob Grimm

Chicago - St. Louis

"What can 'In-camera AI' possibly mean?

Allow me to explain: I have been a commercial drinks and food photographer for three decades creating content for brands across the globe. My desire to tell brand stories has me perpetually testing new techniques to couple with my traditional methods of capturing images. This has led me to the rapidly advancing, and often divisive world of AI.

I am using AI to create scenes that would not be possible with traditional methods of photography, set construction or post production. AI allows me to imagine new worlds in which products live, and to create new realities. Yet everything I capture is done completely in-camera with post production limited to blemish removal and color grading. It’s a fascinating process that has changed and invigorated the way I create content.

All of the content in this gallery was created with the assistance of AI and captured in-camera. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Please view more of my work at my website. And please reach out to learn more and to talk about how we can bring your next project to life."